Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 103

Here is the last chapter that I have ready for now. Enjoy.


The Preceding Hero, Becomes Smaller

「Wha, what did you doー!」 Continue reading


Too Bad, Not a Chapter

Hey guys, sorry this isn’t a chapter. Just doing this as a favor to my sister. She asked me to, I guess, advertise this video she made. Here:

As you can see from the title, it’s for a cover contest. And if you haven’t heard of Mamamoo, they are a four girl Korean group. I enjoy their songs as well, though not as much as my sister. Try checking them out. You might become a fan if you aren’t already. Might even start getting you into K-pop.

Not sure how this is going to work with the video being on the site, but the contest goes by the number of views, I think. Not sure if it requires you to go to the actual Youtube site. If you guys don’t mind, please go ahead and make a comment on the Youtube site and give my sister some feedback or whatever. She told me that the contest goes on until April 4.

Oh, and about the chapters, I think it might be a while before I get some up. Sorry about that.