Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 114

Hey guys. Surprise! I have an update, and it hasn’t been a month! Haa… Now if only I could get back to making a weekly release. Well, this time it was two weeks. So pretty close. Well anyway, enjoy.

Concerning the Girls

What kind of person was Bernadette to Yashiro Yuu?
In response to that question, Bernadette replied without pause.

「His ally.」

Since the time she knew of his past in Be Io, Bernadette swore that she would be Yuu’s ally. (Though that didn’t mean that she allowed perverted behavior)

When Bernadette replied with that, Fiona lightly waved her finger like a staff and invoked Silent Magic. The surrounding sounds vanished, and only the breathing sounds of both Fiona and Bernadette resounded in the world.

「……You know of Yuu’s true identity, don’t you?」

「The Hero that saved the world together with Saint-sama and the others three years ago……correct?」

「Yes, that’s right. ……You, you should be a believer of the religious organization, right?」

It was a natural question. It was because the Holy Ulquiorra Religious Organization that Bernadette belonged to said that Yuu who was the preceding Hero had let the Saint die without trying to help her and treated him as the enemy of God.

「Yes. I am a nun that serves the God Ulquiorra who is our Father.」

The moment she said that, Bernadette felt an anger that was similar to bloodlust swelling up from Fiona.

「……Then why are you Yuu’s ally. At the very least, right now, shouldn’t the religious organization Yuu’s enemy? Even I, someone who is disinterested in the world, know that. A deed that returns evil for good……That’s the way Humans do things, isn’t it? ……It makes me sick.」

From those words of the quietly and disinterestedly speaking Fiona, biting words could clearly be felt. They didn’t even try to hide her irritation.

「……I also, intended on assassinating Yashiro-san at the beginning. The evil that let Saint-sama die without trying to help……Because that was the image of the Hero that the current religious organization set forth.」

「……Then why.」

「I heard about what happened to Saint-sama……No, to Olivia-san.」


Fiona grandly opened her eyes wide open. Her mouth opened, and it was a facial expression that showed she was surprised from the bottom of her heart. No, of course that would surprise her. That Yuu had talked about that much.

「I learned that Yashiro-san was not the enemy of God. That is why, I am Yashiro-san’s ally.」

Fiona bit her lip from that straightforward gaze that was pointed towards her.

「Is this……a scene of carnage?」

「Probably, I think that it is……」

「Because of magic, we can’t hear them at all.」

Maybe because she didn’t want us to hear, Fiona suddenly put up Silent. I could tell that it was a dangerous atmosphere, but I had no idea about what they were talking about.

「Yashiro-aniki, can’t you use lip reading?」

「I can do it if I tried but it’s impossible.」

「You can but it’s impossible? Is that some kind of riddle?」

「When I look at girls’ lips, I get horny.」

「You seriously are so……By the way, what about men?」

「Why the hell do I have to do so depressing like staring at a guy’s lips. Refused, I refuse.」

「You really are out there, as expected of you, Yashiro-aniki.」

As we made that small talk, we felt a sensation like fog was clearing up. It seems that the Silent Magic was undone.

「……I can’t stomach it.」

Those were the first words of Fiona, who had undone the Silent Magic, and those words seemed to make the gloomy atmosphere even more heavy.

「What do you mean by can’t stomach it……」

「Both you……And Yuu.」

Together with those words that looked like they were spit out, Fiona glared at me and Bernadette. ……Somehow, she was looking strange.

「Oi oi, Fiona, just what――」

「Shut up!!」

Surprised by those eyes that had hostility in them and, above all else, by the fact that the Fiona that would never do something that would raise her voice had shouted, I stopped the hand I had extended out.

「Disappearing as you pleased! Coming back as you pleased!! Turning your eyes away from the mission! Living in peace all for yourself! ……Getting a new woman and frivolously laughing, even though Olivia had died!! ………You aren’t the Yuu that I once knew!!」

I was glared at as if she were looking at her parents’ hated enemy by a companion that I had once traveled with.

While being an Elf that was called a person of the forest and was famous for her misanthropy, she was a heroic figure that had become the Imperial Court Mage of the Human country 『Leezelion』.
Although Fiona herself hated Humans, she was soft only on the Imperial Princess Sisters, Olivia, Sylvia, and Alicia, and even in the journey to subjugate the Demon Lord, she would be worried about Olivia and Sylvia.
She and the three sisters, they had known each other since Olivia and the girls were born, and Sylvia stated that she was 「Like a mother, like a sister, and like a close friend」 to them.
Fiona was the only one that called them with the pet name of the Three Sisters. (Fiona wouldn’t allow anyone else to)

Because Fiona was like that, she probably couldn’t forgive me who looked like I had forgotten about Olivia and went on a journey.


Although she may be a former companion, there is a place that she shouldn’t touch.

「Olivia isn’t dead. Don’t go making that mistake, Fiona.」



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