Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 112

Fifth chapter!? Yay, I think I broke my record. …I think. It’s been so long that I can’t remember. Well, whatever. Enjoy.

The Lake Bottom Historic Ruins

At the center of a huge lake, there was a historic ruins that looked like floating and a warm light that shined upon it.
It was a scene that made us feel like we would forget that we were underground right now.


Beside me, Bernadette muttered that in a small voice and looked like she did so involuntarily.

「……Floors twenty-one to thirty are called 『The Lake Bottom Historic Ruins』.」

「『The Lake Bottom Historic Ruins』……I see, that’s a perfectly fitting phrase.」

When I looked into the lake, the historic ruins looked like they started from the ruins that could be seen on the lake and then extended downwards to the bottom.

「So that historic ruins-looking thing is the entrance, huh……I see, so we have no choice but to get wet right from the start.」

Even after taking a light look around the bank, there wasn’t a bridge that stretched out to the historic ruins on the lake, and there was no other means other than to swim across.

「Measuring it by eye, it’s about two hundred meters……If we make a long jump……No, I guess the distance is slightly lacking.」

「No, no, even if we were to jump, Yashiro-san, you’d be the only one able to do that.」

「That’s true.」

In that case, since we really have no choice but to swim, and since it wouldn’t be good for us to swim in our current appearance……Kufufu.

「Could you stop with that revolting smile?」


With eyes that seemed like they were looking at a pig, Fiona gouged out my heart with her words. I guess I should say that she has her usual sharpness.

「Wh, why you……Can’t you speak in a way that uses a bit more indirect?」

「If there is a need to, then I will……so, is there one?」


I returned with an immediate reply to Fiona’s question. That’s right, I have a secret plan. I started to explain to Fiona, Bernadette and the others.

「If we change into clothes that are fine to get wet, then there’s no problem.」

「……Now then……I guess it’s about time we get going.」

「What 「It’s about time we get going」! I demand a proper explanation!」

It was a time where I finished my brief explanation, and we were about to continue on to conquering the labyrinth. Her face red, and bashfully bending her body over, Bernadette shouted.

「What the heck, I properly explain it, didn’t I? Since we probably won’t be able to defend against getting wet by the water, so instead we should make it so that it’s alright to get wet.」

「Yes, yes, you did make that explanation. But even with that!」

Saying that, Bernadette thrust the cloth……no, the swimsuit in her hand at me.

「Th, th-th, this isn’t a swimsuit! It’s just string, isn’t it!?」

The swimsuit that was grasped in Bernadette’s hand was a black micro-bikini. It was a swimsuit that I bought behind-the-scenes from the Arachne that was in Altiera, Ariadne.

「The thing called a swimsuit, it isn’t something like this that looks like it would come off if I were to jump into the water! L, look, there was that one that I wore before! Something like that, where the base of my neck down to the joints of my legs were covered……」[1]

「Still, in the world I originally came from, this much is normal, you know? Plus, there are some that were even more amazing.」

Incidentally, what I meant by normal may or may have not been decided by what the bikini models in things like gravure magazines were wearing.

「M, more than this!? ……In, in any case, I won’t such a shameless swimsuit! If I have to wear something like this, I would rather get my regular clothes wet!」

「Uumu. ……You’re really stubborn. Still, Bernadette, I don’t have another swimsuit for you to change into……Rather, even if there was one, I wouldn’t want you to.」

「? Why is that?」

「Because it’s sexy.」

「Once you return back to your original appearance, I’m going to give you a good scolding.」

I see, so she won’t punish me now that I’ve changed into a shota……Maybe I should stay like this for a little while longer.

「Still……uumu, with the current lineup, Bernadette is the one with the biggest breasts……」

「……Yuu, is this alright?」

「Nn? ……Ohh! It looks good on you, Fiona! It really suits you!」

As I was being troubled over how I was going to get Bernadette to wear the micro-bikini, I was called out to by Fiona, and when I turned my head, Fiona was wearing a white separate-type swimsuit and she was standing there while her cheeks were a bit red.

Fumufumu……She didn’t have a chest, but for Fiona who had a model figure of having long arms and legs, the narrow part of her hips was sexy.
Even if she had shadows accumulating in the corners of her eyes, or her hair was unkempt, or had tiny breasts, there was no change in the fact that she had a face and figure that could fascinate people. Rather, having a couple of minuses would be an accent and was something good.

「Yuu, just now, you thought of something rude, didn’t you?」
「Hahaha, I would never. It’s really cute.」

I shuddered from the sharpness of Fiona’s intuition. Why is it that there’s nothing but people with sharp intuition around me?

「Yashiro-aniki! Is this alright?」

「Oh! ……Umu, as I thought, it should be a racing swimsuit for Kuon.」

The one that appeared following Fiona was Kuon. She was wearing the so-called swimsuit for racing.
That swimsuit, where you see the body line no less than that of the school swimsuit, constricted her muscles, and yet, by being worn by Kuon who had a moderate amount of flesh on her chest and thighs, it brought about a type of gallantness and eroticism.

(Kufufu, that was a good judgement, if I do say so myself.)

To be honest, only this racing swimsuit is something I didn’t plan.
This race-use swimsuit is the place that Ariadne arrived at as she aimed to advance the school swimsuit.
For the me of that time, I didn’t harbor any sort of interest towards the race-use swimsuits and I didn’t write any blueprints like I did for the suku mizu and bikinis, but having reached this point with her own effort, Ariadne is also quite the considerable soldier. Though, I don’t dare say what kind of soldier.

「Still, it’s pretty amazing even though it’s cloth that’s this thin. It doesn’t feel like it will get torn at all, and it’s like……I can feel energy, or something……」

「It probably has various abilities placed on it. It’s because the swimsuit was originally constructed to be fit for bestowing abilities.」


Inserting her finger into the gap of thigh of the swimsuit, Kuon muttered that while fixing a wedgie. She probably didn’t expect that abilities could possibly have been bestowed on clothes like these.

「Fufun. This is some pretty good equipment. Though it does have a weakness of being a bit chilly.」

Keeping her pirate hat and waist belt as they were, Angelica wore a deep red bikini and had a satisfied-looking smile.
Maybe because of her tall figure, she had a figure where having the most amount of flesh and having slenderness coexisted. She possesses something good.



When I turned my head from feeling a sudden stare, there was Bernadette-san who was puffing up her cheeks, looking displeased, and staring at me with scornful eyes. Eh, did I do something wrong?

「……I understand.」


「Please wait a moment.」

Saying that, Bernadette went into hiding behind a cover and started to make rummaging sounds. ……Just what was up with her?

I guess about five minutes passed after that. Seeing Bernadette as she appeared from out of the cover, my tension suddenly skyrocketed.

「Be, Ber, Ber-Ber, Bernadette!?」

「……H, how is it……」

Dyeing her cheeks in red from shyness, although she was hiding her body with her own arms, Bernadette showed that micro-bikini figure that didn’t have much clothed areas.

Th, this is……finally……my era has……、

「IT’S HEREーーーー!!」

It wasn’t as much as Tre-san’s but, these huge breasts that can’t be covered with one hand and these vivaciously plump legs. That captivating dynamite body that was superior to those gravure models and make them run away was right before my eyes!!

「Ya, Yashiro-san? Your eyes are scary, you know?」

「Haa……Haaa, I can’t handle it anymore……Ugeh!?」

When I instinctively dived at Bernadette, a sudden pain ran through my neck.

「Atemi! ……Is this alright? Elf-nee-chan.」[2]

「Yes. That was splendid.」

「Uguh……Just what are you making her do, Fiona!」

「Shut up, let’s hurry up and go.」

Having been put into a stupor but recovering in an instant, I drew close to Fiona, but against that look that looked like it could freeze anything, I silently nodded.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] If you have forgotten (which I did), she tried on the school swimsuit before.
[2] Atemi is a term in Japanese martial arts to designate a blow to body. Please Google it if you are that interested to know. The explanation would be too long here. And I would pretty much be copying and pasting.


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