Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 135

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The Preceding Hero, the Fist Fighter, and the Empress

Iibsal expressed a smile like that of a lion that discovered its prey.
Compared to that, Sylvia sharpened her eyes and glared at Iibsal.
A cold atmosphere where it was hard to say anything enveloped the vicinity.

「Oi oi, so you’re just gonna keep silent, Sylvia.」
「Hmph. ……I do not have anything to talk with you about.」
「You’re unfriendly as always, aren’t you, Sylvia. Well, that’s what’s so good about you.」

Sylvia turned a sharp gaze at Iibsal who was talking like he had a lot of leeway with her……

Eh, what is this? Why did it turn into such a bloodthirsty atmosphere?

「Same to you……What kind of relationship do you have with Yuu?」

Sylvia asked that while Iibsal and I looked at each other.
When she did, Iibsal crossed his arms, thought for a bit, and then replied.

「A relationship where we exchanged blows once in the middle of town?」
「Are you stupid, Yuu!! Just what are you thinking as you live your life!!」

Owah, for some reason, Sylvia’s face is completely red and she has started shouting. Eh, did I do something bad? No, ……having a fighting disturbance in the middle of town certainly is bad, yeah.

「It, it was something from three years ago, so I’ve already reached the statute of limitations, right?」
「As if it would reach the statute of limitations in just a little under three years! Rather, three years ago? ……Then that would mean that it was during the time I went to Castle Ixion……I’m amazed it didn’t turn into an international problem.」

Sylvia leaked out a deep sigh.
Still, an international problem, isn’t that too big of a scale? No, well, certainly, I did exchange blows in the country of Valanshel with Iibsal who is the country’s fist fighter. But in the end, it was just a fight between two ordinary guys, wasn’t it? Ah, but, three years ago, I had the role of a baggage carrier, didn’t I. Something like the Hero troupe’s baggage carrier brawling with the country’s fist fighter……Ahー, I get it, that’s true. That certainly could’ve turned into an international problem.

「……Sorry, Sylvia.」
「Uh……It, it’s fine. At any rate, it’s something of the past. Reflect on it and capitalize on the experience next time.」
When I apologized, Sylvia forgave me. Manー, thank goodness Leezelion and Valanshel didn’t get into bad situation because of me, thank goodness.

「Still, Yuu and Sylvia, huh……! ……Heh, you should’ve told me about it before if that was the case, Yuu. Listen to this, Sylvia. I was in the middle of bringing this guy who said that he was a fan of yours over to your place, you know?」

Maybe having thought of something, Iibsal smiled with a smirk. I didn’t say that I was a fan.

「Wha……! ……Is, is-is, is that true, Yuu……っ」
「Eh? (I didn’t say a single word about being a fan though) Yeah, Iibsal said that he would let me meet you.」
「Is that……so. ……You, think of me as……~~っ」

Sylvia went bright red up to her ears. Were her lips trembling because she was restraining a smirk?
Ah, she was unable to restrain it and started laughing.
……What is this cute creature.

「I was surprised that you were acquainted with that Sylvia, Yuu.」

Making a sidelong glance at Sylvia who had finally reached the point of hiding her face with both hands and writhing in agony, Iibsal put his arm around my neck and talked to me in whispers.

「No wonder she wouldn’t yield herself to me. She already has someone that she likes.」
「You……So you were trying to seduce even Sylvia.」
「Yeah, it’s because I want as many good women as I like.」
To flirt with the Empress of the major power, Leezelion, is this jerk scared of anything?

「Well, when the other party is a woman with a man, it goes against my creed.」
「Hee, so it’s not like you go and steal another guy’s woman.」
「Makin’ the woman pleased while enjoyin’ their body is my way of doin’ things. ‘Sides, times where the name of some other jerk comes out when we’re doin’ it really makes me wither, ya know?」

The moment I feel admiration for him, this jerk goes and completely destroys it.
Shit, pretty boys should all just go and die, dammit.

「And so, I don’t need Sylvia anymore. Do what ya like.」
「That way of speaking is like you’re her owner.」

He’s a guy that thoroughly keeps himself as the center of everything.

「Still, we’ve lost what we needed to do.」

To begin with, we started moving with the goal of Iibsal making me meet with Sylvia.
However, Sylvia and I were already acquainted, and since Sylvia had appeared without an attendant with her, the objective we had at the beginning had collapsed. ……Nn? No attendant?

「……Wait, Sylvia. Come to think of it, why don’t you have a single guard with you?」
Sylvia was in a top position of a country. It should only be natural that a top position of a country would have an attendant or two accompanying them. Then why was that Sylvia alone in the middle of town?

「Mu, ……That’s right, I forgot. I was about to go and meet with the present day Heroes.」
「Present day? ……You mean Kaito and the others?」

Twintails who I just shook off a little while ago crossed my mind.

「Yes. ……There’s, something that I wanted to ascertain. Since I had some free time, I slipped away.」
「Y, you slipped away!? You, even if it’s only for an instant, you’re a ruler! How could you do something so stupid! Before you go calling people stupid, aren’t you the stupid one!?」
「Muh……Hmph! Even though I came on the right date and time that I was invited for, if I’m shut up in a small building for two days, of course I’ll want to go out.」

Is that really alright, ruler?

「The Hero’s place huh……Ush, I’ll be goin’ along with ya.」

Maybe having thought of something, Iibsal came forward. It’s this guy we’re talking about, so he’ll probably be wanting to have a battle or something like that. I mean, his face is smiling after all.

「I don’t mind but……Yuu, are you coming as well?」
「Me? Why?」
「Don’t you also have some things to talk about?」
「Well, it’s not like I don’t have something but……」

I did meet with the Twintails of the present day Heroes party immediately after coming to this town after all, so I explained to Sylvia about the quarrel that we had.

「You really are……」
「Stop it, don’t look at me with those eyes.」

Together with a grand sigh, Sylvia turned an amazed gaze at me. It, it couldn’t be helped! That Twintails suddenly came attacking me, you know? So of course I would run away at full power.

「……Nn? No, there is a hand we can play, Yuu.」

Seeming like she came up with something, Sylvia smiled with a grin. ……Ahー, it kind of feels like I’m getting one of those bad feelings I haven’t gotten in a while?

「If I remember correctly, the Darkness Executioner……was it? If you wear those clothes, then wouldn’t you be able to hide your face? Nn?」


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