Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 83

Here’s the second one. Enjoy.

The Preceding Hero’s Sweetheart?

「Hn? ……Did you say something just now?」
「No, nothing at all?」
「……I felt like I was called but……I guess it was my imagination.」

After the discussion with Vodan-shi ended, we tied up Kuon, who passionately said that he would find the kidnappers even if he had to do it alone, and threw him into a room and then came all the way to the dojo to pick up Bernadette, but……

「She’s not here.」
「Yeah, she isn’t.」

Bernadette’s figure wasn’t there. It would seem that she went back ahead of us.

「That rascal. Going back first……」

I did say that it would be alright if she went back, but some part of me still didn’t forgive her. It was because her physical condition didn’t look like it was all that bad.

「Oya? You’re awfully concerned about that girl, aren’t you.」

Jean reacted to my words as if he were poking fun at me. The self-proclaimed cultured person Jean had shown signs of being a curious onlooker. He probably said that to fool around.

「It isn’t like that……hey, what is it?」

When I looked at Jean’s face, who I thought that he had said that to fool around, his mouth was smiling, but his eyes were completely serious.

「That nun……She’s called Bernadette, right? Certainly, she does resemble the “princess”. It’s understandable that you’d be charmed by her.」
「Ha? ……I have no idea what you’re talking about, you know?」

When I asked, Jean shrugged his shoulders and breathed a sigh as if to say “Good grief”.

「Good grief, as always, you’re a stubborn fellow. ……No one has the right to stop that awakening of love, you know?」

He really went and said it. Rather, what is he talking about, seriously!
Maybe because he felt my irritation, or maybe because that’s what he was aiming for, Jean concealed his gaze with the brim of his hat, and said this.

「She does resemble Princess Olivia in some respects, doesn’t she……Yuu.」

Olivia Fin Lutecia Leezelion.

―― ……Yuu-kun, what kinds of things do you want to do? ――

She had an appearance similar to Sylvia and Alicia,

―― You know~, I think something like a round-the-world trip would be cool! ――

decided people’s futures like that while laughing,

―― Then, I’d teach Yuu-kun about the things around the world! ――

and was a slightly older, regular, girl.

―― Don’t you think that would be a good idea? ――

「Stuーpid, there’s no way she is. She doesn’t resemble her at all.」

When I replied, Jean raised his eyes as if he wasn’t expecting that answer.

「I mean look, Bernadette’s breasts can hold stuff between it, you know!? And even though just that is surprising enough, both her thighs and ass are sexy! ……Just hearing about this, even you, who was also in that “hell”, would understand how amazing this is, right!?」

Hearing my insistence, Jean blanked out for an instant, and then started laughing in a grand manner.

「Come to think of it, there was a time where you carried off the underwear of the female camp. That was a masterpiece. How you were making a fuss and said that 「The chest measurements are, astoundingly lacking!」 was extremely funny.」

Ugh. D, don’t make me remember a past that I want to forget. The me of that time was having a shortage of erotic things.

「The scene where “that” Fiona along with Her Highness were trying to reduce you to ashes using flame magic had me holding my sides from the laughter.」

Ah~, Fiona, huh. That sure is nostalgic. The one called Fiona was Gilley-ossan’s older sister and unlike Ossan who aged in a way suitable to his age, she was an Elf that kept a young and beautiful appearance that was a characteristic of Elves.
Naturally, or rather, inevitably, she also had tiny breasts.

「Even though Elves should hate the fire-type magic since they think it’s a symbol of destruction.」
「That just shows how much you angered her.」

I don’t even want to remember it. I didn’t think that the both of them would fire the shooting style annihilation magic, Prominence Sagittarius[1]. If Leo hadn’t followed up for me, I would have turned into ashes. Though, I would have revived immediately.

「Well, that’s how it is. ……Don’t go and put Olivia and Bernadette “together”. Besides, Olivia’s the only one for me.」

When I replied doing a thumbs up, Jean raised both hands and took a “give up” pose.

「I guess I should say that’s very much like you……Fufufu, it’s my loss.」

I don’t know what he lost to, but it looked like Jean came to an understanding all on his own.

「Ohh, Yashiro-kun!」

It was the time when we came out from the Vodan residence and were about to head to the inn.
I was suddenly called out to from the side.

「So you were around here just as I thought. How were things with Vodan-shi?」

When I turned to look, there was Falhart Enhans, and a woman that looked two or three years older than me wearing a dress.


The shock I received was strong enough that I involuntarily let out a weird voice. My eyes became rooted on the dress-wearing woman.

「I’m not exactly sure but……Are you related to the Crestolia’s?」

When I asked that, the woman opened her eyes wide as if she were surprised.

「You certainly are well informed. ……Yes, I am Crestolia’s princess, Mary Fi Crestolia.」

Splendid blond hair rolls that reached down to her waist. Having unyielding eyes and brow. I said that because she was the spitting image of Henrietta De Crestolia, whom I had become acquainted with in Lizwadia.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: Written as 紅蓮の射手 (Archer of Crimson), read asプロミネンス・サジタリウス


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