Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 116

And a third chapter. Yay. A little bit faster than one chapter a week. Unless I missed a chapter before, then I’m back on track. Unless I missed more than one before, then I am still behind. Whatever the case, this is the third chapter for today. And this is all I’ve got for now. Enjoy.

The Preceding Hero’s Fear
「That’s why, I won’t forgive you. Just as you won’t forgive me, I also won’t forgive you.」

Bernadette turned a sharp gaze towards Fiona as if to say that she was returning the favor for being glared at before.

「Ignoring Yashiro-san’s feelings, and telling him to continue fighting, I won’t forgive you.」

「It’s not like I have any thoughts of wanting to be forgiven. 」

Fiona replied to Bernadette’s words sounding uninterested.

「I understand your reason for traveling with Yuu, and your feelings. But, ……in the end, Yuu is just running away. From his fate, from his mission……From Olivia, he is just running away.」

Bernadette could only keep her mouth silent to Fiona’s seemingly sad face as she said that.

「Yuu is scared. Of living as the Hero again, and being betrayed by people. Of reaching the point of hating and detesting people again. And then, of facing Olivia.」

「Why, didn’t you save us?」

In a certain village that they stopped by in the middle of their journey.
That place, before the party that Yuu and Olivia started could help them, was ruined by a group of monsters. The sole surviving little girl turned her dark, sluggish eyes at Yuu, and

「……Unforgivable. Unforgivable unforgivable unforgivable unforgivable unforgivable unforgivable unforgivable unforgivable unforgivable. Both Hero-sama and Saint-sama, even though you said that you would protect us. Unforgivable unforgivable unforgivable.」

The little girl had her heart broken, and committed suicide as she spat out curses.
Yuu resented the monsters, and continued the journey while being frightened by the little girl’s curses.

There was a village that persecuted demi-humans like Elves and Dwarves.
The villagers treated demi-humans as if they were slaves, exploited them, and furthermore ostracized them.
The party resented them, but because it was the village’s law, the villagers stopped thinking about it and continued persecuting them.
Seeing the demi-humans that had bruises all over their bodies and that looked at them with eyes that seemed to fear them, Yuu felt anger towards the villagers.

There was a feudal lord that placed a heavy tax on his citizens and filled his pockets by taking advantage of his position.
Yuu saw a too skinny, starving child that was younger than him crouching on the roadside.
Sylvia and the others were riled up and went up against the country, but there was no choice but to give up.

Together with a sense of helplessness, Yuu came to possess hatred against aristocrats that imposed tyrannical rule.

A comrade that he had traveled together with him, Zephyr, had betrayed him.
Because of the Magician that desired power simply due to greed, an unhealable injury was left on Olivia’s back.

Yuu came to possess suspicion against even his comrades.

There was a village that tricked the party.
They had been threatened by Mazoku, but to protect themselves more than anything, they sold out Yuu’s group that was fighting for the sake of the people to the Mazoku.
After having climbed over the trap while losing some precious comrades in the fight, when he saw the people quickly change their attitudes and come obsequious with them, Yuu became unable to figure out the meaning of his own existence.

「Is there really superiority or inferiority between fellow living beings?」

Seeing the religious organization turn demi-humans and heretics into slaves, Yuu muttered that.

「What, am I fighting for?」

It wasn’t because he wanted to receive gratitude. It wasn’t because he wanted to sell favors.
But, it wasn’t like he wanted to be betrayed.
Having his heart, his feelings betrayed, Yuu muttered that while in tears.

「Is there, any value in being saved to a person?」

Gloomily muddying his black eyes just like that little girl, Yuu muttered that with a cracked voice.

The one who saved that Yuu, ……the heart of that Yuu whose heart was broken, who had accumulated only hatred for people, who was about to become the second Demon Lord, the one who saved him was Olivia.
By simply holding him tight, caressing his head, being beside him, Olivia continued to turn a gentle smile towards Yuu.
That was all. Nothing more than that.

However, to the Yuu of that time, that warmth was what he wanted more than anything else.

There are times where people would hurt other people. Where they would make each other suffer.
However, in the same way as that, no, even more than that, people were able to heal other people.

Having come to understand that, Yuu decided to bet on the hearts of people.

If it were the people that possessed this warmth, the world should change in a good direction.

Yuu roused himself, and fought with the Demon Lord for the sake of the people’s future. All while knowing that beyond that, his own future would be gone.

But at the end of that, Yuu lost the one that taught him about the warmth of people, Olivia.
Guessing Yuu’s true feelings as he staked his own future for the sake of the people’s future and planned for mutual destruction with the Demon Lord, Olivia became an existence that was only a soul, entrapped the Demon Lord, and produced Yuu’s future.

「……So I’m running away, huh.」

Yuu muttered that in a small voice. It was because in the middle of his snoring and sleeping in the same tent as the shorty and the tall lanky person that were Angelica’s subordinates, he heard the voices of Fiona and Bernadette who were on watch.

「……I’m the worst, aren’t I.」

It was at times like this that he came to hate his own inhuman physical abilities.

……And then, hearing Bernadette’s feelings, he came to hate himself.
He knew about Bernadette’s feelings.
He didn’t know the reason why he was liked. But, Yuu had noticed the awakening of love that Bernadette had towards him.
Upon noticing it, he pretended to not have perceived it.
It was because he felt that he would probably not be able to fall in love with any woman besides Olivia.
Right now, even after learning that Bernadette’s feelings weren’t his own false impressions, he wasn’t welling up with happiness.

Ahh, so it really was like that.

Thinking that, it was enough for him to feel disgust at how cold he was to it.

And then, there was Fiona’s words.

Running away.

……That was exactly it.

He was running away. Yuu was, running away from everything.
From the world, from his comrades……From Olivia.
The truth was that he needed to properly face them all.

And yet, he was running away.

Because he was scared.

Of having that feeling once more……That feeling of starting to hate people.
That feeling of, becoming unable to trust his comrades.

And then……if at the time he became like that again, would he properly return to how he was.
Olivia who had saved him at that time was no longer there.
She became only a soul, and confined the Demon Lord.

As long as Olivia wasn’t there, there was no next time. Next time, wouldn’t he himself change into the Demon Lord?
He was apprehended by such a fear.



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  2. Heh. Fiona, you are hypocrite. Yuu is running away? What about you yourself? You RAN AWAY from pain with blaming someone. You said,”I don’t expect to be forgiven.” And because you don’t expect to be forgiven, you want to enforce your ideal to him? I know it’s painful to lost your friend, but it doesn’t mean you could be bitter to another. It’s just utterly hideously moronic.

    No it’s just my opinion. Don’t be angry about my comment.

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      • Yeah, i understand that. But the way she said he is running away…. I want to say “WTF!?”. An irony when you love someone but despise them. OK, you are in pain, but it doesn’t mean you can project your pain to other, when you know the other is on pain, more than her.

        And doesn’t she know Hero isn’t from that world, but summoned by kingdom? In other way, HE DOESN’T NEED TO SAVE THIS WORLD IN COST OF HIS LIFE. Simple, he just summoned without his willingness. Run away? YES, HE IS RUNNING AWAY BECAUSE HE IS IN MORE PAIN BECAUSE YOUR FRICKIN’ WORLD!! I won’t justify his attitude, but won’t her think a bit about his heart? She doesn’t even save him when he need her the most.

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      • if you read Ultimate anti-hero, possibly you dislike every girls except his disciple lol, after all homura complete opposite of Yuu. even he betrayed or so he never despise Humanity itself and the girls basically like this, they love him but same time hate him for hold the burden by his back alone.


    • Fiona is complete shit. Yuu has sacrificed so much for this world even though he has no obligation to. So what if he’s running away from his problems? If he wasn’t accidentally summoned, I think that’s actually the healthiest thing he could do. Even now I think it’s a perfectly fine choice to make. I think he will have to stop sometime, now that he was summoned, but only when he’s ready. The world owes him that and only someone as hypocritical as Fiona would be angry at him for that.


      • Because there is the posibility that he actually wasn’t an accident at all, and more over, his school mates where the actual accident.
        it is heavily strange than that “random” summon accidentaly summoned the former hero, in fact maybe the summon worked as a pinpoint to the former summon target and just do an area summon trying to get the hero.
        Also Yuu would need to make a decision for himself and the others that would be awful to him or awful to them bear the burden himself will surely make him the next demon lord, and refuse to continue would sacrifice anything who would need of him which will turn out in the same output.
        in short he is fucked whatever he choose, so the actual ideal would have been make appear that he wasn´t there but his values doesnt let him do so.

        Fiona indeed is doing the same that he is doing but she make it clear that for herself if she has to choose she would choose him diying over her world which is extremely cruel but it isnt wromg either.


      • Jonathan Ballesteros Even if by some chance that’s true, that still doesn’t excuse Fiona for getting on Yuu’s case because of that. It’s true that Olivia is her friend, and adores her greatly, but doesn’t mean that she should ignore how Yuu is feeling and think that it’s inconsequential. She should’ve realize how greatly the events greatly affect him mentally (it sounds like she does, just doesn’t care). It seems that only a few other people haven’t gotten on Yuu’s case because of it. How does she expect Yuu to do what’s expected of him if no one is willing to heal the ‘wounds’ that he has; and it doesn’t help that she just agitating the wound, not helping to heal it. It also just basically admitting that you summoned the kid to be sacrificed, not caring about his circumstances or his feeling and not caring about the time you spent with him; nor did you try to lessen the blow when the actual event happens. It seemed the only one that tried to do it was Olivia. At the moment, it seems that Yuu’s current party is the one doing the ‘healing’, which just makes her and a few others look bad. The only thing I can say is that if the worst does happen, and that Yuu does ends up sacrificing himself, then she better not either think of Yuu as a friend, nor should she visits his grave if that happens; because she lost that right to such things with her actions.


  3. Just become the demon lord and use Olivia to seal your soul.
    The former demon lord kill the human, and MC get to be with Olivia. Forever and ever.
    Happy ending, right?
    Thanks for the chapter.


    • ironically if Yuu become demon Lord there possibility Demon lord become Hero since in the world system Demon lord and hero there for counterbalance, after all the reason Demon Lord can’t be killed because Human negative emotion and the only way to kill him is mutual destruction with Yuu/holy sword


    • Well didn’t the mazokus are the manifestation of human’s evil emotions and intentions. The humans should be the one to blame for that and just let them be destroyed. I wonder when will Yuu decide to kill that fcking Cardinal.


    • hence olivia sealed the demon king, she knows that even if demon king disappear, he would re-form again soon seeing those foolish humans do bad things. at this point we’re glad that satou and others have lots of ‘companion’ to heal his heart and have clear goal for better world, maybe demon king was once hero too, just without the insta respawn sword. and i have a feeling that the female hero liked MC too


  4. Thanks for the chapters. I just finished deemo and now this? Where’s my tissues? Anyway the thought of Brenadette healing his broken heart in the future is unrealistic, it’s like throwing all the emotions and human nature away to go for the romance.


  5. OMG dat feels…
    this novel, isekai mahou, and ultimate antihero basically showing us how this so called suck creature called ‘human’ has fallen so low from what is meant to be human…
    i firmly believe that devil/demon is just evil personification created by human itself, so yeah human really really could fallen so low far worse that you couls ever imagine…


  6. Shouldn’t Fiona realize Yuu, 3 years prior was only 13 years old and now 16? With that kind of burden and hardships of reality of course a 13 year old’s mind and heart would break. Of course he will want to run away but in the end he did fight the demon lord. It was Olivia who sacrificed her soul so that Yuu’s could grow and not die as he intended.


  7. It sure is suck to be a summoned hero. It’s the best if you just throw away the world and protect those you care about. Being an “evil” person isn’t that bad after all


    • Oh damn, i posted before finnishing, oh wel where was i?
      Are you well?
      it has been 2 months since your last update, do you have a great summer break?
      Thank you for the hard work you’vedone so far, and enjoy the rest of your summer break
      greetings from a nutcase from the netherlands


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