Handmade One Piece Figures Update

Hey there guys. So here is an update on my handmade One Piece figures that some had been interested in.


The above picture is a group pic with Luffy around to give a small idea on the size. Don’t forget that things get smaller the further back they are so Jabra isn’t exactly taller than Blueno.

Also, here is a link to get a better view of the pictures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwCw9-KEU7SVbHhwdThoaUxRQVk

Please look below for a description of what I still need to do on them.

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First one is the last one I showed in my previous showing. Kuro is still missing his right arm and stripes on his shoes. I also need to fix up his face a bit, like adding in the eyes. He is pretty close to getting finished.

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This next one is of Blueno. This time, the figure is missing its left arm. The tips of the horns were broken when it fell down at one point. I also need to fix the eyes a bit. I inked in the pupils and I think it kind of got on the eyelids. Another one that is closed to finished.

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Next is pre-time skip Walking Point Chopper. I need to add the horns, fix the ears, put the eyes, and the pants were ripped. Not exactly sure if I should add the backpack or not, but it’s been a while since I worked on this.

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This time it’s pre-time skip Jumping Point Chopper. It can’t really stand on its own so I had to hold it up. Also, it’s been a while since I worked on it and before I stopped, I didn’t bake the clay that was on it so it all cracked. Other than the cracked parts, I pretty much need to finish up the head.

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Now it’s an update for Jabra. This one, I screwed up on the jacket so it now has the bottom of the jacket at the back sticking up more than it should be. Also, it can’t stand up on its own without those two pieces of armature wire being under his feet. Other than that, to finish him up, I need to finish up the jacket, do the arms, make the tail, make the left mustache, make the ponytail, and make the belt. I think that is all.

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Up next is Fat Alvida. I was able to get her weapon done, but I am just worried about the weight of it. For her, there is the right arm, the nails on her left hand, the right side of her hair, her hat, her belt with her gun and accessories, the buckles on her shoes, and her scarf. That should be all until I finish her, which would take a while.

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Absolom is next. For him, I still haven’t thought of the pose. I feel like I want to add a clear object to be his invisible gun, but I haven’t figured out how to do that. Right now, he still needs his head, the inside of his coat, the buttons on his coat, and his arms.

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Next is a duo. It’s Sham and Butchie.

Butchie, unfortunately, has a cape that is way too heavy. It can stand up on its own but it can very easily fall down. Other than that, a tip at the top was broken off, he is missing the bell on his neck, I need to make his pants go up a bit more, and…I think that is it.

Sham still needs his head, his two hands, and the hair on his legs. It probably isn’t too visible, but I also tried my hand at adding wrinkles to his pants.

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Next up is another update. This time it is Don Kreig. This time, I really tried at going for the wrinkle details on the pants. I am still working on the armor and the face so everything except the legs are left unbaked. I still need to figure out if I want him to have his spear or have them as shoulder pads. I also attempted a cape but have to redo it. The face also really needs some work, but I just can’t figure out how to fix it.

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Finally, here is the latest one that I have worked on. It is of Mr. 9. The arms, the shoes, the hands and bats, and the face are all that have been baked, so the legs and the torso and the hair are all unbaked. I am trying on putting in the wrinkles before I bake the torso. The lines on the face might be a bit too thick. I also need to figure out a way to add a crown. I still need to add some frills around his neck and on the collar of his left arm. I also need to get his hair right.

And that is all that I’ve got so far. I still have not gotten over the fact that I can’t finish any of my projects. Oh well, I can dream.


3 thoughts on “Handmade One Piece Figures Update

  1. Don’t give up on your dream!
    look how far you’ve come already, and they are also very detailed.
    i’ve got a lot of respect for what youb have made.
    seriously, you’ve done a great job with your own home made one piece models
    and its fun to see how you’ve made them, and what still needs to be done on them
    (And it brings back memories from the older one piece arcs XD)
    so before i go binge reading, i thank you for sharing your update of your amazing collection of models, and for the new chapters you’ve translated for us
    have a nice evening
    greetings from out the netherlands


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