Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 128

We are now starting on volume 5. Sadly, this has not been published yet so there are no illustrations. I haven’t heard of any announced publishing date for volume 5  but I am also terrible at information gathering. If anyone is able to search that kind of stuff up, I would greatly appreciate it. Well, let’s get started.

Free City Galarie

Just when was that story from.

With feelings that made them feel like tearing up their body in their chest, and their thoughts dyed with anger, something hot flooding out of their eyes.

That story that made one feel like their heart would break.

The words 「I don’t want this anymore」 sighed over and over,

the words 「Don’t screw with me」 were wailed over and over.

Fists struck the ground with the words 「I don’t believe this」,

the words 「Help me」 were cried out while crawling on the ground.


Within the rain, there were two boys.
The therianthropic boy that looked like a young man and had an elegant countenance was stretched out on top of the mud, and the Human boy that still had some childishness left over on his face had his black hair wet from the rain and tears had amassed in those beautiful black eyes that looked like obsidian.

The childish boy slowly stood up.


It was low, and it was said filled to the brim with hatred, enough to make those who heard it believe it was a curse.


The childish boy looked up at the heavens, and glared at the sky.

「You’re telling me to protect things like this……」

With a scoffing-sounding voice, he asked such to something.

「In order to protect something like that……I」

A strongly clenched fist. His nails tore through the skin and blood was overflowing from it.
The self-injury that was done to conceal the heart-rending pain only intensified the childish boy’s anguished expression.

Looking up at that boy, the therianthropic boy smiled.

「……Yuu, what, are you crying for……」

Blood flowed out from his body, and as in proportion to that, strength was leaving him.
Even though the wound was hot as if it were burning, his body steadily became cold.

「!? ……I ain’t, crying……っ」

「……That, bratty part……of you, is something that I hate.」

The therianthropic boy made a small laugh at his personality that used abusive language in a scene like this.

「Even, I……」

「I, see……In that case, this is perfect. ……This is an order from the senior apprentice.」


The childish boy’s body shook. Maybe he felt something from the therianthropic boy’s words.

「……It is fine if you resent someone, or if you hurt someone. However, stop doing nothing. ……No matter how much you hate them, how much you resent them, whether you move forward, or move back……is what you yourself……──」

His temperature rapidly cooled down.
The therianthropic boy showed a smile at the figure of his junior apprentice whose face was disheveled and crying.

(Ahh, ……he was an irritating jerk but……he was a good guy.)

That face, despite having lost his life, smiled in satisfaction.


Flames of hatred burned in the eyes of the childish boy.

「Uooooh! Is that Galarie? As expected of the Metropolis of Water, it’s right in the middle of the ocean!」

It has been about two days since we departed the solitary island that owned a great labyrinth, Nordyord.
The city that we finally reached after getting involved with the pursuing Dragoon unit of some country somewhere had stretched out as if it were floating on top of the ocean.

Large buildings that looked like castles and an ellipse shaped arena, and many small boats floated on the large canals and were carrying people that seemed to be tourists.
“The Metropolis of Water……Now I get it” It had an appearance that made me groan that.

「It seems to be called a city that took decades to build from an originally small island that only had a small village. That large estate there is right in the center of it, and it seems to be this town’s feudal lord, Feudal Lord Zeke Oisast’s estate.」[1]

Bernadette read out loud the text of a pamphlet that she took out.
What was reflected in those eyes probably wasn’t only that vast stock of knowledge but also a report of recommended shops.

「『The Mercenary King』 Zeke Oisast, huh……I wonder if he would have a match me?」

「Although there are rumors that he’s a duel-maniac, that would be a bit unreasonable, don’t ya think?」

Angelica replied with a wry smile to Kuon who was cheerful and making a delighted smile.
The Mercenary King, that is quite the strong second name. Well, since we probably won’t meet with him anyhow, I guess there’s nothing to worry about.

「Come on, men! Prepare to land!」


Turning the propellers downwards, the airship slowly started to descend.


This journey had started from Luxeria, but we’ll be arriving in Galarie which I had made as the objective for the time being.
Together with my curiosity towards the town, I also thought about my future plans after this journey ends.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Name to be read in normal way, not Japanese way where it is read by syllables. Original: ズィーク・オイサースト


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