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Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 161

Hey there guys. Sorry about being late with the update this week. I’ve been feeling really out of it this past week. But that doesn’t really excuse me for being late so I’m really sorry about that. Now onto what you really want, the next chapter. Enjoy.

Natural Talent

In the Free City Galarie, there existed many lodging facilities.
It was because the city was the center of maritime trade, and was flourishing with tourists because it had the acknowledgement of its bathhouses and the arena from the religious organization. Continue reading

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 157

Hey there guys. Here’s another chapter of Sendai Yuusha. I told you that I’d be taking things slow with it. Hopefully with this, I won’t be taking multiple month long breaks. I hope……

Well anyway, enjoy.

Clear and Serene

Kuon was frantically thinking.
「Fuーhaha!! My victory shall not waverー!!」
For a way to win against this troublesome opponent that was clad in a full-bodied, completely golden armor. Continue reading

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 156

Yo, I’m back with an update. Finally. How long’s it been? A week? Two? (Takes a look at calendar) Holy crap! Over seven months!? Wow. Sorry about that. Well, right now I’ve got several chapters ready. And I’ll slowly put them out rather than what I did before and just release them all at once. Also, I’ve fixed a couple of things in the past few chapters up until chapter 153, so go back and try checking them out.

Actually, you know what. Why don’t you just go ahead and re-read the whole series again. Heck, even I’ve forgotten a lot of the details and re-read a couple of the first few chapters myself. But that’s up to you. I don’t get anything out of it (though I wish I did).

But yeah, I’m back in business right now, so look forward to it.

Now then, onto the chapter. Enjoy.

Fierce Fight of the Armor and the Fox

Seeing Iibsal’s fight, Kuon muttered that single word. Continue reading

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 155

Crap. Sorry I’m late. I remembered that I was late on the morning after the night I usually make the post, then procrastinated and then procrastinated some more. In any case, here is the next chapter. Enjoy.

 Fist Saint

「Good job out there, Yuu.」
In Galarie’s arena, Yuu and Sylvia were in an area where only authorized people were allow to enter.
「Things have only just started you know?」
「You feel more at ease at the times when you’re fighting. Things like opening ceremonies, you’re worse with things like that, right?」
As expected, she knew me well.
「Pretty much. ……So, Sylvia, how do things look on your side?」
Of course, it was in relation to the matter of Mazoku invading.
「The enemy this time is the Mazoku after all……There’s no telling how things will turn out. Tomorrow rather than today, and I assess that the final day has the higher possibility.」
「The reason is?」
「It is because with something like a Mazoku invasion, that coarse and repulsive Aquadine is obviously taking the lead. ……And then, Aquadine is the type to fuss over theatrics.」
「That’s true……Hey, would it be better if I lose in the first round?」
It’s because if I lose, I would be able to move more freely afterwards.
「That would be good……But there is also the debt with Zeke Oisast……In the end, it had ended up being pointless, but that does not make for a good reason to not fulfill our obligation.」
「And that means?」
「……Do not lose the first round. If you were to lose against someone of that level, the Leezelion name would fall as well.」
Come to think of it, I am being treated as Leezelion’s house guest, aren’t I.
「Got it. Well, I’ll do my best.」
「I’m counting on you, Yuu. ……However, you really are unlucky, aren’t you.」
Sylvia said that sounding exasperated.
「Certainly, I was the one that made you a participant but……」
「Oh shut itー, even I’m annoyed with it. Each and every place I go to, it’s filled with nothing but problems. At this rate, no matter how much time passes, I won’t be able to have a calm journey.」
「Would you also try retirement? There is a good place on the Floating Continent, you know?」
The Floating Continent was a region that the Magic Major Power Leezelion had.
「Retirement, huh.」
「What, do you not want to?」
「……No, I guess retirement would be good too. Journeys are good……but calm places are needed too.」
「Is that so. In, in that case, once this matter is resolved, would you like to go to Leezelion together?」
Sylvia’s cheeks were a bit red.
「Let’s seeー, I guess I could have a small break from my journey.」
If the turmoil this time around safely comes to an end, that would be good too.


「Oh, so it’s starting already.」
Most likely, Iibsal’s match is going to start. The cheers have started to reach even a place like this.
「Well then, I shall return to my seat.」
「I’ll be heading back too.」
「Well then, if you will excuse me.」

I pulled up my hood, Sylvia tightened up her expression, and we both left that place behind.

「Oh, so you have come? Master, over here -jya.」
As I pushed my way through the stands, the vampire princess waved her hand seeming to have noticed me.
「So you’ve finally come, Yuu.」
「Welcome back, Yuu.」
「Sorry to keep you waiting, Tre-san. And sorry about that, Lililuri. Making you save me a seat and all.」
Since my current self was here as a spectator, I took off the 『Darkness Executioner』’s overcoat, the 『Holy Night Shroud』, and am in my usual 『cloth clothes』.
「Come, over here -jya, Master. Sit here -no jya.」
「Ou. And here we, go……How’s the match.」
Sitting in between Paimon and Lililuri, I focused my eyes on the arena’s ring.
「It’s just about to start.」
「Starting now, the first match of the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration Main Tournament will be carried out!」
When the hostess, Usagi-chan, announced that, the audience in the venue got excited.

「Knight Narante versus, Fist Saint Iibsal Dora Gregoria Valanshel……Let the duel commence!!」

The one that started first was the knight. With a shield and sword, the solidly equipped knight took a big step forward. And at the same time that he did, he swung his sword for a side sweep, and cut empty space.
Facing off against that knight, Iibsal noticed the knight’s intentions and averted half of his body.
When he did, a thin cut was made on Iibsal’s cheek, and red blood went down along his cheek.
「So it was one of those slash wave things.」
Tre-san guessed that from Iibsal’s action and the thin cut on his cheek.
And then, most likely, that was probably correct.
He probably sensed that something was cutting the air and approaching so he avoided it.
However, sensing something that can’t be seen is difficult to the point of being abnormal.
The cut on his cheek was proof that he couldn’t avoid it.
「Hou……Kikiki, just when I thought he was a mere small fry, it would seem that knight is also pretty good -jya.」
「He just doesn’t stand out, and in terms of strength, he probably holds a high position even in this world.」
He would probably made a good fight against a low class Mazoku.
「Well, still, he probably won’t win against Iibsal though.」
The time that I said that was almost the same time that Iibsal made his move.

「Ha? What is with that fellow -jya, raising his leg like that.」
Iibsal raised his right leg.
His right leg and his left leg became a straight line as if they were a single pillar, and after several seconds of him stiffening up with it raised overhead,
The sound of a wall of air being broken through resounded, and his leg was swung down.
The sound that rung next was, compared to the sound of breaking through the sound barrier, a sound that resounded much, much longer.
And then, a phenomenon that could make anyone doubt their eyes occurred.

The arena’s ring was something where a block of a cut up boulder was laid out.
That boulder arena undulated as if ripples were being transmitted in a lake.

As expected, even I was surprised.
I had come this far being completely separated from things like magic, but something like this, I would probably be unable to do it no matter how hard I tried.
Moreover, that thing Iibsal did, it wasn’t something like magic, but something done through Taijutsu.
「Oh, we’re shaking.」
The impact fired from Iibsal’s swung down leg made ripples on the arena’s ring, and that seismic intensity was transmitted even to us who were in the audience seating.
The audience kept silent by the excessive thing that just happened.
And then, within that silence, Iibsal took up a stance with slow movements.
When he did, the knight, who had only been gazing at Iibsal similar to how the audience was, readied his shield looking like he had just remembered to do that, and in an instant, Iibsal’s figure vanished,
and then in the next instant, he appeared right in front of the knight.
「Th, that jerk!?」
I couldn’t see it.
I, who possessed kinetic vision good enough to see through even Sylvia’s 『Shukuchi』, was unable to catch hold of Iibsal’s movements.
I could still understand it if he moved quickly enough that a portion of his body temporarily became unseeable like Bernadette’s Quick Draw.
But, something like moving quickly enough that even his whole body’s movements became unseeable……Honestly, that was impossible even for Duke class Mazoku.
「Teleportation, that isn’t it, right……」
It was fast enough movement to make me think that.

The Knight of the small to medium sized country Shootvania, Narante endured not letting out a single letter from his mouth that wanted to shout out.
(Y, you mean to say that I, was unable to see through it at all!?)
Narante was famed and well-known not only in Shootvania but also in the neighboring countries.
He, who was celebrated as the second coming of the knight among knights Falhut Enhans from his ability and upright personality, was in a vortex of confusion.
The man who he was facing off against right in front of him suddenly vanished right in front of him, and then stood right before him in the next instant.
Him promptly putting up his shield was nothing more than a deeply engrained movement from years of training that his body took.

「Heeh……You saw through it, no, it doesn’t look like it. Is it one of those things where your body just moved?」
The red haired man, the imperial prince of the Valanshel Empire Iibsal, stopped his body right before his fist hit the shield that Narante had put up.
He fired a thrust with his sword. But however, the imperial prince of Valanshel, Iibsal, of all things, held the sword’s tip in between two fingers and stopped it.
He stopped a sword stroke with just two fingers.
「Heheh, you won’t be able to kill me with something of that level, you know?」
Saying that, Iibsal raised a fist overhead.
What was fired from that strong arm was a body blow. The Knight Narante’s body floated up a lot.
The impact that assailed Narante the moment the body blow was fired was something that was hard to describe.
His body shook, and the impact was strong enough to make one wonder “wouldn’t that fist have pierced through his armor and body?”
However, Iibsal’s attack did not stop.
A rush of fists struck his floating body. Narante desperately tried to keep consciousness and endured it by biting down his back teeth.
Being blown away by an attack that was fired with a big wind up, he was thrown into the sea that surrounded the arena ring.

「W, winner, Fist Emperor Iibsal!」

The curtain of the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration Main Tournament was raised with Iibsal’s complete victory.

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 154

Your Sendai Yuusha chapter for the week is here. Enjoy.


 「Well then, let’s immediately get the match that everyone’s been waiting for started──Is what I would like to say, but first, let’s review the rules!」
 When Usagi-chan said that into the mic, the loud cheering that was going on until just a little earlier changed into a great booing.
 「Now, now, everyone, the rule review is important!」
 Usagi-chan tried to pacify the spectators, but the spectators didn’t stop.
 Boo! Boo!
 「I, I mean, I was told to do this by management.」
 Boo! Boo!
 Finally, Usagi turned her face down, and started trembling.
 Rather, what the heck is this, how all of the spectators became one and started bullying her.
 If she recieves something like this, she’ll absolutely……Ahーah, she’ll cry, she’ll immediately cry, she will definitely cry, look she’s cry──
 「──Shhhhhaddduuuupppp, ya damned shitty ○○’s ! When I say I’m gonna explain the rules, I’m gonna do it, you pieces of scum!! Do ya want me to murdalize ya’ll, aaahh!!」
 *DON!!* (BANG!!)
 Together with her dreadfully foul harsh words, Usagi-chan fired Explosion Magic towards the spectators.
 Eh, wh, what? What’s this?
 An explosion happened right in front of the audience seating, all of whom were unable to anything about the attack, and cheers were made.
 And, why were cheers being made from having magic shot at them?

 「Fuー, fuー!!……A, as you can see, a super powerful magic barrier has been put up in between the arena and the audience seating by several tens of Magicians, and will protect all of you in the audience!」
 When the explosion cleared up, the appearance of an uninjured and excited audience was there.

 「A barrier huh……In other words……!!」
 Pulling out a kunai, Kuon threw that high towards the sky.
 When the vigorously thrown kunai flew up about 30-40 meters,
 *gin*, it was repelled together with a high-pitched sound and then fell.
 「I see.」
 Seeming to have grasped something with that action just now, Kuon grabbed the kunai that fell and chuckled.
 「Hou, Jou-chan, did you grasp it with that just now?」
 Zappa asked that to Kuon while folding his arms.
 「Pretty much. I’ve got it for the most part.」
 Kuon closed one of her eyes and grinned.
 Zappa also grinned at the words that were returned to him.
 「Looks like I can look forward to things this time. It can’t be helped that the excitement had withered after winning four times.」
 「Well that’s great. Your record of consecutive victories will come to a stop this time as well.」
 The giant red haired man, Iibsal showed a smile reminiscent of a tiger.
 「Fuーhahah! Correct! For I! Montelugi Bran Belhouchet the Third am here!! The championship is mine -de aーru!!」[1]
 The man clad in golden helmet and armor opened the front of his full face helmet and showed his face.
 He was an ossan with a conspicuous handlebar mustache that protruded out from his helmet.

 「Gururu, in that case, I will crush that confidence of yours along with that armor.」[2]
 The Dragonnewt carried his mace on his shoulder while hitting his tail on the ground.

 Without joining in with those guys that were frivolously talking with each other together with their bloodlust, the black full face helmet woman and the white overcoat man kept quiet while standing there doing nothing.
 In term’s of character, I’ll go along with them and keep quiet.

 「And that’s all. Those were the rules! Next up is the announcement for the tournament pairings! Everyone, bring your attention to the sky of the arena~!」
 Before I knew it, the rule explanation was finished.
 Well, other than not falling into the sea that filled the space between the ring and the audience seats, the rules were pretty much almost anything is allowed.
 I can agree with how the audience booed her. (I only learned of this afterwards but it seems that Usagi-chan snapping from the booing was a promised event of this town’s arena. One of those snapping performances)

 「This is……They’re using another rare magic.」
 Looking up at the sky, I reflexively muttered that.
 What was suspended in the sky was a tournament chart that looked like a ghost leg lottery that was spread out in a fan shape.
 They really went and used a spell that was considered tricky even amongst magic.
 The twelve person tournament chart slowly rotated so that everyone in the audience could see it.

 「For the tournament pairings, we will first start with deciding who gets the four seeding rights. Participants, please take a card from here.」
 In Usagi-chan’s hands were several tens of cards that she pulled out from who knows where.
 They were cards that were long in length like tarot cards.

 「Now then, go ahead.」
 Being prompted by Usagi, I pulled a card from the stack. What came out was a white card.
 「Ah, too bad.」
 Usagi-chan looked at the card and said that.
 So it really was a miss.
 Dammit, I don’t really want to fight too much. 
 「Hyuu! As expected of my great self! Even luck is on my side.」
 What Iibsal pulled was also a white card.
 Huh, wasn’t that a miss?
 ……Ahー, no, I guess to this guy, being able to fight is a win. He has a way of thinking that I envy.
 「Gururu…Therianthrope, this is?」
 「Ohh! It’s a super win! The first one to obtain seeding rights was Participant Do Ijun!」
 Going *don don pafu pafu*, the venue got excited, but the Dragonnewt called Do Ijun crossed his arms looking sulky. So this guy was also a muscles for brains type.
 After that, Zappa, the white coat man, and the man said to be a knight from some country drew the winning cards and obtained the seeding rights.

 「Well then, now that the seeding rights have been decided……The participants’ competition pairings have also concludedー! The pairing numbers were actually allocated on the cards that were handed out to the participants!」
 At almost the same time Usagi-chan said those words, the number 10 became visible on my once plain card.
「Here is the first match! The Knight of Shootvania Narante versus the Fist Saint Iibsal!!」[3]
 The faces of the two people whose names were called out emerged int the sky of the arena, and letters were carved into the tournament chart.
 I see, so the turn order matches the pairing chart.
 In that case, I’m closer to the end.
 「Second match, the Fox Tribe’s Kuon Heleott versus the Golden Armored Montelugi the Third!!」
 Oh, Kuon was called. ……However, her opponent is that full bodied orichalcum jerk huh. How would she fight against orichalcum that defends against not only regular attacks but even against magic.……Uーn, I wonder if I should have gone all out and taught her Zantetsu?
 「Third match, the Mysterious Female Knight Ryuune Lenfe, and the one facing her is Adventurer Amda Jester!!」
 So she’s here, the Mysterious Female Knight.
 Since I don’t know how she’ll fight either, I need to pay careful attention.
Still, she really has a great body. Even though both her breast and butt are big, she has a small waist, and her legs are long and slender.
If even her face was that of a beauty, she’d be perfe……Nn?
 The one that was looking at the mysterious female knight called Ryuune as if licking her up was me, but somehow……yeah, somehow I harbored a feeling of discomfort.
 I don’t know what it was that made me feel that way though. 
 「Fourth match, the black coated man, 『Darkness Executioner』 versus, the Aloof Martial Artist Yan Lian! 」
 Ah, it’s me, it’s me.
 I almost didn’t hear her.
 So my opponent was the man wearing the clothes that looked like Chinese clothing……Ah, crap, his name escaped me.
「And with that, we have finished announcing the pairings for the tournament’s first round. The first match of the first round will commence in ten minutes. Everyone, give all twelve of our participants a big round of applause~!!」
 While engulfed in the thunderous excited cheering and applause, the final selection of the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration finally started.

 「Kikiki, I had heard that the strongest or something would be here, but they are not worth mentioning! With riffraff of this level, my master’s hold on the championship would not even shake.」

 In a section of the audience seating, there was a young lady holding a parasol.
 She had beautiful long golden hair and golden eyes.
 She was a beautiful young lady who did not suit this arena where bloody battles were going to unfold from here on out.
 This blond haired young lady gazed at the participants that stood in the arena’s ring and laughed.

 「That is in the event that Yuu uses the power of the Sacred Sword. Although he’s strong even in his current state, right now, there are few opponents that he can think optimistically about.」
 At her side, there was another youthful young lady.
 The young lady with bright green hair and emerald eyes interjected the words of the young lady next to her.
 When she did, the blond young lady made a face that went *mu*.
 「Hmph, you saw the 『future』, didn’t you? Honestly, both the current and previous 『Witches of Time』 are boorish -jya.」
 The blond young lady, Paimon, said that looking annoyed.
 「I did not see it. However, if you know about Yuu’s capabilities, that much is easy to imagine. Since I am Yuu’s partner, I know him very well.」
 The bright green haired young lady, Lililuri, crossed her arms and proudly replied.
 「To begin with, if you are his partner, you should be having faith in Master’s absolute victory -jyaro ga.」
 「Mm-mn. Properly watching at those kinds of places and following up is what a partner does. That is what I want to become, that kind of partner. Not like you who completely depends on him.」

 「What was that -jya to?」

 The two young ladies glared at each other, and sparks scattered.
 ……That was not a figurative expression, as crakling sparks scattered in between them.
 Their respective Maryoku was clashing agaisnt each other.
 「Both of you, come off it. Even if Silence and Recognition Obstruction have been casted, there is no changing the fact that you are bothering the surrounding guests.」
 The tan skinned woman that was sitting in the audience seat next to Lililuri, Tre, gulped down a sake bottle that she held in her hand while making a wry smile.
 「Kikiki, it looks like the attendant understands things better.」
 「You didn’t understand it either. ……Honestly, that damned Yuu, was he trying to make me a babysitter?」
 「「Who are you calling a baby!!」」

 「The both of you.」

 Not knowng how many she had already made today, Tre breathed another sigh.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Refers to himself with “wagahai”
[2] His speech uses katakana and kanji.
[3] Not sure if it should be Fist Saint or Fist Emperor or what. Original: 拳聖

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 153

Here’s your chapter of Sendai Yuusha for this week. I know, unbelievable, right? Enjoy.

Oh, and for anyone that doesn’t read Isekai Maou (there might be some that don’t), someone was kind enough to make a Discord Channel for me.

Here is the link to it if you’re interested: Click Here

The Twelve Strong People


Deafening cheers resounded in Galarie’s arena.
This arena is able to accommodate several tens of thousands of people, but right now, greatly surpassing the capacity limit, and including the guests that were standing while watching, the audience was overflowing.

The audience was whirling with enthusiasm, but in contrast to that, only the center field of the arena was cold as if ice water had been tipped over it and had fallen silent.

In the center field, there was a group of twelve people.
They were the participants that would appear in the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration.
All of them possessed exceptional talent, and were remarkable characters that attained the right to appear in this Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration.
There weren’t just Humans, there were Therianthropes and Dragonewts, and even the Asura Tribe was here.
Among them, there were four people that particularly stood out.
One of them was a knight that wore a shining gold heavy armor on his whole body.
A top naked man with long, red hair.
And then──

(T, to think that there was another one other than me……!)
A man with a black overcoat and a hood pulled over his head, and、
A man with a white overcoat that similarly had a hood pulled over his head.
Two men that wore overcoat outfits as if they were mirroring each other.
The black one, Yashiro Yuu shuddered yet bore a bit of affinity for that man that had a similar appearance to himself.

After learning the news of the Mazoku invasion from Lililuri who had inherited the name of the 『Witch of Time』, we called off meeting with Kaito’s Hero party and ended up roaming the town of Galarie.
It wasn’t like we walked about to play around.
It was in order to place marks at places that Mazoku would appear at by borrowing Lililuri’s power.
We did something bad to Kaito’s group who probably changed their plans to match ours.
Well, I would like to say that it’s all good because according to Lililuri, it was because of that that she was able to almost accurately identify the location.

And then, after greetig the morning of the next day, I was here in this arena.

I peeked over at the other participants.
Zappa of the Asura Tribe, as well as Kuon and Iibsal were looking at me.
Iibsal should be the only one among the guys here that know that I am the 『Darkness Executioner』 but……
……No, in regards to Zappa, it looks like he’s worried between me and the white one.
I wonder if that overcoat over there also has Recognition Obstruction Magic knitted into it.
As for Kuon, maybe because she is unable to recognize me upon investigating my smell and presence, her head was constantly tilting. Come to think of it, I never told Kuon and Bernadette that I was the 『Darkness Executioner』.
Sylvia saw through it in one try, but contrary to that, it was an unexplainable overcoat that was surprisingly strong. I guess I could say that is very much like Baa-chan though.

Still, they did a great job assembling this strong lineup.
The fox-eared Kuon and the top half naked Iibsal, the six-armed giant Zappa, the full bodied completely gold armor. There’s still more to go, you know?
A red scaled Dragonewt, an erotically equipped woman (big breasted) wearing a black high-leg leotard and full-face helmet, etc, etc.
It means that the only normal ones were me and the white overcoat guy.
(……No, I guess we’re not really normal either.)
It looks like the chuujibyou in me relapsed from the entry of the similarly clothed guy.

「っ……What’s going on?」
As I was thinking such things, the voices of the audience that had been loud up until now was raised even louder.
Damn, I thought my ears were going to go crazy. There are guys with a better sense of hearing than other people here, dammit! Rather, just what in the world is going on? Just how long are we (the participants) going to stand on top of this arena that is basking in front of the sun and getting hotter?
My question was answered right away.

「Hey, he~y! Everyone, are you all doing great~!?」
Maybe through magic, a woman’s voice that sounded as if it passed through a megaphone resounded in the arena without losing to the cheers.
When it did, the cheers roared again.
「Just like always, Galarie’s arena group’s exclusive hostess, Lavitt Sheafield has taken the stage~!」
That woman that was wearing clothes that had high exposure similar to a bunny suit appeared from the sky, landed in the middle of the ring that the other participants and I were in, and raised the mike that she held in her hand over her head.
The one that had an entrance as if a *Ban!* (Bang!) sound effect would be made was a bunny-eared woman.

This was today’s biggest cheer. I couldn’t tell what they were saying anymore. The enthusiasm was so wild, it looked like they had gone crazy half way through.
Still, I could understand the reason why their enthusiasm went that wild.
The bunny-eared woman that named herself as Lavitt Sheafield, the impact of those two hills that grew on that chest of her’s was incredible.
Everytime she hopped towards the audience while waving her hand, they would go *burun burun* and jiggle.
This is bad. If I were in the audience stands as well, I probably would have shouted until I lost my voice.

「Now~ then, it’s finally time for the start of the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration’s main battles! The huge event where strong people chosen from every part of the world compete with each other with the seat of the World’s Strongest on the line!! This year is amazingly the 50 year anniversary of when this had first turned into an open exhibition! Furthermore, this will be the tenth year since the main battleground was switched to Galarie, and is a turning point year!」

「Even the gathered participants taking part of this commemorative year’s Magic Clad Martial Arts demonstration are greatly different from last year’s participants, and are warriors that enliven the world~!!」

「Well then, well then, let’s introduce those participants that you should pay attention to! A sparkling full body metal armor! His body is tricked out with supreme ruling metal!? The noble count of the Alcorde region, Montelugi the Third!」
The man that physically stood out even within the ring of participants due to his full body, sparkling gold armor brandished his giant shield that was also golden and answered the spectators.
Wait, hold on a second! When you say the supreme ruling metal, doesn’t that mean orichalcum!!

Orichalcum. Also known as the supreme ruling metal, among the metals used for arms, it is material said to be the strongest and the rarest in this world. If it’s used in the blade of a weapon, it would easily tear through even mythril, and if it’s used in armor, any kind of blade wouldn’t be able to pass through.
But however, that sort of thing is nothing but extra features for orichalcum.
The essence of orichalcum is its conductivity of magical power.
The conductivity of magical power, that is equivalent to a direct connection to the ease of endowing Abilities.
Starting with swords and armor, it is essentially a Herculean task to endow Abilities on such arms.
It’s because deviations would be produced in the arm’s strength and property by putting magical power into it. Artisans say that that reduction 『makes the core go bad』.
It is said that for the blacksmiths of Magic Swords, how many Abilities they can endow while keeping the weapon’s strength as it is is directly connected to their skill.
However, when it comes to orichalcum, it seems that 『making the core go bad』 almost never happens.
In other words, that shows just how easy it is to endow Abilities, and how it is possible to endow many Abilities on it.
Weapons made from iron could have one, steel can have three, and even mithril silver could have up to five abilities endowed, but for orichalcum, the maximum was twenty, already making it on a different magnitude.
The sole flaw with that orichalcum is that 1kg of it had an absurd price of several tens of millions of f.
To have a full body of that, moreover using even a large shield made of it……That’s already a cheat through the power of money. If they were to use orichalcum equipment, even an elementary school student could defeat a Wyvern.

「Sealing his fangs and claws that could tear even steel to pieces, the unique Dragonnewt that fights with the shield and mace that he holds in his hands! The Red Scaled Do Ijun!!」
The Dragonnewt with red scales raised their mace overhead.
A Dragonnewt that won’t use their claws or fangs huh……This is my first time seeing one.
Dragonnewts are said to never use weapons, and in fact, I’ve never seen one that does either.
The reason for that was clear.
After all, a Dragonnewt’s claws and fangs were sharper than normal weapons.
For one of those Dragonnewts to use weapons……Is it that? Is it some kind of binding play?

「Of the Fox Tribe with a fair complexion and golden fur, an unwomanly martial arts user! Kuon Heleott!!」
Oh, it’s Kuon.
The introduced Kuon pulled a talisman out from her pocket, and threw that high into the sky.
「Vague Fireworks!」
Simultaneous with when Kuon shouted that, the talisman exploded, and emitted light.
Red, yellow, green, and blue, various colors bursted out and then vanished. That certainly is fireworks.
What a performance. As expected of Jean’s acquaintance.
Kuon waved her hand at the excited audience.

Like this, the introductions continued, and Usagi-chan went and introduced several participants.
「An assassin from the royal family Crestolia! Other than their gender and the fact that they are a knight, everything is unknown! Is their weapon a sword? A spear? Or could it be that they use magic? A Knight full of mysteries that hides their face with a helmet! Ryuune Lenfe!」
A black leotard woman wearing only gauntlets, greaves, and a full face helmet as armor.
Even though a majority of the participants, including me, were standing in the arena in a state of having our weapons equipped, the woman called Ryuune didn’t have a single weapon on her.
There was Iibsal as an exception, but since he’s stronger unarmed, that can’t be helped.
Just how would she fight……

「She isn’t the only one that is a mystery! The one dressed in a white coat, just what kind of participant are they? The participant’s recorded name is 『Lightning Judgement』[1]!!」

UWAAAAAAAH!! Goosebumps covered my entire body.
D, damn it, why is it that not just their appearance, but even their name is similar!?

「The other one, I guess this one is a bit more famous? The mysterious swordsman that agitated the front papers not too long ago, the one dressed in the black coat said to have defeated a gigantic dragon together with the Hero, that man’s name is 『Darkness Executioner』!!」

UWAAAAAAAAH!! They treated us as a settttt!! I mean sure, since both our appearances and names are similar, they would probably think that we were partners, but I graduated from this three years ago! I’m no longer a Chuunibyou!!
Moving on from me as I cried in my mind, the participant introductions continued.

「That deep crimson hair that is the mark of a royal family! The world’s strongest fistfighter has come to take the title of the world’s strongest! The Fist Saint, Iibsal Dora Gregoria Valanshel!!」

Iibsal raised both of his arms overhead.
The cheering of the female guests stood out.
……Pretty boys should die, no mercy.

Altogether eleven people. With this, there was only one participant introduction left but……

「Everyone, we’ve kept you waiting for a long time.」
Together with those words, *shin……* (silence……), the venue fell silent.

「With the number of weapons he can handle at once being six swords, and the emblem that he obtained being the reigning champion’s mark, the pennant winner of the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration for four consecutive years! The second name given to him is, The Ashura Relm’s Zappaaaaaa!!」

He unsheathed the swords from their scabbards which were attached to his waist and shoulders.
Each one of them had different shapes, and every one of them were beautiful.
Those six swords that were most likely Magic Swords were bathed in sunlight and shined.

*GOU!!* (ROAR!!)
Cheers exploded. Thanks to that, my ears were ringing.
Ah, that little jerk Kuon, she was cleverly closing up only her ears.

……Still, I did think that he wasn’t an ordinary person, but to think that he was the pennant winner. Moreover, for four consecutive years.
Zappa whirled his six swords and magnificently sheathed them into their scabbards.

「The aforementioned were our twelve participants! Everyone give them a hand~!」

A warm applause poured onto us.
However, in between us participants, cold bloodlust was flying about.

「Let’s start killing each other right away.」
An atmosphere that seemed like it was saying that enveloped us.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: 白き審判者, Read as: ライトニング・ジャッジメント. Could literally be translated to the White Judge