Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 105

Just to let you know, there was an author’s note that I wanted to translate to help you understand a bit of the reference at the end. Enjoy.



A supreme sword technique that I had once worked out together with a certain man at the end of a struggle to the death.
An ultimate sword technique that could even bisect a Mazoku that possessed a body that was harder than rock, iron, or steel.

My swung down sword cut the wind. The sword that split Kuon’s body, without getting any blood stuck on its blade, stopped below Kuon’s thighs, whose eyes were opened in surprise.

「Eh……Ah, just now, I……」

Kuon leaked out a voice as she was standing still, and along with that, *pachin*, the sound of the scabbard’s clasp being fastened resounded. I had sheathed the sword into the scabbard.

「That just now was 『Zantetsu』. How was it? Does it hurt anywhere?」

「……No, it doesn’t hurt anywhere. But Aniki, just now, I was definitely……cut down, right?」

There was a feeling of being cut down. However, the sensation of being cut down and pain, Kuon didn’t feel either of them.

「No, I didn’t cut you down, you know? To begin with, I don’t ever want to cut a girl down. What I cut was……Uhehe.」


*Fu* (Flutter) Kuon felt the sensation of something falling from her body.

And then, when she looked down at her feet, she realized the identity of that out of place feeling, and made her face turn red.

「『Zantetsu』isn’t a technique meant to cut down only things that are hard like iron. It will cut down only the target to be cut with full certainty. It’s that kind of technique. ……And then, if you use this, just like this, cutting only your “underwear” was po──」

「U, uwaaaaah!!」


I was struck in the face by her fist, rolled two or three times on the ground, and crashed into the wall.

……Dammit, that attack just now, it was my blunder but I didn’t see it! Granted I was in the middle of the technique’s explanation, but to think that up until that moment that Kuon’s fist made direct contact, I wasn’t able to notice Kuon’s attack……Fufu, you sure have grown, Kuon!

「A, Aniki, you jerk! H, h-how could you do such a thing!」

Kuon, who wore clothes whose hems were short like a mini-skirt, had her face turn red, and she desperately pulled the hems of her clothes down and tried to hid from my field of vision.

……Mufufu, a bashful girl is great no matter how many times I see it.

「Hyahya, you’ve got awfully good tastes, don’t cha, brat! Ta think I’d cut the underwear of a girl this adorable……This is more blessing than a Magic Sword deserves!」

The sheathed Ravenbrand laughed at Kuon’s appearance as she picked up her fundoshi that was at her feet while pushing down the hems of her clothes.
If it had the shape of a person, it probably would have been making a dirty face.

「He, hehe……So you’ve finally acknowledged me, have you, Magic Sword.」

「Ya damned fool, only for a bit, boy. A bit.」

If Ravenbrand had the appearance of a person, this guy and I probably would have gripped each other’s hand and would have been able to walk together as comrades possessing the same will.

Is what I was thinking when a sudden gripping pain ran through my head.

「Ugh, oh, ohh, oohh.」

「Yuu……Why are you naturally doing such perverted acts?」

The cause of what was making my head creak was Fiona’s iron claw. Her white slender fingers dug into my head, and lifted up my body that had become childish.
Uoooohh, thanks to this, Elf’s habit, she used this fiendish technique, ooooh!!
It, it’s gonna break! Just like a tomato!

「N, no, you see, her personally experiencing it herself is-is-is!」

「You know, it’s not that I’m angry that you made her personally experience it. I’m asking why you cut her underwear, got that? You got the point in question wrong.」

*Gogogogogogo* Fiona was letting out a terrifyingly intimidating air.
That’s right! These kinds of jokes don’t get through to Fiona at all! I only remember that just now.

「Yashiro-san! There is a proper way of teaching these kinds of things! Kuon-chan is a girl too, you know?」

Bernadette scolded me, who was gripped and suspended in the air by Fiona, with a 「Bad boy!」 as if she were scolding a child.

「Well, ……I’m sorry.」

「I’m not the person you should be apologizing to, you know?」

「Ah~, well, ……Sorry, Kuon. I got too carried away.」

Urged on by Bernadette, I apologized to Kuon while still being gripped.
Though, since I couldn’t move my head, I wasn’t faced towards her.

「……If, if you’re going to do something like this next time, please tell me ahead of time, Aniki. Having my fundoshi cut when I thought that I was cut was too big of a surprise.」

Kuon said that while her cheeks were dyed red and was bashfully wriggling her body.
……I do think that it was wrong of me to do that, but bashful girls really are arousing!

「Jeez. Yashiro-san, you really are lewd…… Fiona-san? You can put Yashiro-san down now, you know?」

Mumumu……It kind of feels like Bernadette became the Onee-san. Even though we’re the same age.
Well, it’s fine since I benefit from it.

「……You were called Bernadette, right? ……You, what are you to Yuu?」

……Mu? The power that Fiona used to grip my head weakened, but I feel some kind of bloodlust coming from her.
Huh? Did I say something I shouldn’t have? As you’d expect, I didn’t intend to do anything that would make her truly angry with me.

「……I am Yashiro-san’s ally. Is there, something wrong with that?」

「……You’re, Yuu’s, huh.」

Fiona looked at Bernadette with eyes that looked like she was making sure of something.
? Erm……What’s going on here? What kind of situation is this?

As I was confused by the current situation, Fiona’s hand separated from my head.

「Whoa. ……Fiona?」

The moment her hand separated from me, Fiona started walking further into the labyrinth.
Feeling that that atmosphere of hers was strange, I reflexively called out to her.

「……It’s, nothing. Let’s hurry up.」

Fiona continued on without taking glance back.
……Just what in the world happened? It’s not like it was a bad premonition or anything, but I felt uneasy.

A few hours after Fiona became a person of few words, we finally arrived before the door heading to the tenth floor.

「There’s a so-called Boss monster on the tenth floor, right, Fiona?」

「……Yes, that’s right.」

She’s been like this for a while now.

U~mu. For some reason, Fiona’s mood isn’t getting better.
Come to think of it, there was a time where a situation like this happened before, wasn’t there.
When was that again……

「Oi, youngster.」

「Mu. What’s up, Rave. I’m kind of in the middle of some deep thinking right now.」

When I was about to remember, the sheathed Ravenbrand, Rave for short, called out to me while waving about and making a clatter.

「Put the deep thinkin’ aside. ……It looks like the guy past here ain’t an opponent you can go up against with ordinary means.」

「Can’t go up against with ordinary means……It’s still the tenth floor, right? The current me might be weakened, but it’s not going to be an opponent that would give me a hard time.」

I lightly answered to Rave who had an awfully serious tone, but since it seemed to have felt something, Rave kept silent.

Come to think of it, I understand that it’s a sturdy and easy to wield sword, but what could this guy’s own personal abilities be.
Rave is splendidly sharp as a sword, but I couldn’t discover its ability as a Magic Sword no matter how much I wielded it.
If it were an ability that would increase its weight or impact given like Falhart Enhans’ Magic Sword, it would be something I could discover by using it.
And yet, despite continuing to wield it until reaching the tenth floor, I didn’t discover anything but the fact that it was a sword that my hands had gotten used to.

「……Well, I’ll be sure to not be negligent.」

When we slowly opened the door and entered inside the room, it had become an excessively spacious room.

「……Is it, not here?」

There were several light sources inside the room that looked like torchlights, but the appearance of a monster that could be said to be the so-called Boss was nowhere to be found.

In labyrinths, monsters that were called Bosses would be generated.
Even if that Boss were to be defeated, it would be regenerated after a fixed amount of time.
That reason wasn’t definite, but the Boss would appear over and over again.

「Could this mean that……it was defeated and we came before it was regenerated?」

Holding a Magic Gun in one hand at the ready, Bernadette muttered. I was of the same opinion, but then I recalled Rave’s words from before.

「Kuon, can you feel some kind of presence?」

When I asked Kuon that since she excelled in regards to presences, she nodded with a difficult face.

「There’s, something here. ……But I can’t tell where it is. ……Its presence is strange. It seems to be small yet big……」

Kuon’s presence detection was excellent. If even that Kuon was unable to grasp its location, it probably meant that the current situation was strange.

「Nn? ……Hey, Black Hair. What is that?」

As we were being vigilant of our surroundings, Angelica, who was at the rear of the party, pointed into empty space.
When we looked to where she pointed to, in that place where there wasn’t anything just seconds ago, a mass that looked like a black swirl appeared.

「……What, is that……An eyeball?」

When I promptly drew my sword and prepared myself, a huge eyeball appeared from within the black swirl as if it were rising towards the surface.
That size, a size that surpassed even a lightweight truck, was gigantic to the point of being strange.
When the eyeball looked around at the vicinity, a huge mouth then suddenly appeared directly below the eyeball.
No, it didn’t appear. It just simply opened its mouth.

「C, could that be……!!」

That gigantic eyeball revealed countless smaller eyeballs from its head portion. Each and every one of them were attached to the ends of tentacles, and all of those countless eyeballs had perceived us.

Maybe because she knew about that bizarre, wicked, ugly figure, Bernadette raised a bitter shout.
I also wanted to shout out more than her, but I had become more paralyzed with fear instead of that.

If it were someone that knew of that guy’s existence, if there were someone that knew of that guy’s nonsensicalness here, each and every one of them would have probably shown a reaction like Bernadette and I did.

That showed how much that guy’s existence was something that you should never meet.

「Be, Behol──」

「You’re telling me it’s Dogezaemon!?」



Author’s Note:

Thank you for waiting. This is the latest chapter.

Finally, the joke that I’ve wanted to do has come.
By the way, the vectors of fear for Yuu and Bernadette are different.
Yuu→Copyright meaning
Ber→Monster meaning

Until next time. Look forward to it!



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