Chapter 16b – The Glard Wasteland Battle 【1】

Author’s Note: Here is the rest of chapter 16 going by the web novel, chapter 17 going by the light novel. I am going to stick with the web novel chapter system since that is the raw that I use to do the translations. The light novel actually has more in this post’s chapter but it’s just the first couple of lines of the web novel’s next chapter. The reason that I am using the web novel rather than the light novel is because I just copy the text from the website and paste it into a word document and go from there. Much faster than reading the light novel and looking up a kanji whenever I don’t know what it is. I know Japanese enough to understand it, barely speak it, but not read it.

Also, I only did the pronunciation for the one that didn’t sound as it looked. And, always looking for cooler ways of spelling the names. I’ll eventually do something to put all of the names of people and places that have been mentioned.

Well, enough of my ranting. Enjoy the chapter.

Oh. P.S. This is the actual title of chapter 16 of the web novel and the title of chapter 17 in the light novel. The last one was the light novel’s chapter 16 title.

The Glard Wasteland Battle 【1】

Glard Wasteland.

In a place far to the west of Luxeria, this large prairie that spread out was a wasteland of crags and sand.
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Chapter 16 – The Second Hero’s Return

Author’s Note: A few hours late of my one week deadline. *Gusun*

Anyways, sorry, but I kind of cheated on this post as well. What I am posting right now is chapter 16 of the light novel, not the web novel. The light novel separated the first part of chapter 16 of the web novel and made it its own chapter. So volume one of the light novel actually covers the first 25 chapters of the web novel. I have some of the second half of the chapter done so I should be able to post it fairly soon. Sorry that I was distracted a bit more than usual. I also procrastinated on this a bit more than usual.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter. And to those that celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving.

The Second Hero’s Return

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Chapter 15 – The Preceding Hero’s Old Wound

Author’s Note: This chapter was short and didn’t have any parts I had too much trouble with so here is an early post. I also felt a translating mood so maybe that is why I really got into it. Yes, my mood is a huge factor in how I translate. I started on the next chapter but it is pretty long. I am a bit busy with other things as well so please don’t expect the next chapter until next Wednesday or Thursday. Anyway, enjoy.

The Preceding Hero’s Old Wound

「That reminds me, I had something I wanted to ask Baba-chan.」

「I thought I had told you not to call me Baba-chan………well, it is fine. What is it? The secret to eternal beauty? That of course is unceasing diligence.」
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Chapter 14 – The Preceding Hero’s Secret

Author’s Note: Time for a bit of explaining in the chapter.

About the witch, I didn’t really know how to properly express her way of speaking. It’s a bit of an older way of speaking as well as a bit of a laid back attitude. If I had to give an example, the idea of Shiroyasha from the anime/light novel “Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai kara kuru sou desu yo” comes to my mind. I didn’t want to use Shakespearean to express it as I thought it would be going to far. I also didn’t want to put it the way that I put it right now since it make it a bit ugly, but that was one of the ways I could think of to express her dialect for now. I will edit it if I figure out a way to do it better.

Well, anyway, here is the chapter, Enjoy.

The Preceding Hero’s Secret

The sacred sword that I grasped in my right hand seemed to blame me in some respects.
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Chapter 12 – The Preceding Hero Took a Blunder

Author’s Note: This was a really interesting chapter, although there were some lines that I had trouble figuring out. If there is anything that sounds weird or off, please tell me. This is was really fast post for me so please don’t expect this kind of speed from me in the future. Work just happened to be really slow yesterday and I really got into the translating. There is also another surprise in the next few minutes. But anyway, please enjoy the chapter.

The Preceding Hero Took a Blunder

The Basilisk is a peculiar dragon species whose staple food is things like the minerals that sleep in the ore veins and is actually a type of two-legged Wyvern.
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Chapter 11 – The Preceding Hero Gets Angry

Author’s Note: Man, this was a long chapter.

Sorry this took so long. I broke my promise with myself in trying to bring you guys a new chapter within a week of each post or less. I will try better next time.

In other news, I got my hands on the three published volumes of the light novel for this series and plan on comparing the web novel and the light novel and posting those as well. I was thinking of somehow scanning the pictures from the novel, making necessary changes to the posts to match the light novel and putting that all into a PDF. But that won’t be for awhile as the first volume covers the first 26 chapters.

I also plan on doing some other things with this wordpress so feel free to not look forward to that as it may turn into a complete mess.

Now I am just starting to ramble. Please enjoy the chapter.

The Preceding Hero Gets Angry

*Yusa yusa* (Shake shake)

「……ugh…Five more, minutes………Gukoh~ (Snore~)」
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