Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 21

Happy New Years everyone.

Just so that everyone knows, I don’t understand what they mean in the chapter by their ancestors and such. I’m hoping that it’ll be explained a bit better later.

Anyway, here’s a chapter that continues Kaito, Leonhart, and Wintos’ battle as well as give some info on Lililuri. Enjoy.

The Glard Wasteland Battle5】

「Damn, he’s fast!」

「I’m saying that you’re stubborn, human!!」
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Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 20

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whichever one you like.

Here is my Christmas gift to all of you reading. I hope you enjoy it. A wonderful battle starring our favorite Preceding Hero.

As I may have mentioned before, descriptions aren’t exactly my forte. If there is anything confusing about the battle, feel free to comment and someone just might respond.

Anyway, enjoy. And I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas.

The Hero Appears

Everyone, there exists bitter memories within people.
“I don’t want to remember it”, that kind of memory should exist.

I also have one. ……Three years ago, before I was summoned to this world, I also……….
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Volume 1 Images

I seriously want to cry. And not because after working more than 3 hours on these images I’m still not satisfied with the images’ quality such as where the two pages of a picture meet. It’s because of when I was posting the pictures in the correct chapters according to the light novel. I couldn’t do it for two of the chapters. As for why I couldn’t, it’s because those chapters had added content in the light novel that wasn’t in the web novel that I am translating. Seeing that, I realized that I would have to go through the whole light novel again when I finish up the web novel chapters of the first volume. The bad news for you is that after finishing the first volume, I won’t immediately start on the second volume. The good news is that once I do finish up the light novel version of the first volume, there will be some added content. Well, enough of my complaining. Here’s the main dish of the post. Continue reading

Chapter 19 Update

Due to it being the holidays, I’ve decided to expedite my posting of the illustrations from the book using the book scanner I got last month specifically for this purpose. Sadly, I am about to go to work so please be satisfied with this image from the latest translated chapter. I will get the rest done when I get back from work.

Please look at Chapter 19 once again to see the image. It is at the bottom. And apologies for the somewhat bad quality. The paper is thin, I am not used to the scanner, and I can’t bring myself to destroy a perfectly good book to scan the page like a sheet of paper.

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 18

Hey guys, apologies for the wait. To be honest, I can’t remember if it’s been a week or not.

I had some real trouble with this chapter. For some reason I just couldn’t get into it in the beginning. I did most of the translating in the last three days. Also, I decided to use Mazoku instead of Demons and Maryoku instead of mana, which it wasn’t even called and I had just selfishly decided to use that instead of magic power since mana would fit in better with the sentences rather than magic power. Anyways, I will eventually change the previous chapters to reflect this change.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

The Glard Wasteland Battle【3】

At the human side’s encampment, Luxeria’s Princess, Valanshel’s Second Imperial Prince, and Sylvia, who was Leezelion’s Empress, were mounted, standing in a row.
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