Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 118

Here is the chapter that stumped me. In the end, I still couldn’t figure it out. If someone could, please help out this incompetent fool. Thank you.

Preceding Hero, Rush the Enemy

Sea King Dragon Leviathan.

It’s a dragon possessing a long body like that of a snake, and it is also a magic dragon possessing the power to manipulate even the weather. In port cities, it is also treated like a Namahage where people say 「Bad children that don’t do what they’re told, the Leviathan will come and eat them.」

「For argument’s sake, let’s say that it is a Leviathan……Why is such a monster within the depths of a labyrinth like this?」

Having been informed by the port city-raised Kuon and having heard the legend of the Leviathan, I involuntarily breathed a sigh.

「Originally, our opponent should have been several Slime Golems. Since that’s the case……This is clearly the work of that Vampire.」

Opening the walkthrough book, Fiona similarly sighed.
Slime Golems are, just as the name suggests, magical puppets where water that became a gel-like substance took on a human shape.
Compared to the types of Golems made with materials like rocks, the abilities of each one is low, but since they always exist with several of them being there, they specialize not in fighting as an individual but in fighting as a group.
Several Slime Golems and a court rank holding Magic Dragon……Clearly the latter was a more formidable enemy.

「Since she said that she led an army of two hundred, couldn’t it be a subordinate of that Vampire?」

「Then that would mean that Vampire is at Duke-class. For such a monster to be in a place like this, I really want to be given a break……」

If that Vampire Paimon really is at Duke-class, I’ll have no choice but to use the Sacred Sword with no arguments about it.
But I just can’t help but think that Vampire isn’t that strong.

「Oi oi, right now, instead of the Vampire, it’s about the Leviathan, right? Hey, Black Hair, you can win against it, right?」

In response to Angelica’s question that tried to confirm things, I nodded.
Although it’s called a Marquis, its true strength could go from the best of them to the worst of them, and even if it were strong, it wouldn’t reach Duke-class. If it isn’t Duke-class, then it’s possible to deal with it.

「Then we only have to continue on. Come on, let’s go!」

「「Aye, Captain.」」

Angelica’s followers, the shorty and the tall lanky guy, started walking in succession with Angelica.
Getting cocky like that with the thought that other people will be fighting……Still, I guess it’s true that we can’t advance if we only worry about things.

「Kuon and I will act as the vanguard. Bernadette and Fiona will be the rear guard. Let’s go with this.」

Kuon, Bernadette, and Fiona, the three of them nodded in agreement.

「『So you’ve come, children of man.』」

The labyrinth’s 30th underground floor, in the Lake Bottom Historic Ruin’s boss room, that guy was there. It was the gigantic Magic Dragon that possessed a long body like that of a snake, Leviathan.
The water surrounding the Leviathan was surging, becoming waterspouts and drifting about.
Angelica and the rest of the Three Stooges had already moved behind us due to the dense killing intent that was being released from the Magic Dragon.

「This guy……so it’s the Alexelia Language.」

Having had experience with the words that the Magic Dragon gave out, I recalled that they were of the old grammar magic language.

「Spirit language (Alexelia)? Yashiro-san, you’re able to handle Spirit language?」

「Pretty much.」

Lightly nodding to Bernadette, I exchanged looks with Fiona.

「……『Marquis-class Leviathan. If there is a reason for your enmity against us, we would like to hear it beforehand.』」

Nodding at me, Fiona asked that of the Magic Dragon in fluent Alexelian.

「『What my master desires is the extinction of the lineage of the miko……I cannot say any more than that.』」

The Leviathan honestly answered the question. I see, it looks like it’s a Mazoku of the older generation.
Among the living Mazokus from the ancient era, many of them are lordly, and some of them surprisingly can be reasoned with despite them being hostile.
Among the Six Blade Generals, Tonitrus was the eldest, wasn’t he?
The youngest is their Wintos, or if reincarnation is included, it would be Agniera who immediately reincarnates every time she dies.

And then, with this just now, we learned that that Vampire had placed this Leviathan as her subordinate.

「『Do not resist too much, children of man.』」

And then, together with enough bloodlust to feel like it was oozing out, water was fired out from the Leviathan’s mouth with a speed that surpassed the speed of sound.

The Breath attack that was the special move of dragons. That which the water attributed Leviathan fired is something that should be called a laser of water and specializes in its penetrating power. The water was compressed and fired to a level where if something like the human body were to be hit, forget being pierced through, it would burst and scatter with nothing remaining.

Such a thing,

「――Hear my wish and grant it, o spirits of the gales (Dima, yolge tur, win elementia)……『Wind Wall』!」[1]

it was dispersed by the barrier of wind that Fiona put up.

「You two, here we go!」

*Jyaki* Her Magic Gun at the ready, Bernadette shouted. Having drawn our Magic Sword and short sword as if in response to her, she shot body strengthening magic bullets at me and Kuon.

「Let’s go, Kuon.」

「Leave it to me, Aniki!」

At almost the same time that I started running, Kuon broke out into a run while holding her short sword with a reverse grip and while keeping her posture low.
When we did, the water that covered our footing boiled up and a spear of water came swooping down on both me and Kuon.


A gunshot ruled the inside of the room, and in the next instant, the spear of water scattered.

Bernadette was providing covering fire through her Magic Gun.

Bernadette was set up not with her pistol-type guns, but with a sniper-type gun. This was the reason why Bernadette was made to be the rear guard this time.
The plan was to have Bernadette shoot down all of the attacks that were meant to stop us in our tracks.

「Here we go, Raven!」


Unfastening the scabbards latch and unsheathing the Magic Sword, I jumped up.

「『That sword is……っ!!』」

「Heheh, looks like it was true.」

At the moment I drew Ravenbrand, the Leviathan was surprised, and then it laid its hatred bare.
Having understood that what the Magic Sword had said was true, while in the middle of my jump, I pointed the tip of the sword towards the Magic Dragon while balling up my body.

「『The Magic Sword that left a scar on mine self……I shall crunch you up whole!!』」

The gigantic mouth that looked like it could easily crunch a single house opened up.
The fangs that were lined up and closely packed at the top and bottom were sharp, and gave the impression of being sharks’ teeth. Naturally, it was the Leviathan’s complete victory in terms of brutality.

「Clench, your teeth, got it?」

Suddenly, a penetratingly cold voice reached my ear, and next,

*Gouu!!* (Thunderous roar)

“Something” vigorously collided with my body.

「Gagii, u, guh, oOOOHH!!」

The bones in my body broke from the impact of being hit, and I was “blown away” towards the Leviathan.
The impact that was hard enough to make me think that I was hit by a truck or something was the wind magic that Fiona fired. Because I received that shell of wind at point-blank range, I was blown away.

Of course,

「I’ve got youuuuu!!」

It was all just as planned.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] This part really kicked my butt and held me up for so long. After a month, I decided to give up. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it. This is how the translated part was to be read: ディマ, ヨルゲ・トゥール. If it helps, here is how it would be read normally: 私の願い, 聞き届け賜え.


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  1. “Listen to my wish, acknowledge it and grant it!” (?) whelp, yours are way much better after I reread your translation,
    wait a minute don’t say you’re confused on the ディマ, ヨルゲ・トゥール which I assume as a randomly made language by the author? Wasn’t that supposedly gibberish so as it is as long as it sounds similar with the Japanese reading any transliteration will be fine? O.o Unless the author decided on official Romaji version…


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