Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 139

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Crown Prince Coming to Light

How did things turn out like this?

There is no mistake that the ordinary people that happened to be in this place were thinking that. Incidentally, I also thought that.
The armies of Leezelion and Valenshel, which were great world powers, clashed in the middle of town. Was a war going to occur? is what they were probably thinking while trembling in fear. I was the same.

Let me say it again, how did things turn out like this?

「Oya? You are……This is quite the rare combination.」
After the blue armored knight that came leading the Leezelion soldiers, Leonhart Clasion, turned his gaze towards me, he looked at Iibsal and muttered that.
「It’s been a while, Leonhart. So you came leadin’ the army.」
「Yes. The lady that originally should have taken the lead, was here after all.」
Sylvia snorted her nose and turned away from Leonhart who made a small laugh. It seemed that she wasn’t sorry for anything.
「It has been a while, hasn’t it, 『Darkness Executioner』. To think that we would meet again in a place like this.」
「……It’s the first time in three years, Leo.」
With a smile that would instantly captivate someone if they were the opposite sex, the pretty boy, Leonhart, looked at me. But unfortunately, the smiling face of a pretty boy has no effect on me. Or rather, since I know that this guy is black-hearted, has a hobby of playing with and defeating others, and is a terrible guy who takes delight in people’s reactions to his pranks, it has no effect. This jerk, there’s no mistake that he is thinking about how he would mess with me underneath that sweet mask of his.

「Foolish older brother!」

From the unit on the Valanshel side, a voice that was like a shout was raised. The one that destroyed the conversation mood was a darkish skinned, red-haired, glasses wearing boy. He looked like his age was a year or two above mine.
「Ohh, and on this side is Luzrashil. So you were the one that took the lead.」
「All thanks to a certain someone that ran away without leaving a single letter about his leave behind.」
So Iibsal and Sylvia did something similar to what the other did.
……Still, this man called Luzrashil, he looks just like a certain someone……rather, just like Iibsal.
In comparison to Iibsal who one could tell that he was a muscle-brain from his macho muscle appearance, maybe because of his spindly figure and glasses, he looked like he was extremely intelligent.
Their appearances were complete polar opposites, but starting with their looks, they carried atmospheres that resembled each other closely.
Ah, come to think of it, he called Iibsal foolish older brother. So in other words, Iibsal and this person are siblings.
They’re siblings that have similar looks but have personalities that don’t seem similar at all.
「Nn……And who, are you?」
Noticing my gaze, Luzrashil glared at me.
「Ahh, this guy is 『Darkness Executioner』.」
「This man is him!? ……」
Surprised by Iibsal’s words, Luzrashil approached me, and turned evaluating eyes towards me.
「……I am Luzrashil Dora Gregoria Valanshel. 『Darkness Executioner』, I have heard of your active roles in the Glard Wasteland and in Lizwadia.」
The Glard Wasteland aside, so he knows about the case in Lizwadia. ……Nn?

「Hey, oi, Iibsal.」
「Ahn? Ahh, come to think of it, I hadn’t introduced him to ya. Luzrashil, my younger brother.」
「I already know that. I somewhat understood that. About what I want to ask.」
Taking a single breath right here, I lowered my voice and asked Iibsal a question.
「In the name of that younger brother, the name Valanshel was in there but……」
「Ha? Of course it would be in there. He’s my younger brother after all.」
「So in short, Iibsal, your family name is……」
「It’s Valanshel.」

「I haven’t heard anything about this, oi!」
「Did I not mention it?」
「No you didn’t!」

I did happen to encounter Iibsal in Valanshel three years ago, but at the time, this guy only named himself as Iibsal.
Or rather, there’s no way I would believe that this brawl loving jerk was royalty!
……No, come to think of it, Sylvia should have had a preference to swinging her sword──Ah, come to think of it
「Oi, oi, isn’t this really bad? Having the royalty of Leezelion and Valanshel right here, right now.」
Valanshel and Leezelion, these two great world powers have competed with each other countless times in the past.
And I’ve heard that right now, they’re in a situation close to a cold war, but if something were to go amiss, even a war might occur.
We had visited Valanshel three years ago, but to summarize the visit of that time, it was just for the reason of making them promise to 『Not provoke a war until the Demon Lord was defeated』.
「As one would expect, a war would not be raised for something of this level.」
Sylvia made a wry smile. It seemed that she was listening to the conversation.
「But……Iibsal, us remaining here just like this will just turn us into a hindrance to the people. Let us dissolve here.」
Peeking over at the vicinity, Sylvia made that proposal to Iibsal. For the sake of dispelling the worries of the ordinary people as well, she judged that it would be better to quickly depart from this place.
「How could you say somethin’ so dull, Sylvia……is what I’d like to say, but even if we were to walk freely, the soldiers would get in the way……Well, I’ll get on board with that.」
Iibsal said that and turned around. When he did,


The Valanshel Knights divided their ranks in half and created a path.
「See ya, Yuu……No, 『Darkness Executioner』. I’ll be lookin’ forward to clashin’ against you in the tournament.」
Declaring that while turning his back towards me, Iibsal walked away.
And then, with that Iibsal as the lead, the Valanshel Knights started marching while making *Za za za* footsteps.
「……Well then.」
Making a bow, Iibsal’s younger brother ran away chasing after his older brother. What a polite younger brother that doesn’t resemble the older brother.
「Now then, let us get going as well……Yuu, let’s go.」
「Eh, me too?」
When I was watching the Valanshel forces leaving, my shoulder was grabbed by Sylvia.
「Aren’t you the one that said you didn’t have an inn?」
Come to think of it, I did.
「Well then, I’ll be imposing on you.」
Quite a lot of various things happened, but like this, we left the Galarie Feudal Lord’s mansion. ……I really would like for the bad-for-my-heart events to end with this.

「So they’ve finally left.」
In Galarie’s Feudal Lord’s mansion, the owner of it, Zeke Oisast was watching the armies of both Leezelion and Valanshel leave from a window, and breathed out a small sigh sounding tired.
「I’ve also become quite cowardly.」
Zeke Oisast separated from the window while making a wry smile and transferred his gaze to the center of the room.
「Lord Oisast, might I have you, believe my words now?」
In the room that Yuu and the others were in up until just a little while ago, a young lady with a height that could make one say that she was still a little girl, and a brown-skinned woman that accompanied that young lady were there.
When the young lady asked that, Zeke Oisast breathed another sigh.
「I have no choice but to believe them. You were able to guess that Leezelion’s empress, Valanshel’s crown prince, and then that 『Darkness Executioner』 would visit, as well as guess what that empress desired. ……I’ll believe it, you are the second generation 『Witch of Time』.」
Zeke Oisast sat down on the sofa in front of the sofa that the young lady was sitting on.
「Well then……May I take it, that you believe, what I said about this town’s future?」
The young lady that was said to be the 『Witch of Time』 turned a sharp gaze that did not match that appearance of hers towards Zeke Oisast.
「……Yes, I don’t want to believe it but――」
「Several days later」

As if to cut into Zeke Oisast’s words, the young lady muttered.

「This town, will be trampled down due to Mazoku several days later.」

Her dark green eyes were powerfully opened.


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