Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 90

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The Hero’s Figure

「Kukaka. ……You’ve really become able to look after your surroundings, haven’t you, Yuu.」

Eyes that were red like blood were staring towards me.
Raising the corners of his mouth and smiling with a smirk, Zephyr had an intensity that would make you feel a shudder like something just crawled up your back.

If he normally kept silent, he would’ve been a pretty good looking pretty boy, but if a girl were to see his laughing appearance like this, I bet even a century long love would cool down. Rather, they should feel a sense of danger for their body.
This is what you’d probably call a disappointing pretty boy.

「Ah? ……Hey, what do you mean by that?」

Stopping right at the moment I was about to hit him, I instead strengthened the power I was putting into my forehead.

「Do I need to say it for you to understand?」
「Keh, even if I get praised by you, it doesn’t make me the least bit happy.」

As for why I didn’t use the Sacred Sword and unfolded this striking exchange at point-blank distance, it was because if I were to use the Sacred Sword, Zephyr would probably also let his magic loose.
In a narrow place like this, moreover, there existed a huge number of large wooden boxes around us that probably had the kidnapped people locked within them.
If he were to use wide scope magic in a place like this, the kidnapped people would get dragged in and eaten up.
However, in exchange for sealing my attack, his magic was also sealed. Right now, this was a spectacular move.

With how I knew what this guy wanted to say just like how this guy knew what I wanted to do, you can probably understand how deep my connection with Zephyr was.
Regrettably, the length of time that I was acquainted with him match the length of time I had with Sylvia and the others.
He was a companion as well as an adversary.

We had a thorough understanding of each other.

「……I, won’t forgive you……I’ll have you appear before the authorities and make you pay for your crimes, Zephyr.」

To begin with, I had no intention of killing this guy using the Sacred Sword.
As Baba-chan would probably say, 「A Hero is the idea of the people. It’s not like they are born for the sake of wounding people.」
Though, I have also had times where these hands were laid on people.

But, even then, I didn’t try to kill them intentionally, they were by chance and……No, I should stop talking about that here.

In any case, by design, I can’t kill people. That’s why I can’t do anything but beat him up right to the limit and then have him judged by the hands of the people.

「Oi oi, don’t say something so cold, Yuu.」

Saying that, Zephyr smugly smiled.

「Let’s kill each other.」

At the same time he struck a fist at my stomach, without being afraid of wounding his own arm, he fired explosion magic at point-blank range.

「Oh cra,……!!」

Even more than the pain I felt of my body being twisted, I panicked over the fact that distance was placed between us.

A distance where I couldn’t stop his magic’s invocation in an instant. That meant that the ban on his magic was lifted.
It meant that his magic would be indiscriminately released.

At that moment, the vicinity was enveloped in a burst of flames.

Zephyr was self-aware that the corners of his mouth were raised.
He was also self-aware that that was something he could never hold down.

The explosion magic that he should have released. That which should have changed the entire area into a hell with its impact and overflowing flames, was cut by an aurora sword, and vanished as if it was never there from the light.

「Kukakah……『Al to Flügge』[1]……!!」

Armor of white and an aurora sword.

With an appearance as told by the tales, the Hero was standing there.

『Al to Flügge』
Being half of Yuu’s height, this was the appearance of the Sacred Sword’s so called first stage limiter being removed.
It was an appearance where, by having the limiter removed, the Maryoku that overflowed like a waterfall was changed into armor that protected him.
And then, with the Sacred Sword’s divine protection working, it was an appearance that sublimated him into an existence that formed a pair with the 『Demon Lord』.

「Finally, so you feel like coming at me seriously, Yuu!」

With eyes like that of a child that was given a new toy, Zephyr looked at Yuu.


In response to that, while stiffening his facial expression, Yuu took his stance with the Sacred Sword.
Taking that as his response, Zephyr nimbly waved the staff in his hand, and

「Here we go!!」

thrust that staff into the ground.


It was an aria that was like a low roar. Yuu didn’t need the time to notice that it was Drago Roar.
He also didn’t need the question “Why can he use it?” He instinctively knew.

『Snatch』. An ability that would, just as the name said, snatch away other people’s as well as the surrounding’s Maryoku and make it his own.

Sucking up the Sacred Sword’s Maryoku that was overflowing like a waterfall, he used it just like that for the aria of the Drago Roar magic. Simply chanting the Drago Roar, which had a premise of being used by a dragon, required an enormous amount of Markyoku.

However, Yuu didn’t move.
Those eyes of his that gradually went from black to a glittering blue did not separate from Zephyr. Not overlooking a single thing, he stared at Zephyr with eyes that were like a raptor aiming for its prey.


Finishing the aria, Zephyr was then clad in an aura that was like flames. It was probably a type of 『Dragon Clad』 magic that entrusted the power of a dragon in his body.
Being entrusted with the power of a dragon, Zephyr raised both arms overhead and closed in on Yuu.

Seeing that, Yuu still did not move.


The one that revealed a voice of surprise was Zephyr.

His own arms revolving in midair, and, Yuu who did not have any change at all the moment before.

Despite that, Zephyr saw the instant the Sacred Sword sever his own arms.

Did he manipulate time? Nay. Zephyr knew very well that that was something that Yuu couldn’t do. Then was it done with a speed that couldn’t be caught with the naked eye? That was also a nay. He had seen the instant the Sacred Sword had severed his arms. Despite that, Yuu himself didn’t make a single movement.

He didn’t know.

Did he use something that Zephyr didn’t know about?

Blue eyes looked down on Zephyr who had fallen down with his face on the ground.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Written as古き翼 (Ancient Wings or Ancient Birds), read as アル・ト・フリューゲ. Again, I don’t know German.


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