Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 134

And here is the ninth chapter. This is all that I’ve got for right now. Enjoy.

The Empire’s Empress and Marco the Hurricane

There’s no mistake. There’s no way to be mistaken.
She was wearing clothes that were casual wear and not a dress or a helmet and armor, but it was Sylvia.
Emerald eyes that were opened wide in surprise, and silver hair that peeked out from the casquette cap.

And then, above all──

「Y, Yuu!? Wh, why are you in a place like this……っ, no, to think that you would raise a hand towards a child……YOU!」
「Wa, wahーっ! Wait wait wait! A misunderstanding, you’re making a misunderstanding, Sylvia-san!」

This serious anger that feels like she’ll burst into flames, there’s no mistake that she’s Sylvia.
Rather, why did things turn out like this!?

「No excus──っ, ……No, it certainly is hard to believe that you would raise your hand against a child for no reason……」

Phew. For now, it looks like I’ve escaped the entrance of a special move right when we meet.

「However, you’re a guy that would show no mercy to even a woman depending on the circumstances. ……I’ll have you tell me your reason.」

「Oi, baka, stop that, you’re making me sound like the villain.」

「……Despite having performed eccentricities like running around while wearing a woman’s underwear on your face and raising a strange voice, you still say that?」

Sylvia’s scornful eyes turned towards me.

「Guh……That one of those errors made due to youth things, so please pardon me for that.」

「That was something from only three years ago, wasn’t it?」

「But isn’t there the saying of “when young men part for three days, they will view each other in a different light then they meet again”, right?」

「Jeez, you……words of mending just come out in abundance from you, don’t they.」

Getting lured in by Sylvia who smiled while looking amazed, I also loosened my cheeks.
Within that warm atmosphere, there was someone that tore it up.

「……Keh, even though ya caught me, to think ya’d flirt and ignore me, that’s quite some treatment, ain’t it.」

It was the terrible brat that stole my wallet. Crap, I totally forgot about him.

「That face says 「I forgot」, right? Dammit, ta think I was caught by a dull guy like this, Marco the 『Hurricane』-sama sure has fallen to the ground.」

The terrible brat Marco crossed his arms and looked vexed while still in a hanging state.
I unintentionally leaked a sigh from that attitude that was awfully self-important. This truly does feel like the phrase about not showing remorse in spite of being in the wrong really fits here.

「So, you’re called Marco?」

Sylvia bent her knees and leveled her gaze with Marco’s.

「That’s right! I’m Marco. This town’s best pickpocketing master.」

Being looked at by those emerald eyes, Marco named himself sounding shy. Hearing that, Sylvia leaked out a small sigh.

「Pickpocketing……Huh. I see, I finally understand. I apologize, Yuu.」

「Nn, well, don’t worry about it.」

This time, I didn’t get anything done to me by Sylvia after all. Plus, my wallet did come back to me.

「Still, what should I do……Should I hand him over to the military police?」

「Heheh, for me who knows a loophole even if I get caught by a regiment of the military policemen, that’s just pointless, ya know?」

Marco was brimming with confidence. He probably wasn’t caught by a regiment of the military policemen just once or twice.

「……Yuu, the dealing of this boy, could you possibly leave it to me?」


Sylvia took off her casquette cap, and freed her long hair. Bathing in the sun, her hair glistened beautifully.
While making such a charming gesture, Sylvia talked with an awfully serious facial expression.

「Dealing with him……Like having him be a beheading assistant? That’s quite dangerous.」

「Wha, y, your wrong! ……This boy, he does not seem to harbor any feelings of guilt for his conduct of stealing.」

When Sylvia snapped her fingers, Silent Magic was instantly invoked.
Seeming like the terrible brat Marco didn’t hear it, it would seem that she didn’t use the range type but used the type of Silent Magic for use on an individual person.

「Teaching those that don’t feel anything about crime about the crime. That is the duty of someone like me.」

Her emerald eyes that made me feel her strong determination were turned straight towards me.

「……Haa, I got it, Sylvia.」

「Umu. I will show you that I can definitely reform him.」

Slightly raising the corners of her mouth, Sylvia smiled.
Showing a gallant smile that couldn’t be called a smile, Sylvia next turned her gaze towards Marco.

「Marco the 『Hurricane』. I will not send you to the regiment of military policemen……In exchange, would you like to try working for me?」

「You want me, to work under you?」

In response to Sylvia who had suggested that with a gentle smile, Marco asked that while being doubtful.

「Umu. Producing fortune with your own sweat, that is manual labor. And then, the amassed fortune from manual labor, those that steal that from someone uninvolved and then laugh, that is a thief.」

When I put Marco down since he had no signs of running away, Sylvia went onto one knee and took Marco’s hand.

「If the fortune that one desperately worked for and amassed is stolen, people will have anger in their chests. ……Marco, up until now, have you ever pickpocketed, only to get scolded by someone, then have violence exercised on you?」

Being asked that, after thinking about it for a little while, Marco made a small nod.

「That’s only natural. Stealing is a crime where it’s appropriate for a fist to be pointed towards you. ……Marco, a crime is in other words anger. If angered, people will clench their fists……So as to not cause conflict with those clenched fists, punishment is needed, and calmly deciding that punishment is what the law is.」

Gently, but powerfully. To admonish him, Sylvia continued.

「Marco, you’ve escaped the law, and committed crimes. That is conduct where it is only appropriate to bestow punishment. ……However, people have the obligation to live. For people to live, money is needed no matter what. Therefore you committed the crime of stealing. Isn’t that right?」

Marco, his eyes still cast downwards, made a small nod.

「Well then, as for how you obtain money without committing a crime……」

「Work, is that what you mean?」

「That’s right.」

In response to the words that Marco replied with, Sylvia nodded with a whole faced smile.

「Even in working, there are many types of jobs. ……Among them, the job that I would like to request of you, Marco, is that I would like for you to be my guide in this town.」

Sylvia, who was on one knee, stood up.

「This town has a lot of paths, and it’s easy to get lost. I have also had many times where I felt like I was going to get lost. I would like to appoint someone who knows the geography very well.」

「Then, I’ll do it!」

Putting her hand on her waist, Sylvia expressed a dignified smile, and Marco vigorously nodded.

「I see. ……Then, first of all, before your job, could you apologize to this man?」

Sylvia peeked over at me and winked.
Properly forgive him, okay? is what her eyes felt like they were saying.
Even I don’t feel like overturning everything after she had prepared things this far.

「Uhm……I’m really sorry, Nii-chan.」

「……Ou. Don’t do it again, alright?」

In response to Marco who apologized while returning my wallet, I lightly poked Marco’s head and forgave him.

*Pan, pan, pan* (Clap, clap, clap)

The sound of dried hands clapping could be heard from the sky.
No, to be accurate, it was from on top of the roofs.

「And they all lived happily ever after, is that where this story is? But man, you’ve really surprised me.」

It was the redhead, tall statured man, Iibsal. With Sylvia’s entry onto the stage, I completely forgot about him……

「Iibsal!? ……Why, are you……っ」

「I’m here to participate in the tournament.」

In response to Sylvia who looked up and shouted, Iibsal came down with an attitude that had a lot of composure.

「To think that Yuu and Sylvia had a relationship where you knew each other……Just what kind of relationship do you guys have?」

Iibsal’s eyes were gleaming with complete interest.



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  3. Thanks for all the chapters. And i have a lot to say about these chapters
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    2. It maybe just me or Yuu getting more pathetic, he got his wallet stolen, he is a hero right? What if that child is an assassin he would pretty much been wounded. I understand that he is super op but still, letting your guard down like that if pretty bad if u ask me.
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    • I know he has lots of drawbacks but hes only 15 iirc. He doesnt really ooze with responsability after all he gets happy just with his ero mind. You saw why Fiona admonished him. Yuu doesnt want to get serious and has no reason to be tho hes prob gonna be forced.

      Akane is the stereotypical tsundere that id prob rejoice if she died. Id say it was prob done for the comedic value where tsundere jump to conclusions 100% of the time and never regret it. Id bitchslap her if it was me but Yuu just wants his easy life.

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  5. Akane really makes me want to see Yuu in the tournament, and face her, and just bend her on his knee and spank her for half an hour straight.
    And Kaito telling her that she brought it on herself for being a bitch.
    On the other hand I wish Yuu gets to slip away, leaving the ‘New Heroes’ more puzzled. But I think there”s a serious potential for trouble if- they get ‘the story’ about Yuu from the Church. At that point, it’s going to be serious mess-up, because these ‘New Heroes’ would probably take The Church’s assertion that Yuu was a Mazokuist from the beginning… And that’s what leads to fanatics running a crusade to rescue people from themselves especially if they will die from the rescuing.


  6. Thanks for the chapter! So she did notice it was him right away I gotta say she’s so kind hearted I dunno if I would’ve believed Marco though when he said he’d turn a new leaf


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