Revival of the Idiot

I’m back!! Sorry for the disappearance. It’s been what……Holy crap! Over three months since my last post! I am terribly, terribly sorry. Recently, I just haven’t been able to focus all that well.

As I’m sure that you all know, Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi, or Road to Kingdom, was picked up by someone else……Not too long after I picked it up. I think I might have gotten a bit depressed after that since I had like 95% of the next chapter complete when they posted their chapter. I didn’t mind that they picked it up, though I did lose my focus on things for a while. Oh well. They are translating it much more consistently and faster than I would have, so I guess that’s for the best.

Now then, some of you may know this but I am helping out in the translation of Hitokui no Dungeon he Youkoso, or Welcome to the Man-Eating Dungeon. I just want to let you guys know, that project doesn’t really do much to this site. I haven’t updated this site due to a lack of focus, which I should be fixing up now.

Anyway, now that I’m back (and I’m sure that some of you are thinking ‘yeah, for who knows how long), please expect some more Sendai Yuusha chapters. That is correct, I am not dropping this project, just in case any of you were worried about that.

I hope you all don’t hate me too much



Late Winter Holiday Extra From My Family (Not Translation Related)

This is really late but we kind of worked hard on it so I wanted to share it with everyone. It was a video my two siblings, four cousins and I worked on for a reunion that was happening in the Philippines that we weren’t at. Since we couldn’t attend, our parents decided that we should do this for them as a special surprise.

The dance was introduced on Christmas Day and the video was taken on Dec. 30. Since the family wanted to make sure that family saw it first, I got the link to the video on Jan. 4 to share with others. The reason I didn’t share with you guys immediately was so that people wouldn’t get disappointed for not getting a new chapter. So I decided to share it with chapter 22 so that the disappointment would be softened.

Anyway, here’s the link to the video.

I’m the depressing guy on the back right. Please feel free to make fun of me. I was sadly born with a face that always looks mad and I can’t force a smile that looks good. I can’t even naturally make a good looking smile. *Gusun*



I started this just to get my own translations out to the public that would like to read them. I do this in my spare time so please don’t go expecting any speedy releases.