I’m Feeling Greedy

So hey, I’ve been thinking about it recently (about a few months after I started translating, which is a little over two years) but I’ve been wanting to make money off of this site. However, I don’t really know how to go about doing it. Does anyone have any ideas?

I have thought about sponsored chapters but I always put off that idea when I don’t regularly update (which is always). So I thought I would pitch the idea to you guys. It might also motivate me to make posts regularly. For that, my idea was one regular chapter a week and then whatever sponsored chapter. But sadly, I can’t translate all that fast.

Also, I am planning on picking up Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi, otherwise known as Road to Kingdom which was originally being translated by larvyde. With how long it is, I was thinking of at least one regular chapter a month, then maybe a high price for another one. Right now, I have finished translating the second part of chapter 22 and I am hoping for a response to a comment I put on larvyde’s site that says that I can. If I don’t hear a response by Christmas, I’m just going to go ahead and post it. It won’t be as good quality as when larvyde did it since I don’t really edit my work or anything (I work on my own as a translator so no editor) but I personally really want to continue on with the story.

So those are my ideas. I don’t really know about how I feel about ads or how you guys feel about them. And I don’t really know what Patreon or whatever is all about. So, if you guys don’t mind, please tell me any ideas that might work for my greedy self.




11 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Greedy

  1. You can put ads on your site, you have a lot of vertical space on both the left and right margin. But not video ads, they will ruin your site.


  2. Go with donations (Since everyone uses ad block ads are of coarse completely pointless. Also I’m sure there are a few bastards who repost your stuff elsewhere), or conciser doing commissioned chapters for other WN series or eromanga (assuming you have the time and interest).


  3. Well if you’re just looking to make as much money as you can patreon is usually your best bet but then make too much money and you get to have all the fun of reporting it on your tax returns and that’s SUPER fun(well this is really an issue with monetization in general but its most likely with patreon). Following that ads are a bit more complicated and the amount of money they make can vary a lot with the more annoying ones such as ad-fly, video ads, and the ones that pop up whenever you click anywhere on the page earning the most but also everyone will hate you for putting them up. I guess paypal donations for sponsored chapters would be kind of a middle ground but as you point out your irregular release schedule makes that kind of weird.


  4. Rather than sponsored chapters, you could also make sponsored primers?
    Running summaries of the story at certain breathing points, checklists that go over every character and what they are doing or how they impact the current political environment. These sort of things get appreciated when you deal with titles that have loads of characters….or just any politics at all in a fantasy world.

    Maybe you could open a commission format for translating the first chapter of a requested title? Give yourself a reason to try something new, and if it turns out you and everyone else likes it, great!


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