Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 102

Here’s my second chapter ready. Enjoy.


The True Ancestor Vampire Princess

Wind thunderously danced about, and the flames of the torches greatly flared up.
In this room that wasn’t all that spacious, a dense Maryoku was madly overflowing. Enough to make you choke on it.

「Kikiki……You need not be on guard like that, one of the miko lineage.」

The Vampire Princess snickered at Bernadette, who had pointed the muzzles of her two guns at the Vampire Princess.
Together with a fascinating smile that would captivate all that would see it, Maryoku of a Mazoku, which would drive a person to hatred, was emitted even more.

「Granddaughter of the Great Demon Lord Belzebeaut who was sung as the『Makai Commander-in-Chief』, I am 『Paimon』!! Kikiki, I am one that leads an army of two hundred and have devoted mine self to trampling down the world!! Descendant of the Miko, I allow you to kneel before me!」

Pointing her finger towards the sky, the Vampire Princess that named herself as such, declared that while “looking up” at us.

「……Ahー, try giving your name one more time.」
「Mu? Kiki, it would seem that you could not follow due to sheer terror, does it not? Very well, once more, I shall inform you of my name!」

That, small Mazoku that a height that only reached the area of my belly button, laughed with a complacent smile, put her hand on her waist, and puffed out her non-existent chest.

「Granddaughter of the Great Demon Lord Belzebeaut who was sung as the『Makai Commander-in-Chief』, I am 『Paimon』!! Kikiki, I am one that leads a whole army of two hundred and have devoted myself to trampling down the world! ……Kikiki! How is it, how is it? Scared, are you not? Scared, are you not? Well, that is also something that cannot be helped! After all, I am a vampire. A True Ancestor after all! Kikiki! I wonder if that was a bit too stimulating for the children of the humble gods and for the children of foolish man? U-ha-ha-ha-ha!!」

「Why is it like this……Why is it that the lolis that gather around me have outrageous personalities?」

Baba-chan is definitely one.
Actually, are Baba-chan and this Vampire the only ones?
If Alicia, who is Sylvia’s little sister, were to be included as a loli, then another two or three would be added.

「Yashiro-san! Please don’t be deceived just because she has the appearance of a child! She may have the figure of a child, but she is unmistakably a Mazoku!」

Bernadette shot a sharp look through the loli Vampire that named herself as Paimon. After this, you and I are going to have a private talk.

「Kiki. It is just as that one of miko lineage says, but since it will become a nuisance for now, that mouth, I guess I shall have it closed up.」

When she said that, Paimon made a motion as if she were closing up her own mouth with a zipper.

「!? Mu~!!」

When she did, Bernadette’s mouth was tightly fastened. Since it looked like she was struggling to open her mouth, it probably meant that she didn’t close it out of her own will.
It was only for an instant, but the Vampire’s golden eyes suspiciously shined. There was no mistake that it was the deed of this loli Vampire.

「Kikiki. In both today and in the past, the ones of miko lineage were never ones that would listen after all.」

Paimon made a cackling laugh like a child, which suited her appearance.
Not sensing any intent of hostility in her state, I commanded Bernadette with my hand.

「Calm down, Bernadette. It doesn’t look like she wants to fight.」

Bernadette shouted out 「Are you going to believe a Mazoku!?」 with her eyes.

「I’m just going to listen to her story. And if need be, I’ll cut off her head and throw her outside.」

Though I’m seriously opposed to that idea since she has the appearance of a little girl.

「Hou. ……So you know how to deal with True Ancestors. How rare. Even though there were many that did not know the coping method even in my heyday. Moreover, for one of your lineage, you are a boy of fairly steady spirit. Well done, very well done.」

Looking like she admired my words, Paimon looked at me.
I only knew because, in the past, Baba-chan made me read a book titled 『Ways to Defeat the Strongest Species That Even a Monkey Could Understand』, which obviously made fun of the reader.
My purpose for reading it at that time was for the way to defeat a dragon but, as I was starving for information on another world at the time, I devoted myself to reading that hardcover book.
There existed two kinds of Vampires.
A variation that was a former human that had their blood sucked by a Vampire and had only the same amount of Vampire blood inserted into them.
And then, ones that became a Vampire outside of the afore-mentioned method, regardless of whether it was acquired or innate, were called True Ancestors.

The True Ancestor Vampire’s immortal nature was tremendous, and the things that were thought to be effective on Vampires mostly had no effect. Both the light of sun and a stake of pure silver aren’t able to directly kill a True Ancestor.
In particular, on moonlit nights, no matter the method, they 『absolutely cannot be killed』.
The sole method of killing them was to kill them in broad daylight where they are in a situation of being hit with sunlight.
Although they don’t turn to ash from the sunlight, they get greatly weakened, and their immortality is brought down to that of human’s. However, it would be hard to get such a situation to happen in the first place.
Needless to say, it was because Vampires are nocturnal.

「(Lineage?)……So, what business does a True Ancestor Vampire have with us?」

Although I didn’t feel any hostility, unable to feel relieved, I stuck my hand into the fourth dimensional pouch that was on my waist, and put myself on guard so that I could draw my sword at any time.

「Kikiki……”What business?” That’s quite a contemptible remark.」

Paimon laughed while showing her sharply pointed canines. But, those eyes of hers weren’t laughing at all and a shiver ran through my spine.

「A “human” possessing that black hair and deep black eyes that look like obsidian……You are unmistakably of the miko lineage. One with consanguinity to those that sealed me in this earth! In response to you of miko lineage, I intend to have you receive my outburst of anger towards your predecessors.」

With a *Tsutsu~*, Paimon slowly pointed a finger at me.
At the moment I put myself on guard thinking “is it an attack?”, I realized the error that I made.

「Oh cra……!?」

「Kikiki! You are a boy with good sense. But you are too late. You have already fallen for my trick!」

I couldn’t separate my eyes from the tip of Paimon’s finger. I couldn’t move my legs, nor my arms.
Said to only be usable by superior beings even among Mazoku, it was hypnotism.

(This is……bad!)

As for what was bad was, that I didn’t think that she would be this superior of a Mazoku.
Right now, this loli Vampire had grasped the right of life or death over me!!

「Kikiki, worry not. Though I had said outburst of anger, I shall not do anything like tear you limb from limb.」

Paimon patted my head and laughed.
That body of hers gradually became bigger.

「Gigantification!? ……N, no……That’s not it!」

Paimon wasn’t the only one that was becoming bigger.
Even this room that was the entrance to the labyrinth had become bigger.
It was as if everything other than me was getting bigger!

「M, m-m-m, my body isー!!」

My clothes became loose, and my equipment fell to the ground.
My body that became exposed from the loose clothing was no less than two times smaller, and had become a height that was not much different from that of Paimon’s height!!


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