Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 122

The Emissary from the Sky

「Alt Flügel」

Light overflowed from the Sacred Sword that I held in my hand, and in the next moment, my body was dressed in a white armor that faintly shined.
Paimon opened her eyes wide from the white armor that told her that I was the Hero.

「Wha, wha-wha-wha-wha! Th, that appearance……So you were not a lineage of the miko, but the 『Bearer』!!」

In comparison to Paimon who looked like she was astonished from the bottom of her heart, I was calm to the point that even I knew that I was calm.

「If you know about what it means for me to be the 『Bearer』, then don’t try to fight me, got it? Even against a Duke, they wouldn’t be match to even stop me when I’m in this form.」

Against me with the Sacred Sword being unleashed, the only one that would be able to oppose me was certainly the Demon Lord. Even if the Six Blade Generals were to be gathered, they would only be at the level of withstanding a single attack.

「Gu, gununu……っ! I, I understand.」

Seeming like this was completely unexpected for her, sweat had risen to Paimon’s forehead, and that certain type of charisma that she had a little while ago was blown off.

「To begin with, even if I were one of First Generation-san’s descendants, why would you think of trying to make a human your subordinate?」

「Naturally, it was for the sake of world domination.」

When I asked that, Paimon smiled and declared that as if to say that was only natural.

「Both the sky and the earth, both people and Mazoku, even God, all of them will equally become my subordinates, and I shall reign over this world. Kikiki, how about it, sounds fun, does it not?」

They were words that sounded like a joke, but I don’t think that the Paimon in question was saying that as a joke. ……She truly, was trying to do that.

「That’s……Yeah. It sounds like it would be a kind world.」

What had suddenly come to my mind was the appearance of the Demi-humans starting with the Elves. In the world that Paimon mentioned, it seemed like there wouldn’t be any racial discrimination.
It was a world that I wasn’t able to obtain even if I desired it, but if it’s this Vampire Princess, wouldn’t it be obtainable? is the idea that was born. ……But,

「Well, sorry but I won’t become your subordinate.」

I should already be no longer needed as a Hero in this world. ……That is how I want it to be.

「Kiki, that is what I thought. ……Overlook me. That is my only request.」

「Don’t subordinate humans with violence filled with malice. At that time if you do, I will become your enemy.」

「Kikiki, I suppose that means that we have come to an agreement.」

Saying that, Paimon extended out her hand towards me. She came seeking a handshake.


While I was wryly smiling, when I extended my hand out to try and answer her handshake,

A dazzling light went through Paimon’s body.

「Mu, oh, oh?」

「Your Excellency……っ!?」

Paimon tilted her head as she was unable to grasp what had just happened. The Leviathan that had broken into a run in order to try and save her master also had her body gone through by the light, and became unable to move about.

「This is……, Damn you, damn you damn you damn you damn you!! A lowly Apostle is……ッ. So you are rioting against me despite knowing that I am the Great Demon Lord 『Makai Commander-in-Chief』 Belzebeaut’s granddaughter, the one that leads an army of two hundred, 『Paimon』!!」

Paimon saw the thing that came “descending” from right overhead, and shouted curses as if she were vomiting them out.

Lured in by that, when I looked up, what was projected in my field of vision was an existence that was in a way more troublesome than the Mazoku and was neither human, a Mazoku, nor a spirit.

《I had thought that a dwarfish existence that controls an army of a mere two hundred had dared to show contempt for God who is both our Father and Mother.》[1]

Violently resounding in my head, it was an inhuman voice that was devoid of any emotion. The owner of this voice that felt oppressive despite that got down in front of Paimon and Leviathan who were stabbed and skewered on a pike of light.

「……ッ, And yet another troublesome guy has appeared.」

Having three sets of wings for a total of six, it was an existence that, despite having an appearance that was similar to humans, had greatly deviated from humans.
It was an existence that, despite having the appearance of a beautiful woman, possessed a body of boorish armor like that of a robot.
An emissary from the sky, an existence also called the Heaven’s Soldier War Maiden.
Its name is an 『Apostle』.

《O children of God, your choice is in err.》

Turning its back to Paimon’s group, and turning to face us, the Apostle said that in a manner of speaking as if it were prosecuting a crime.

「In err? ……」

《The insolent utterance against God despite being a Mazoku. I will not let you say that you had missed hearing that.》

「That ‘even God will become her subordinate’ thing, right? That doesn’t really matter to me though? I am said to be the enemy of God after all.」

《So you show contempt for God despite being a child of God, O Bearer.》

The eyes of the Apostle became sharp. It was a voice that was devoid of the feeling of any emotion in it, but in fact, it was giving a bloodlust that was enough to make my skin tingle.

「What has God done for me. What will God do for me? Towards a God that only gazes at the hands that are extended and seeking salvation, I don’t feel any obligation or anything towards her. Tell her that if she wants me to worship her, then go do a bit of work!」

「And that’s what happened, you see?」

「H, ho, how could you do such a thingggggg!!」

Hitting the table, Bernadette stood up while she raised her voice.

This place was Nordyord’s general public bar. Having escaped from the labyrinth, we waited for Bernadette to wake up, and gathered at this bar.

「To try and overlook the Vampire is……w, well, I can understand seeing as how it’s you, Yashiro-san. However, there is no reason for you to fight with the Apostle-sama!」

Actually, that thing called the Apostle was what the Holy Ulquiorra Religious Organization worships, and was something like the religious organization’s symbol.
It technically is an angel after all.

「No, but, you see? Since the they were totally motivated to fight and all……」

「There was no way Apostle-sama was going to keep silent while someone was making a fool of God-sama! Yashiro-san, please put in a bit more effort to try and end things peacefully!」

So as to keep on talking, Bernadette shouted, then she laid her head on the table.

Well, in any case, the strange typhoon had vanished, and we were able to escape the labyrinth safely. Can’t we just leave it at that, Bernadette?

「Kikiki. The bravery of my master had been displayed, lineage of the miko.」

「You coming along is the biggest problem!」

A new cause of conflict is now coming along though.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] I’m not sure if I translated this line correctly. Original: 二百の軍団を操る程度の矮小なる存在が、良くも我らが父にして母なる神を貶められると思えたものだ


8 thoughts on “Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 122

  1. Tanks for youur work.

    I think the only thing that needs polishing in that sentence would be “who is both our Father and Mother”, to be changed by “who being our Father became our Mother” (my version is still a bit unpolished). It’s the kind of crypticism seen in reigious scriptures everywhere.


  2. Let me see if I understand, he fough the Apostle and giving that they are still alive he either won or drew, and as such the Vampire princess impressed by his strengh is now his follower???


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