Volume 1 Images

I seriously want to cry. And not because after working more than 3 hours on these images I’m still not satisfied with the images’ quality such as where the two pages of a picture meet. It’s because of when I was posting the pictures in the correct chapters according to the light novel. I couldn’t do it for two of the chapters. As for why I couldn’t, it’s because those chapters had added content in the light novel that wasn’t in the web novel that I am translating. Seeing that, I realized that I would have to go through the whole light novel again when I finish up the web novel chapters of the first volume. The bad news for you is that after finishing the first volume, I won’t immediately start on the second volume. The good news is that once I do finish up the light novel version of the first volume, there will be some added content. Well, enough of my complaining. Here’s the main dish of the post. Please look back at chapters 1, 3, 8, and 14. You will find some new images. Also, below you will find the cover, some colored images, and some character illustrations. This is all of the images except for one, which is supposed to be in a later chapter. Please enjoy. P.S. The next chapter is pretty long so please don’t go expecting it until Christmas.

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(Images cleaned by ruepon)


40 thoughts on “Volume 1 Images

  1. Thanks for the images. I wonder why… The right side of the two page spread images are all cut off when I try to view them. About 30% of the right half is not visible, just black space. Not sure if it’s just my computer.


  2. Thanks for the effort, you’re putting in. Also since chap 19 was left off at a cliffhanger, it seems pretty cool we can get chap 20 as a Christmas present. ^_^ . Out of curiosity, as I’m looking to be a translator in the future, how many hours do you put in for translating a series? Also what’s the hardest part of translating?


    • That’s a bit difficult to answer. As you know, I give myself a week to translate a chapter so I can’t really tell you how many hours I put in for translating. And since I try to do my best to make it sound right, I try to make use of a translating machine at an absolute minimum and only use them to figure out different ways to read the kanji. I also do it whenever I feel motivated and for some reason I feel more motivated when I am near the deadline. I guess that is just me being a procrastinator. Anyway, the hardest part of translating for me is making the translations sound right. After looking up all of the kanji in the sentence and figuring out what it means, I sometimes get stumped over how to effectively express it in English. Sometimes I realize that the Japanese sentence ends up being going backwards when done in English. Seeing as how I try my best to keep it was close as I can get it to a direct translation, I take a break when I can’t figure it out and hope that somehow the pieces fall together later.

      Also, I’m really glad to hear that there will soon be another translator. If you need any help, feel free to ask.


      • Thanks for the advice! I’ll take you up on that offer, even if its a bit of a way there. It actually gave me a lot of insight, the hardest part for me right now is understanding converting the grammar to English. So I’m really thankful for the advice. Currently I’m learning Korean so I can translate a series called LMS, but I plan to learn Japanese as well, but considering how many Kanji characters there are, along with the Hiragana, I thought it would be a bit more difficult so I opted to learn Hangul.

        I’ll constantly be checking updates and reading the series you’re translating though. Really am grateful for you translating this series btw, and I learned a lot about how translating is more difficult than it seems. 🙂 Thanks for taking your time to seriously answer my question also!


  3. Mmmm, love the artworks. Thank you, also Happy Holidays!

    Oh, I guess we are to assume that he only got the nifty twin blades when he donned his chuuni look & was using an ordinary weapon/s in his early guild days.


  4. I swear your “High lord” status man. And all of these scans are from you own copy of the novel? Will you continue with the WN or the revised LN? But if it starts to get crazy, no need to continue uploading images. Minor character art is all thats needed.


    • Yup. All of these scans are from my own copy of the novel. I went and bought a book scanner just for you guys. My plan is to continue with the WN until where the LN would end off and then do the LN, comparing the WN and LN thinking that there wouldn’t be too much of a difference. After trying to put in the images in the right spots, it would seem my thinking that there wouldn’t be too much of a difference was a bit off. But, regarding the images, I already gave you guys all but one of them. The last one should come out with chapter 24, and I already have it scanned.


      • so the diff between wn and ln is notable? can you give a example? and ty for the images was nice to see the princes 🙂


      • I’m not sure if it’s all that much but just to be sure, I was planning on going from start to finish comparing the two. What I can tell you is that after the images in chapters 3 and 8, there was at least a page of different stuff for each. There was also an extra side story at the end of the light novel, so please look forward to that as well.


  5. To be honest, if you desire extreme quality, only then you need to scan like first one, they are pretty light, so fans cant enjoy it as much and need cleaners to clean images and get the best results. For the ones you posted this time, if you simply resize them to 1500px, then they will look exactly like what you find on baka-tsuki or any other public ln raws online and you dont even need a cleaner as they are average enough for most people to enjoy.


  6. Thanks for the additions, you don’t need to work yourself, you can take it slowly, we are very grateful for your translation (I’m not very good in English so I don’t understand machine translation : a human translation is like a blessing XD)


  7. Thanks for your hard work
    Can you tell us How many WN chapters are equivalent to the first LN volume?
    Do you have any intention to some some pdf or epub in the future)


    • The first 25 chapters of the WN are the 26 chapters covered in the LN vol 1. There is also a side story in the LN that I plan to do as well.
      My plan was to finish the first 25 chapters of the WN and then turn that into a PDF then go over the LN and translate anything that was changed or added and then release that in a PDF version as well.
      So there will be a pause between the first and second volumes while I do that.


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