Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 150

Here is another chapter. Enjoy. (The way I said it last time felt weird, so I went back to this)

The Expansive World and the Admittance Ban
What awaited me as I dreamt of the utopia, was a second fall.
「I have no idea what you’re saying, Nii-chan!」
What lied in wait even further after I fell, was the impact of when I fell. Striking against the water, my back has surely become completely red. It was tingling in pain.
「Dammit……it just doesn’t feel like I can climb it……」
The rumor that this bathhouse hasn’t allowed anyone to peep even a single time since it was built isn’t just for show.
Or rather, this is only a guess, but I can see that there are several magic spells that were cast on this wall.
While I was climbing the wall, it felt like my arms would feel heavy and that it would become easier to slip.
I don’t have any positive proof. But, since the Feudal Lord confidently said that, he probably went at least that far. In that case,
「Climbing the wall to climb over that wall can’t be done half-heartedly.」
Scaling it is almost impossible even for me who has an overwhelming advantage in terms of grip strength and physical strength.
Once again, a wall stood in front of my way.

「It really is impossible, Nii-chan. Just give up.」
The nearby Marco called out to me as I vexingly stared up at the ceiling.
「The number of people that do this increase every year at this time. But, no matter who they are, they just can’t conquer it. It’s said that it’s impossible even for the guys that appear at the main tournament of the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration.」
「No way……」
To think that it was unobtainable even for the guys appearing in the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration……。

「Well, it’d be a different story if ya could fly through the air.」


「That’s it!」

Right, that’s it. I just have to fly! For what reason did I exceed the limitations of being human! (It’s obviously in order to peep)
If it’s this body that far transcends that of an ordinary person, it can easily cross over dozens of meters!
「Ni, Nii-chan?」
「Thank you, Marco. Right, that’s it. There was no reason for me to be foolishly honest in climbing up the wall.」
This is one of those game changing ideas, isn’t it.
「That’s right. It’s fine if I can cross over the wall with a jump.」
「Nonono! That’s normally impossible after all! Ya can’t use magic here, ya know?」
Can’t use magic, huh. So it really was devised so that magic was obstructed.
「Be at ease, Marco. I don’t have Maryoku to begin with.」
「Ue!? Nii-chan, ya don’t have Maryoku!? Then how do ya plan on doin’ the jump……」
Moving to a place away from Marco who was muttering something, I tried making a jump.
I lightly put in enough force so that I wouldn’t crash into the ceiling.
I lost momentum at around halfway up the wall that separated the men’s bath and the women’s bath, and after a moment of stagnation, I fell.
「……Tto, that was about fourteen meters. Since I jumped up more than half of the wall’s height, I’ll immediately be there if I put a little more force.」
I was surprised by how the wall was higher than what I expected, but I was somehow able to grasp the wall’s approximate height and how much strength I need to put in. I’ll reach it this next time.
「Wha, wh-wh-wha-wha! What was that just now!?」
While he was poking at my back as I was smiling from being able to see the summit  of my goal, Marco asked me that question. Would you stop that, it tickles.
「What do you mean what? All I did was jump.」
「A normal human can’t jump up like a Big Hopper!」
Certainly, even I don’t know of any human that possesses the jumping power to go over ten-odd meters without the use of magic. I guess it isn’t unreasonable for Marco to be surprised.
By the way, the thing called a Big Hopper is a gigantic grasshopper monster that exists in this world, and despite being the size of a baby, it can easily jump over a large building. Having a gigantic bug hopping up and down while it draws near is surprisingly mentally scarring.
「Amazin’, that’s amazin’, Nii-chan! If it’s this, then……!」
Marco had gotten excited as if he were doing it himself, but then that excitement suddenly turned into a frown and he showed an insecure mood.
「Nn? What’s wrong, Marco?」
「Those guys ‘ave come, Nii-chan. Look.」
When I asked that, Marco turned his gaze towards the bathing room’s entrance.
「……Shoot, did I screw up?」
At the end of Marco’s gaze, there were two staff members wearing t-shirts and shorts. The two staff members came in looking like they were doing a patrol.
「You’ll be out if ya fail this time.」
「Heh, it’s fine as long as I don’t fail this time.」
Getting a bit away from the wall, and tightening the towel wrapped around my waist, I placed the fingers of both my hands on the floor, and took the posture of a crouching start.
Probably having never seen this posture before, Marco looked like he couldn’t make a guess as to what I was doing.
Well, that couldn’t be helped.
Even if they compete over battle techniques in this world, there are almost no competitive matches on running speed after all.
It was a posture for the sake of “breaking into a run” that Earth’s mankind had invented in order to compete in that running speed.
*Don* (Bam)
A sound as if a ten ton truck had crashed into something resounded throughout the bathhouse.
Jumping out with the crouching start that utilized the spring power of my whole body, I crashed into the layer of air, and that was the explosion of the moment I pierced right through that.
Like a shell shot out from a cannon, I soared to the air and what spread out before me was……――

「『Sutoppu Za Warudo (Stop the World)』」

A world that had turned gray, and a little girl with new leaf colored hair at the top of the wall with her arms crossed and her body wrapped in a towel.
And then, in the next instant,
Together with a pain that ran through my face, I made a grand fall into the bath that was enough to erect a waterspout.

That day, I received a ban on going in and out of the general public bath-house.


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