Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 144

And here is the sixth and last chapter for today. I hope you enjoyed.

The Preceding Hero and the Refreshing Pretty Boy Morning
「Good morning, Yuu.」
When I opened my eyes from waking up, the smile of a blonde haired, refreshing-type Pretty Boy filled up most of my field of vision.
Just what kind of torture is this.
「Oh my, it seems that your mood isn’t all that great. You’re making an awful face that looks like you bit into something sour, you know?」
「And whose fault is that, whose?」
When I tried to get up, the blonde Pretty Boy took several steps back.
「Just what do you want from me?」
「It’s nothing~, I thought I’d give you a refreshing waking in this refreshing morning.」
The blonde Pretty Boy, Leonhart Clasion said that with a refreshing smile.
But however, I know that there is one other face beneath this smile.
「You liar, there’s definitely something.」
「I seem to be quite distrusted, don’t I.」
「It’s because I’ve suffered terrible damage, you damned criminal.」
That’s right, this man, Leonhart, a knight of Leezelion, was, contrary to his refreshing appearance, a criminal for which anything goes as long as it’s interesting.
「Haha, Yuu, it sure has been a while since I was told that by you.」
「I had hoped that you would have fixed that trait of yours in these three years. ……So? What do you want?」
Having finally awoken from my drowsiness, I put on the 『Darkness Executioner』 coat that was hanging on the coat hanger.
This coat that used a good quality cloth felt good when I wore it. Only if you don’t mind its appearance though.
「How does doing some training with Her Majesty after such a long time sound?」
「With Sylvia?」
When I replied with that question, Leo nodded.
「Since it seems that she didn’t get that much sleep, she has been swinging her sword since early this morning.」
「And so you tell me? Isn’t it fine with you, Leo? In actuality, if it’s for proper fencing, Leo, you’re more skillful, after all.」
「Just as I was thinking about what you were going to say……Yuu, as usual, you really don’t understand a maiden’s mind.」
Although he breathed out a sigh, Leonhart said that sounding like some part of that was amusing.
That, isn’t that something that a normal jerk wouldn’t say?
「Well then, please think about it the other way. Let’s see……If it’s you, Yuu……What would you do if a beautiful woman with a big butt and chest were to come tempting you late at night?」
「No, well, I would think that I want to be together with them until morning but……Is a maiden’s mind something like that?」
「Both men and women don’t differ all that much, especially in regards to love and sexual desire.」
I really would like for you to stop with such acrid talk, like sexual desire. Just so you know, I am still 16 after all. Though that does tend to be forgotten!

「Well, I guess it’s fine since I don’t have anything to do at the moment……Did you say that she was in the garden?」
「Yes. It’s been about ten minutes since she started moving her body. With her body warmed up, she should be in her best state to be moving her body.」
「On one hand, one is in their best condition, and on the other hand, one just woke up. I really think that is too much of a difference.」
「Oya, I didn’t realize that at all.」
Liar, it’s this guy we’re talking about, he obviously came to wake me up right at the time that Sylvia was finishing up.
Well, it’s fine. It’s not like we’re going to do a killing match where a moment’s mistake would invite death. Let’s just have a light exchange of blows.

「Well then, I guess we should go.」

Arranging my equipment, I left the room that I stayed in for the night.

Coming out to the courtyard, what spread out before my eyes was a shocking spectacle that made me involuntarily take a step back.
「Mu? ……Ohh, so it’s Yuu. What are you doing up so early in the morning?」
Sylvia was wearing clothes that looked like a camisole and denim pants which prioritized the ease of movement. And on top of that, she also had gauntlets on both hands.
「No, rather, the question is about what’s up with you……What are you doing?」
「Can you not tell just by looking? I am doing some training with my Imperial Guards.」
In the area surrounding Sylvia, who looked quite indifferent, soldiers wearing armor were collapsed all over the place.
Of course they were alive, but maybe because they were beaten up, the soldiers were groaning.
It’s kind of like, it’s a spectacle that can be described as a picture of hell or pandemonium.

「Now then, all that is left is……Mu? I do not see Leo’s figure anywhere. Even though I said that we would have a bout once I was done……Well, it is fine. Yuu, if you have some spare time, could you accompany me for a bit?」
When she said that, Sylvia pointed the tip of a short sword whose blade wasn’t smashed at me. That facial expression was truly brisk. She didn’t look like an Empress that beat up her own Imperial Guard.
Still, that jerk Leo, I do think that he would do this but he woke me up because he thought it was pain to be Sylvia’s opponent, didn’t he?
「Yeahー, I’m fine with that.」
Since I had intended on mixing in a battle from the start, I made a light nod, and I took out my green and blue, male and female pair of crystal swords.
「Hou, Magic Swords, are they.」
「You can tell?」
I could also tell if an opponent’s specialized weapon was a Magic Sword or not if we were exchange blows. However, I couldn’t see through it with just a single glance.
「I cannot go as far as tell what the contents are but……The technique formula is hedged into it.」
Of course I can’t see it, but I’ve heard that in this world, there are guys that possess eyes that can perceive things that ordinary people can’t see. And Sylvia is probably one of those people.
「It is not a Magic Eye, you know? It is most likely the work of my blood.」
「I see, I can agree with that.」
Sylvia and Alicia, the Leezelion royalty seems to have succeeded Spirit blood. One of the reasons why they are called a magic major power is without a doubt that.
「Now then……It’s been a while since we have exchanged blows but, your skills have not grown dull, correct?」
Sylvia shook the point of the sword and provoked me. I think that me seeing her as enjoying herself is a misunderstanding of mine.
「I was separated from the sword for three years, but ever since I came back here, I was never troubled with looking for a place to swing my sword. Even if it has fallen, I don’t think that it’s gotten that bad.」
「I see……Well then, let us go!」
When she said that, Sylvia performed a Shukuchi while still pointing the tip of the short sword at me.
By using Maryoku to do my move of 『kicking the ground, and shortening the distance with the opponent in a single step』, which I do forcibly with my body’s abilities, making it possible for even ordinary people to do is what 『Shukuchi』 is.
It’s also a tactic that Sylvia thought out for the sake of the fierce fights with the Mazoku.

Using Shukuchi, Sylvia drew near me with a speed that I was just barely able to perceive.
Even when I swung my sword with good timing against that, Sylvia perfectly stopped at an interval where my sword could barely reach her.
「Hou, so this is the interval.」
Sudden acceleration and sudden standstill through the use of 『Shukuchi』. I see, going through my enemies, there wasn’t an opponent that was this troublesome.
「Your specialized weapon shouldn’t have changed either!」
When I took a step in to expand my twin swords’ interval, Sylvia conversely filled in that interval.
*Giin!!* (Metallic clash!!)
My blue treasured sword and her rapier struck each other, and a metallic sound reverberated.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter manga0205. Though I’m frustrated that after all that saying they were going to meet the heroes and find out about the girl that looks like Olivia, they’ve still yet to go after all these chapters you’ve done.


  2. Wow, just in time for christmas.

    As for “Interval”, it’s not an exact fit but it sounds more like “Reach” to me. Reach is an important factor in fights and a glaring weakness of dual swords. Long weapons like spears can attack from outside their reach and the general awkwardness of wielding 2 medium-sized weapons makes it hard to fight “inside” the reach of dual blades, or too close for comfort. Since Sylvia is using a rapier and is focused on mobility, it makes sense that the fight revolves around controlling Yuu’s reach.


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    And as Cryum said, ‘reach’ fits the meaning better than ‘interval’. I think Yuu has a trick up his sleeve with regards the infighting while dual-wielding with those swords, if he has the moment’s peace it takes to join the two swords together, but a double-bladed sword has its own problems with reach and what you can do with the sword, because the grip gets complicated and it becomes hard to exert leverage.


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