Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 169

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The Preceding Hero and Deciding the Champion

The one who opened his eyes wide in astonishment, was Yuu.
「I’ve, got cha!!」
While warping his face in pain, that man grabbed the leg that Yuu swung down with two of his arms, and showed a fearless grin.
Zappa threw him so as to hit Yuu into the sea surface that was between the ring and the audience seats.
「Tsk! I didn’t want to use this but……!!」
Right before he collided with the sea surface, Yuu twisted his body like a falling cat, and
Vigorously kicked the sea surface with both legs.
He had enough leg strength where if he ran with all of his might, then he could shorten a distance of tens of kilometers down to being run in just dozens of seconds.
If he kicked the water, then he could run across a large river.

「Nahahahaha! Amazin’, ta be able ta run on water, that’s incredible!」
Having gotten down on the ring using the recoil of throwing Yuu, Zappa looked at Yuu who returned to the ring while creating a gigantic column of water, and guffawed.
「Haa……haa……! And here I thought that I could drop you just like that……I guess it won’t be that easy……」
Having gotten drenched from head to toe by the sea water that he kicked, Yuu was down on one knee.
And then, putting both hands on the ground, he took a posture that seemed like a crouching start.
Zappa wrinkled his brow at the posture he wasn’t familiar with.

「It’s my next hand……!」
Expanding all of the muscles in his body, Yuu dashed.
Yuu ran with a speed that was like that of a bullet.
However, Zappa accurately grasped his figure.
Brandishing his swords, he fired a downpour of slashes.
「! ……He disappeared again.」
Just like before, the figure of Yuu that he should have captured and disappeared from his view.
「(Is he behind me!?)」
Despite knowing that he wasn’t a nitwit that would repeat the same hand, Zappa turned around.
「Sorry but you’re wrong!!」
The side, from Zappa’s point of view as he turned around, a voice was fired from the left side together with a slash.
Zappa immediately twisted his body, but one of his arms was shallowly cut.
「! ……Wh, what the, just what is this……!」
Zappa got ready for a second attack, but with Yuu’s figure vanishing again, he muttered that sounding like it was a groan.

「Where is it……where will ya come from!?」
Thinking that it wasn’t good to stand still, he turned his senses to the surroundings while running on top of the ring.
But he still couldn’t find Yuu’s figure.

Suddenly, a shadow fell from above Zappa.
At first, Zappa thought “Is it a cloud?”, but as if snapping to it, he looked up to the sky.

What was there was the figure of Yuu who had his sword raised overhead with the sun at his back as he was falling towards Zappa.
The muscles in Yuu’s arms were swelled up, and together with an ear splitting yell, he swung his sword down.
「Kuh, ya sure did somethin’ quite cheeky, didn’t cha!!」
Having the sunlight coming directly at his eyes, Zappa moved a beat late in order to reflexively cover his eyes.
Readying a pair of swords that didn’t have the saw-shaped blades into a cross, he took a defensive stance.


The instant their swords collided, sound vanished from the world, and the delayed explosive sound resounded throughout the arena.
The ring started to break with the two as the center, and the sea that divided the ring and the audience seats became stormy and blew upwards.

「(――What incredible, physical strength!! Is this guy some species of dragon or somethin’!?)」
Zappa groaned at the impact that seemed to crush his body that ran through him when their swords collided.
「You――damned bratttt!!」
The swords that directly received Yuu’s attack had cracks run through them and became unusable. No, even both of the arms that held the swords showed no signs of their numbness going down.
Among his remaining arms, Zappa pointed the tips of the remaining pair of swords that didn’t have the saw-shaped blades towards Yuu and fired them as if to pierce through him.


「――You’re probably, a guy that could be a match for Leo.」
Letting go of his Magic Sword, and drawing the pair of swords that hung at his waist, Yuu repelled them.


「You’d survive a fight against a Duke-class Mazoku……You’re one of the handful of existences in the world, that could be said to be mankind’s strongest.」
Having his pair of swords repelled, Zappa finally drove his two saw-form bladed Magic Swords, 『Arahabaki』 and 『Ishikahonori』, towards Yuu.

「You can’t reach me as I am now, because……I am standing in a unique place――」
Letting go of even his blue and green treasured swords, the light of an aurora came pouring out from Yuu’s right hand.

「Sorry but I’ll be using this……――!!」
The handle of an aurora sword appeared as if jutting out from his right hand, and the moment that Yuu grabbed that, Zappa’s pair of swords cut up Yuu’s body, and


Zappa was sinking into the sea.

「(Why am I, in the sea……?)」
What occupied Zappa’s thoughts was bewilderment.

「(……I, killed that kiddo……because I, thought I’d lose.)」
The sensation of cutting up Yuu certainly remained in both of his hands.
But, that was all that he understood.

「(……Why, am I inside the sea.)」
Really having no recollection of falling in, he was sinking in the sea before he knew it.

His bewilderment continued.
But, he needed to breathe.
Zappa swam aiming for the sea’s surface, and then――


『Th, the winnerrr!! Darkness Executionerrrr!!』
What Zappa saw as his head came out to the sea’s surface was the figure of a young boy with one hand raised overhead on top of the ring that ended up looking like a reef.

「……Ku, kuhaha……!」
Having reached the peak of his confusion, Zappa involuntarily laughed.
But, that wasn’t laugher from going mad, nor was it a dry laughter.

「……If I remember correctly, ya said you were Yuuya Shirou, didn’t ya……I’ve fallen fer ya, ya know?……Kuh, kuhahahaha!!」
Sounding extremely delighted, Zappa laughed with a loud voice.

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