Chapter 19 Update

Due to it being the holidays, I’ve decided to expedite my posting of the illustrations from the book using the book scanner I got last month specifically for this purpose. Sadly, I am about to go to work so please be satisfied with this image from the latest translated chapter. I will get the rest done when I get back from work.

Please look at Chapter 19 once again to see the image. It is at the bottom. And apologies for the somewhat bad quality. The paper is thin, I am not used to the scanner, and I can’t bring myself to destroy a perfectly good book to scan the page like a sheet of paper.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 19 Update

  1. Thanks for scanning the images.
    And you’re right to not damage your books, damaging of books is one of the greatest heresies imaginable (to me).


    • If you are having trouble with scanning from a book, you can download a scanner app for your smartphone or tablet and take a picture with teh app. If your phone has a high quality camera like the newer smartphones, it will turn up pretty well. Using the scanner app is better than taking a picture since you can scale it and send it to your email or something usually. That or it turns into a pdf lol.


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