Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 131

A sixth chapter. Jeez, how many did I pile up? Well, another reunion chapter. Do you guys remember this one? Please enjoy.

The Preceding Hero and the Fistfighter?

「Haa……Haa……Looks like I’ve lost her.」

It’s been about five minutes since I escaped from Twintails.
Having gone considerably far, I caught my breath in a back alleyway.
Maybe because I was impatient, my breathing was rough. It’s been a while since I’ve tasted this washed-out feeling.

「You don’t have any injuries, right?」

「Y, yes……」

I put down Bernadette, who I was carrying. Bernadette, seeming like she had something she was thinking about, made a response and sank into silence.

「Still, to think that I would meet with her again in a place like this……Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t have ran away.」

This matter will probably be told to Kaito. Now that I’ve displayed movements that can’t be cleared up as an art of self-defense, it’s only natural to be looked at with eyes of suspicion.
Even though I ran away so that things would become troublesome, it feels like things became unnecessarily troublesome.

「Should I leave this town? ……No, it’s not like I’m a criminal or anything. There’s no need for me to run away.」

In the worst case, even if it can’t be passed off as an art of self-defense, it’d be fine if they just overlook it. Though I probably won’t be trusted absolutely.

Still……What was that thing about lowering down to a Mazoku that Twintails said all about?
Did that have the meaning of employing Mazoku……Ah, I have Paimon with me, don’t I. Crap, did she see though that?


Come to think of it, Bernadette said something before, didn’t she. ……If I remember correctly, it was Advent, right?

「Yashiro-san, I, now have some business to take care of at the church.」

Having thought of something, Bernadette said that looking like she was going to raise her head.
The church……She must be talking about the place of worship that is the Holy Ulquiorra Church that is said to have one existing in many cities.

「……Is it related to the thing that Twintails said earlier?」

「……For now, it’s nothing. The contents are, something that I cannot talk about, not even conjectures.」

So it’s that, the so-called confidential matters and prohibited facts. In that case, it seems that unreasonably sticking my nose in would instead make things troublesome.

「Alright, I got it. ……Will you be able to make it to the rendezvous point?」

「……I think, it will be impossible.」

「Roger that.」

I lightly tapped Bernadette’s shoulder, who made an apologetic-sounding apology, and then turned around.

「I don’t know what it is but don’t push yourself too hard, okay? ……If something happens, rely on me, got it?」

「Yashiro-san……Yes, I understand!」

Bernadette’s facial expression was filled with heat. It was like she had returned to the usual Bernadette.

「I’ll be the one to tell Kuon. Well then, see ya.」

「Yes, see you later.」

As I said that while turning my back, Bernadette’s words came in response.
And then, in the next moment, Bernadette’s figure disappeared from this back alleyway together with tiny footsteps.

「Now then, with this, I’ve become alone but……」

I’m bored. Way too bored.
I was originally going to kill the time by try out the food at the various restaurants of Galarie together with Bernadette, but now that Bernadette is gone, I need to find something to do.

I guess I’ll just eat for now.

「An eatery, an eatery……Oh, I guess over there is fine.」

When I came out from the back alleyway and walked for a bit, a restaurant that was thriving despite being past lunch time caught my eye.


When I entered the store, the waitresses that were wearing frilly garments simultaneously raised their voices.

「Dear customer, it is currently a bit packed so we cannot prepare a seat for you. You can wait until a seat opens up but, is that alright?」

Maybe because her garments emphasized her chest, the waitress-san that came running towards me had her chest bouncing and shaking.

「Of course. Even if the sun were to go down, I will wait right here.」

「Well then, please wait for a little while!」

I was healed by her whole faced smile and her self-asserting, intense breasts.
Indeed, I am also a man after allー.

When I looked around the inside of the store while thinking such things,

「Become a woman of my great self……If you do, I’ll give you pleasure that you haven’t tasted up until now, ya know?」

「Th, that’s, dear customer……You’re troubling me.」

There was the appearance of some guy putting his hand around the waist of a waitress girl.

……Normally, this is where I would cut into the gap between them, give that bastard well-deserved punishment, and it become a scene where I become popular, but,

「Kuku, although you say that, you’re enjoyin’ this, aren’t chaー……」

「Ahh, that’s……But」

「Your body sure is honest, isn’t it?」


Somehow, the female side didn’t look like she was hating it all that muchー.
She’s making an expression of ecstasy.

「……Nn? What’re you lookin’ at, you shitty brat, this ain’t some show, got itー?」

「Then don’t go doing R-18 stuff out in a public placeー. What’re you, a monkey?」

Having a fight sold to me by the redheaded man, I reflexively returned with an immediate reply.
Dammit, even though I’m a single guy here, this guy goes and seduces a girl right in front of me……!!

「Who’s a mon──Nn? You……」

When the redheaded, darkish skin-colored man took a careful look at me, he suddenly became silent.
Why did this guy suddenly…………Huh? This guy’s face, where have I……If I’m not mistaken, at the southern major power Valanshel──

「You’re Yuu, aren’t you!? It’s been a long while, hasn’t it, you jerk!!」

「Ahh! So it really is you, Iibsal!! It really has been a while!!」

It’s one of my bad friends that I met three years ago when I visited Valanshel.

It was the fistfighter, Iibsal.



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