Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 125

Woohoo! I’ve actually got a “within-a-week” release this time (I think) after who knows how long. This is all I’ve got for you right now. Enjoy.

The Preceding Hero and the Airship

Above the calm ocean that was acting the complete opposite of when we first came here, that thing that looked like a ship was floating in the air.
The reason why I say “looked like” is because although it resembled a ship, there was a huge difference between their silhouettes.
There were propellers of various sizes attached all over the ship, its mast was short when compared to the ones on a boat, and then, as if it were tied together with that mast, there was something like a long and narrow balloon adhered to it……It had that kind of weird shape.

「This is our ship, 『The Black Rose』!」

I’m sorry to Angelica who had spread out both hands and introduced it with pride, but my consciousness was focused on the airship that had a silhouette that I had never seen before.

「What is……this……That balloon and those the propellers that you went and put right there……It can’t be, you made an airship with such an original method……っ!」

「Uwah……You’re making an extremely delighted looking face, Yashiro-san.」

「I have no idea what is so good about it.」

I honestly can’t hear what Bernadette and Fiona are saying.

Uwah! Uwaaah! Amazing, this thing is just amazing! Isn’t this an extremely rational build compared to the airship until now that floated due to wind-propertied stones that were similar to Magic Stones?
The airships up until now were able to float from the wind produced by the wind stone which is sent from sail to sail and is received by the wings that were placed on it.
Opposed to that, this new airship floats with the thing that looks like a balloon, and only moves the large propellers that are affixed to both flanks of the ship to change its course.

「It looks like you’ve taken a liking to it.」

「Yeah. Enough to make me want to try disassembling it from A to Z.」

「D, don’t, okay?」

Tsk, I guess it really was impossible.

「Hey, hey, Angelica, hurry up and show us what it’s like on board.」

「Fufun, so it’s only at times like this that ya act like a brat appropriate for yer age. Well then, let’s start the “Hero”-sama troupe’s on-board tour.」

Angelica was boldly smiling, but she slipped on the gangway that led up to the deck and fell into the ocean.

「Hou, so this is……I see, so the Magic Stone doesn’t only work as the propellers’ power but also takes the wind stone’s role.」

「You really know yer stuff, don’t cha, Black Hair.」

「I only know it well if we’re just talking about it. As for how to moves exactly is……No, what is this……Gears? ……So that’s it, increasing the rotation to the Magic Stone……」

「Nee-san only gave the ok for looking at it, you know? Ya can’t go disassembling it, got it?」

「I know that.」

While Yuu, the tall and lanky guy and the shorty were doing an airship lecture, Bernadette and the others, the female group, surrounded a round table in the captain’s cabin and were having a frank tea time.

「These are tea leaves that don’t have a very good aroma.」

「I suppose this is where one would say that this is somewhat better than muddy water.」

「Why do you serve black tea even though you’re a pirate?」

「She probably wants to put on airs even though she doesn’t have a fragment of elegance.」

「You girls really are detestable guests.」

When she placed down the cups while giving a strained smile from being judged by all of them, Angelica sat down in a chair, looked around at the four of them, and breathed a sigh.

「I wonder if Black Hair……No, if Hero-sama wants to build a harem or something.」

Both Bernadette and Fiona choked from the words that Angelica muttered while sounding amazed.

「Wh, what do you mean by a harem!」

「Having a flower in both hands, no, a flower in all four directions. Isn’t it only natural to have suspicions of that?」

Angelica gave a grin and answered Bernadette who stood up with her face all red.

「……Why am I counted in as well?」

「Oya, was I wrong?」

With a facial expression that seemed like she was surprised from the bottom of her heart, but looked like she was resisting her want to let her mouth loosen up and smile, Angelica sipped her black tea.

「Wait……Why do you know that Yashiro-san is the Hero……」

「Kiki, Master had said it, had he not. That he manifested that appearance when he had confronted me, and that he had kicked about the apostle that appeared. Kikiki, that certainly was a sight to see, for the apostle to be treated like a nobody.」

Saying “that’s right”, Bernadette sat down while looking like she was greatly perplexed.

「By harem, am I also included?」

「Kiki, it is my master we are talking about. It is enough to keep your fidelity to him.」

「I see, then that means I’m his lover-cum-disciple.」

「L, lover is just too graphic.」

While Bernadette and the others were talking, Fiona sipped a mouthful of black tea, and when she drank it down, she left Angelica out and turned her gaze at the other three.

「Just how far do you girls plan on going along with Yuu?」

The boisterous three instantly became quiet from Fiona’s one line.

「That’s……What do you mean by that?」

「……I’m sure that Yuu will continue traveling even after this. A journey to anywhere, with no determined end.」

Putting in a moments pause, Fiona continued.

「It will be harsh to go along with that. ……Beside Yuu, “she” is still there.」

Strength filled up in Bernadette’s hands.

「That’s why, you girls will have to decide where the end will be yourselves. ……I’ll ask you once again, got it? How far will you go along with him?」

Fiona’s sharp, strongly shining eyes seized the three.

「……I will become strong. I want to become even stronger by following Yashiro-aniki.」

The first one to answer was Kuon.
Holding the black katana 『Kurogane』 that was sheathed in its scabbard as if she were embracing it and putting one foot on her chair, Kuon looked up at the ceiling of the room.

「Hearing of Aniki’s legends of bravery, I thought of wanting to become stronger.」

Being the strongest and unrivaled. The heroic tale of a boy that mowed down the enemies that stood in his way, and simply ran through his own path in earnest.

「I don’t know how far I’ll be able to go. But, I want to try going as far as I can.」

As if confirming it with herself, Kuon muttered that, and nodded.

「I will go until the Maryoku I lost is recovered, I suppose. And then, after that, I shall take the world.」

While crunching on one of the cookies that was placed on the table with her back teeth, Paimon smiled.


Eyes that had kept a strong will hidden in them, turned towards Fiona.


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  1. “I…..will leave after getting Yuu serious about finishing his task”
    Don’t let it be so!!!
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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I know the feeling Yuu. If I see some interesting machinery I would want to disassemble it to see how it works. Nearly electrocuted my self and actually caused a black out because of it once when I was younger.


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