Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 147

Here is another chapter. Enjoy.

The Preceding Hero and the Six Arms

「Uwaah……It’s kindaー, pointlessly vast.」
What spread out beyond the sign curtain that I passed through was a whole bunch of half-naked guys that had towels wrapped around their waists, and a number baths of various sizes that made me think that the number of them easily passed twenty.
Among the large ones, I saw that one had a bridge placed in the center of the bath. It was as if it was a pool at a leisure facility. It was disappointing that there wasn’t a waterslide.
「It’s because there are 27 baths putting the large and small ones together.」
Marco boastingly said that.
「When there’s that much, it seems like it isn’t just a few of them that aren’t used.」
「True, there are some on the edge that don’t get many, but even so, there aren’t any that don’t get used at all.」
That’s pretty incredible.
「Now then, let’s wash our bodies already and get in.」
In the manners of this world, it seems that they don’t pour hot water on themselves before entering the bath and enter the bath after properly washing their bodies.
Well, since I did something similar in Japan, it isn’t that much of a problem.
「Come to think of it, is it alright for us to not have bought stuff like soap?」
Soap is widely distributed in modern Japan and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration even if I were to say that there is at least one bar of it in every household, but what if it’s a considerably high-class item in this other world of Reynbrook.
Speaking of that, there was a single bar of soap enough for one night at the inn. It was within reach but they probably know that it isn’t something for frequent use.
「It’s nothing to be surprised about. In here, if it’s something provided here, then you can freely use it.」
Being led by Marco, when we reached the bath ground’s washing area, surprisingly, there was soap placed on every one of the seats.
「Heeh, how generous.」
「Thanks to that, there ain’t any dirty guys among the guys that live in this town. Even the guys at the slum quarters are regular customers, all thanks to the Feudal Lord.」
What came to my mind was the figure of the Feudal Lord that unfolded a war of words with Sylvia.
I thought he was pretty disagreeable, but to the residents that live in this town, he’s a pretty good Feudal Lord.
「At any rate, I sure screwed up. I thought that it wouldn’t be too crowded at this time……」
A lot of adults were gathered at the washing area. Intermittently, spots opened up, but we probably would be able to wash our bodies next to each other.
「Well, since we’re just washing our bodies, I guess we should separate.」
「That’s true. Well then, I’m gonna use the one further back. Nii-chan.」
When he said that, Marco walked to one of the several lined up washing spots that was further down.
「Now then, I guess I should also hurry up and wash my body so I can enter the bath.」
Securing a seat in a spot between two middle-aged Ossans, I twisted the faucet and filled the wash tub with hot water.
When the hot water filled the tub, I lifted up the now heavy tub and poured the hot water on my head.
「っ, fuuu……Ahh, I don’t know how, but I feel good with just this.」
Not having the flexibility to enter a bath since I came to this world, the most I could do was wash my body with a towel drenched in hot water.
Maybe because of that, it’s hard to believe that I’m getting a pleasant sensation from a bath that I haven’t had in so long.
This is happening with just being covered in hot water. I want to hurry up and soak myself up to my shoulders in the bath.
At the time I thought that, nuh, an arm suddenly stretched out from the side.
「Whoops, ‘scuse me for surprisin’ you, kiddo. Sorry, but could you lend me that soap?」
Next to me, a man washing his head with both hands had extended his hand towards me. When I looked at him, there wasn’t many bubbles on his head, so he probably only had a small amount of soap.
「Ahh, sure.」
「Thanks, I’ll be borrowin’ it for a bit, ‘kay?」
While scrubbing his head with both hands, that Ossan grabbed the soap with his opened hand, and bubbled that up.
……Nn? Even though he was washing his head using both hands, why was there an opened hand?
Suddenly thinking of that question, I stole a glance at the neighboring Ossan.
Nothing in particular other than how big and brawny he――……Ah, awawawawah. I, I-I-I-I realized something major!
「What is it? There somethin’ on my face?」
Noticing my gaze, that man looked at me with a puzzled look. But, my gaze fell onto the man’s arms.
「A y-youkai spider man!?」
「Who’s a youkai spider man.」
There were three sets of left and right arms that had clenched fists of anger, for a total of six arms that went *Guwah* and spread out.
That’s right, on this man, there were six arms!
「Eh? Am I wrong?」
「’Course you are, fool! I am Zappa of the Asura Tribe!」[1]
Standing up while having his head covered in bubbles, that man, Zappa named himself as such.
「Asura Tribe?」
Speaking of the Asura Tribe, it seemed that they were a race that had many arms just like their name implies but……To think that they really had several arms……. I thought that he was a type of monster or youkai.
「What, kiddo. This your first time meetin’ someone of the Asura Tribe?」
Pouring the hot water that accumulated in the tub on his head, that Asura Tribesman folded his arms and asked me that sounding amused.
「I apologize for being surprised. I’ve only heard about you all in conversation.」
「Dahahaha! Thought so. We o’ the Asura Tribe are a minority after all!」
Maybe because he found something funny, Zappa guffawed.
The Asura Tribe was a minority where all of the members didn’t even reach a hundred members.
It is said that they immigrate by moving about the mountain areas and never stay in one location.
Maybe because of their small numbers and their nomadic disposition, there are few that know about the Asura Tribe.
Even for me, when I had just come to this world for the first time, I only learned of their name when I was receiving an explanation on Demi-humans.
However, they really have multiple arms……I wonder if they ever screw up which arm to move when they need to.
「Still, kiddo, you’re pretty tempered, ain’t ya.」
This time, the guffawing Zappa scrutinized me.
「Ahー, well, I have trained quite a bit after all.」
「Quite a bit, huh……Hnーn」
His arms folded, Zappa made a pensive look. In that gaze, there was something that looked like he was searching for something.
「……Nn? What’s that?」
Zappa looked like he noticed something and took his gaze off me for a bit.
Turning around so as to chase after where that gaze of his had gone──


Suddenly, an explosive sound resounded in the huge bathing room.
All of the two handed customers of the bathing room were surprised by the explosive sound and looked around. But not finding the cause of the sound, it ended with them tilting their heads and wondering what that was. ……But, only me and Zappa of the Asura Tribe were different.

「……With the Asura Tribe, does it have to become like this until I can’t swing my fist?」
I involuntarily wanted to click my tongue from my fist that had a prickling pain.
「Dahahahah. ……It became like that ‘cause I’m covered in thick skin. Like this, your pretense shows in an instant.」
While grinning, Zappa of the Asura Tribe rubbed his right hand.
The moment I was lured by Zappa’s gaze and showed my back, Zappa’s fist fired at the back of my head.
With it not having any bloodlust, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if not for the wind cutting sound it made.
I promptly repelled that with a back fist.
「I’m Zappa of the Asura Tribe. I had jus’ won my way through the preliminaries held in Galarie a little while ago.」
Zappa held his hand out with a bold smile.
「Kiddo, you’re appearin’ there too, righ’?」
Possessing strong confidence, Zappa said that. Most likely feeling that I was a guy that could fight to a certain extent, and from how I was in this town at a time like this, he probably thought that I was participating in the tournament.
It would be fine to deny it here but……He would probably realize it was me the next time we fought even if I was wearing the 『Darkness Executioner』’s overcoat. In that case,
「……Yuu Yashiro. Since I’ll be concealing my face when fighting in the tournament, it’d really help if you don’t call out my name.」
It would be best to lay the groundwork without delay so that I don’t show my pretenses.
When I gripped back the held out hand, Zappa smiled with a grin.
「Yuuya Shirou, right. I’m lookin’ forward to fightin’ you in the main competition.」
The warrior possessing six arms, Zappa, left behind those words and walked towards the public baths.

「……Haa, now I’m depressed.」
In Zappa’s case, he probably noticed by chance but, at this rate, it looks like all of the participating competitors will notice. I need to be careful.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] The kanji used for Asura was 多腕, and directly translates to multiple arms.


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