Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 130

Fifth chapter. Running out of things to say……. Please enjoy.

The Preceding Hero and the Present Day Hero, Akane

I am technically a male high school student, you know.
They say that guys think of nothing but perverted things, but that’s why it’s at the time of being a high school student that the most erotic things are thought of.
I’m at an age where I could fly off and make a delusion of a foolish plan where I’d go on a date with Bernadette who had recently become docile and sometimes shows actions that makes my heart skip a beat, have a meal in a restaurant that has a good atmosphere, and then just like that get a Goal In to a hotel and watch the morning sun together.

And yet, and yet?

「Why you, I told you to wait right there, didn’t I!!」

Why am I being chased by the ferocious Twintails of Kaito’s party!?

「Ya, Yashiro-san!?」

Right now, I’m in the middle of escaping while carrying Bernadette with both arms. While pushing my way through the crowd of people, when I look over my shoulder, the Twintails had a look of anger.
It was probably my bad that I started to promptly escape but she doesn’t have to get that mad, right?

「Sorry Bernadette, we’ll talk later! Please endure it for now!」

「It’s fine, I would like to stay like this forev Gyah!?」

Ah, she bit her tongue. At any rate, right now, I need to make sure that I don’t get caught by that Twintail!


Using the roof of a food cart as a stepping stool, I changed to using the roofs of private houses.
Fufufu, if I run seriously to the point where I don’t even tread on the roof, even if she is in the cheat army……

「You, despite not having any Maryoku, just why can you move like that!」

Uwah, in one breath, she jumped in on it.
Moreover, maybe because I showed jumping power that distanced myself from ordinary people, it went as far as giving her some misgivings.

「However, I can’t allow myself to get caught. See ya later*tsuan*!」

Kicking off my footing with the essentials of Shukuchi, I ran with a speed that would leave sound behind.
It’s a high-speed movement technique that where not even an angered Sylvia could even hope to touch me.
I’ve gotten punishments ever since Silvia became able to use Shukuchi, but I won’t teach Twintails and the others Shukuchi.
I’ve won!
Thinking that, right before my eyes, the figure of a person appeared.

「As if I’d let you escape!!」

Geh, Twintails!!
This rascal. Forget following along with my speed, she went around me!
Not good, I’ve already lost in the spec that was my redeeming feature.
Dammit, even if she is strengthening her physical abilities, to be able to win against me, this girl is a monster!

「Go to sleep!!」

On top of all that, Twintails put Maryoku into her fist and came swinging with that.
Breaking through the speed of sound, the fist drew near while creating a sonic boom.
I kicked that and averted its trajectory.


Twintails opened her eyes wide in surprise.
Seeing an opening, when I tried to pass through the side, this time a sharp kick skimmed close to my head.
Seeing several strands of my hair being cut off, I lightly shuddered.

「Why you little! I would have died just now if that had hit!」

「Why did you avoid that attack!」

Ahー, it somehow looks like Twintails eyes have gone into serious mode.
Would it have been correct of me to just gone with the route of normally talking with her without running?

「You, just what in the world are you……I don’t feel any Maryoku from you, but those movements, you don’t seem like a normal human.」

「It’s a trade secret, I can’t just keep it at that, can I?」

「Not a chance. Depending on the circumstances, I might have to beat you down.」

Pulling out gauntlets out of somewhere, Twintails equipped them onto her arms. So she’s finally armed herself.

「You, you haven’t done something like lowered down a Mazoku, right?」

Twintails’ fist was strongly clenched, and the light of Maryoku overflowed from that fist.

「Lowered down, to a Mazoku?」

「……Going by how you look, it seems that you haven’t. I guess for now, that’s a relief.」

Though she made that sigh, Twintails took her stance. She’s totally up for a fight.

「Advent……Why is it that you know how to do that!?」

Bernadette, who I was holding in my arms, asked that while her voice was quivering.
Hearing that, Twintails’ eyes became sharp.

「It would seem that she knows about it.」

Twintails target shifted from me to Bernadette.
What, what, just what is going on?

「I’ll beat the hell out of you to the point where you won’t die, got it?」

「W, wait! Nowadays, violent heroines aren’t all that well liked, you know!?」

「What kind of nonsense are you spouting out!!」

Twintails opened up her fist, and the converged Maryoku turned towards us.
So she plans on bombarding us with pure Maryoku at point-blank range!
That isn’t a technique that is fine to let loose right in the middle of town, you know!!

「Im, pac──」

「There’s no other way, Ravenbrandddd!!」

「So it’s finally my turn!」

Holding Bernadette with one arm, I drew out and swung the Magic Sword that possessed intelligence.

「っ! ……」

Twintails was now in a state that looked like she was doing a banzai with one hand. A flash was fired from that hand and it created a pillar of light in the sky.
Twintails’ face looked absentminded, and discovering that there was an opening this time for sure, I passed through the side and escaped.


Twintails shouted out something, but it didn’t reach me who ran while surpassing the speed of sound.

Like that, the reunion between me and Twintails ended.

Amagi Kaito was dashing through the town of Galarie. Not through the crowds of people, but as if hopping on the roofs of the buildings.

「Calm down, Kaito! There’s no way that someone as strong as Akane could be defeated!」

The young lady that was summoned together with him from Earth, Sakuya was hot on Kaito’s heels.

「But, if something happened, it will be too late!!」

A little while ago, Kaito’s group felt the Maryoku that was fierce like flames that Akane fired for the sake of battle.

To unleash her Maryoku and fight in the middle of town like this, it wasn’t normal.

「It might be the something that Lililuri-san mentioned……っ!」

What Kaito feared was that. The 『something』 that the 『Witch of Time』 had mentioned.
An event that not even she could obtain an understanding of, if Akane was confronted by that just now……,

「……っ, Kaito, over there!」

「っ!? Akane!」

Reacting to Sakuya’s voice, Kaito discovered Akane who was sitting down on top of a roof.

「……, Kaito?」

Akane raised her face to Kaito’s voice. That face looked like she was dumbfounded by something.

「Akane, what happened!?」


When Kaito asked that, Akane turned her head towards the side.

「Hey Kaito…………That Yashiro guy, what is he.」



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