Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 113

Here is the last chapter for today, a sixth chapter. Let’s just say this is the new record so that I can forget about it again. But man, you just gotta love that Yuu and his pervertedness. Oh, and this chapter has a picture. Enjoy.

The Preceding Hero and the Swimsuit Episode?

To begin with, the human being called Yashiro Yuu was enough of a pervert that you could put 『Super』 in front of the word pervert.
The disaster that occurred three years ago. Starting with the 『Tiny Breast Panties Mask』 incident, he was a front line class pervert that caused various perverted acts and incidents.

That was how Yashiro Yuu was, but recently, it could be seen that those perverted impulses were clouded out. No, certainly, he did have times where he would get stimulated from seeing things like Bernadette’s thighs or women’s breasts.
But such things were extremely normal for men of this age. It was not something to criticize him over.

Then why was it that right now, Yuu’s sexual perversions were held down. ……That is definitely due to the trail of recent events.
Umbra at the Magic Academy Lizwadia, Zephyr at the Port City Be Io……The connections with his past, they had probably made Yuu be serious.

……Now then, Yuu was originally perverted enough to put super in front of pervert. Such a guy was made to restraint his sexual desires due to the recent serious incidents.
If a group of beautiful girls wearing swimsuits were to appear in front of such a guy……

「UOOOOOHHH!! Let me rub you, let me lick you, and then let me sniff yooooouuuu!!」
「I didn’t think that you would fall this far.」

It was probably inevitable that he would run wild.

「Um, really, I’m sorry. No, well, it was just sudden impulse and, such a, something like not seeing everyone as anything but an outlet for my sexual desires, it was totally not something like that.
It’s just, seeing as how I am a boy as well, once tender butts and swaying boobs are displayed in front of my eyes, um, my self-control, it, you see. It kind of couldn’t be helped, and for the margin for taking the extenuating circumstances into consideration……
Ah, I’m sorry. It’s nothing. You’ve got it wrong, I really am sorry. I was the one that made everyone in the female camp wear swimsuits and the fact that I got aroused by that and tried to do perverted things was my fault, so, in other words, everyone did absolutely nothing wrong, and I am seriously and extremely sorry for not keeping down my own sexual desires and for my depravity.」

Behold, this miserable appearance of a Hero as he prostrates himself while being surrounded in all directions by Fiona, Bernadette, Angelica, and Kuon, as he repeatedly and pathetically apologizes.


Swimming across over to the historic ruins, Yuu’s group continued on through the historic ruins after lightly drying themselves off.
There was also a path where the water went up to their waists, so they continued on while still in their swimsuits, but that was where Yuu ran wild.
Those thin clothes that got wet from the water and clung onto their skin and those limbs of beautiful women that extended from those clothes. Honestly, it was a situation that would arouse anyone, not just Yuu.

The Yuu that ran wild, although he didn’t draw the Sacred Sword, made full use of his bodily abilities that distanced himself from the ordinary person and rubbed the breasts and butts of the female camp, and he finally regained sanity after receiving a fist from all members.

Since they were actions where he precisely had consciousness despite saying that he ran wild, Yuu had no choice but to continue earnestly apologizing.
As if he were a husband that got caught cheating!

「Well, for me, if I think of it as paying back a debt and furthermore making him gain a debt……I could settle with that, but what do you guys think?」

While heavily carrying a cutlass on her shoulder, Angelica broke the ice.

「If I consider it as a match in my training time, I guess there’s no problem. ……I did hit him quite a bit after all.」

Her cheeks red, Kuon replied with that while wryly smiling.

「It’s been a while since I beat the light out of you, so I feel refreshed.」

「Are you an oni?」

「I’m an Elf.」

Fiona cheerfully chuckled.

And then――

*Gachi* (Click)――


Only Bernadette didn’t forgive him.

「N, no way!」

「Th, that’s my line! D, doing that to my breasts and butt, like that……っ, please take responsibility!」

「R, responsibility……You mean like marriage?」

「Wr, w-w-w-w-wro, you’ve got it wrong!!」

When Yuu asked that while the muzzle was pointed at his forehead, Bernadette’s face turned red and she wouldn’t comply with him. At the time that Yuu thought that there was nothing more that could be done and resigned himself to his fate, some timely help was given by a character he never would have thought of.

「……At any rate, you certainly are intimate, aren’t you, you and Yuu.」

Rather than calling it a lifeboat, it was simply a change in topic. Moreover, it was a topic that wasn’t intended to go along with Yuu’s life or death. Asking because she wanted to ask, it was probably from that sort of aim.

「Eh……In, intimate……I’m not really.」

「At the very least, concerning Yuu, you seem to be a special existence to him, you know? ……Isn’t that right, Yuu. The time when you were groping her was the longest after all.」

From those words that were said in a cold manner of speaking as if she were blaming him, Yuu went into a seiza position. Yuu’s body understood that a sermon was going to happen.

「No, um, I didn’t particularly have that kind of intention……」

「Then why was her swimsuit the only one that was light and had a small area of cloth?」

「Eh, ……Be, because it suited her?」

「Why was it made in black, which is like her own personal color? Or could it be because it goes with her hair color?」

「It, it was a coincidence. 」

「Why was it only at the time that she wore the swimsuit that you were delighted as if you were aiming for it?」

「That’s because her boobs were……wait, eh? Why am I getting scolded by you, Fiona?」

「Who did you say was scolding you!」


Yuu was frightened by the hysteric-looking Fiona.

「Yuu, in the first place, you――」

「Ah, um……Since it seems Yashiro-san is frightened, how about we leave it at that.」

「……To begin with, you’re the biggest mystery here.」


Feeling sorry for Yuu who was being scolded, Bernadette stopped Fiona, but Fiona changed the aim of the attack to Bernadette.

「You, just what are you to Yuu?」



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  4. Fiona is clearly jealous and loves him…and I find that really depressing, with how she is flat but the one she loves is clearly a tits man, loved someone else (Olivia) and after her death he is suddenly so close to someone (Bernadette) who resembles Olivia so much. Its like, fate is literally screwing Fiona’s love life up without mercy.

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    • You can’t really say fate was screwing with Fiona when she’s the one that doing it herself. In what was revealed about her interactions (in both past and present), she seems to give Yuu a really hard time. She even got on his case about the how ‘power’ and ‘hero’ thing some chapters ago, which is something that’s like a deep scar for Yuu (and something not to get on his case on). So really, Fiona is just harming herself.


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  6. Baba-chan sent her as replacement for Ovilia , in many way.
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