Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 95

And here is a second chapter for today. This is all that I’ve got for translated chapters right now. Man, am I slacking or what. On another note, this is the last chapter for volume 3, banzai! And as you can see from volume 2, I am too lazy to make a pdf or epub (I don’t even know how to make an epub) so feel free to do one on your own. I might try doing it if I feel like it but don’t really count on that happening. And also, there is still no progress on the light novel front. Jeez, what am I doing with my life. Oh well, here is the chapter. Enjoy.


In the Gap of the Sea and the Sky
While climbing the gangway that was placed on the ship, I unconsciously thought about Jean and Kuon that didn’t appear in the end.

No, more accurately, putting aside Jean who was a person that was splendidly free and willful, or rather, lived by going with the flow, I was worried about Kuon.

Although I was adored by him with all the “Aniki, Aniki” stuff, maybe because of the time when we locked Kuon up when Vodan-shi said that he would keep his hands off of the case, after the incident was resolved, Kuon secluded himself in his room as if to avoid me.

In Kuon’s heart, I’m sure that he wanted me to persuade Vodan-shi right then and there.
A collusion with the parent that should have been mistaken, and the wickedness of having himself locked up……I guess he was thinking about such things.

Of course, this was all speculation. But, I’m certain of my thought that he doesn’t want to meet with me.

「Is something the matter?」

Ascending the gangway from behind me, Bernadette spoke to me sounding concerned.

「No, it’s nothing.」

「Is it about Kuon-kun and Jean-san?」

Eh? What are you, an esper or something?

「Fufufu. ……It’s because it’s showing on your face.」

Saying that proudly, Bernadette expressed a smile that was like flowers were blooming……Doesn’t it feel like the direction of her character changed?

It felt like you were the kind of girl that would usually say an unnecessary line……

「Come on, come on, you’re blocking things up behind us~」

Since I stopped at the top of the gangway, Bernadette pushed my back while smiling.
……Are? (Huh?) Was this girl always a girl that had moe going through her? She’s somehow really cute?
……Arere~? (Huuh~?)


When Bernadette and I got on the ship, Silber who was further behind us also got on board the ship.
He was seriously displeased.


「Ouch. ……You little, kicking a person’s shin, how the heck were you raised.」

When I thought he would let me right just the other day, I was kicked by the Kulkel.

The ship’s anchor was pulled up.
When the anchor was completely lifted, the ship gently swayed.
The floating sensation that was transmitted through these legs, while similar to how it was in an airship, it was certainly different.

「Farewell, Be Io……I guess.」

「Compared to our time in Lizwadia, it was a short stay.」

「Well, that’s because I was pretending to be a teacher in Lizwadia……Nn?」

On top of the ship that was gradually separating from the harbor, when I was having a light talk while waving at the people that came to see us off, I discovered the shadow of a person that was running this way with a tremendously fast speed from behind Vodan-shi and the others.

「What’s that? A woman? No, that……Is that Kuon!? What is he planning on doing wearing female clothing?」

「Eh, Kuon-san? ……Female clothing!? W, where!?」

「He’s running this way from behind those people!」

When I looked hard, the mini-skirt kimono and white kneesock seasonal female clothing wearing Kuon ran through the side of Vodan-shi and the others and, just like that, dived into the ocean……Or so we thought, but instead he did a big jump like a grasshopper.

The target, is this ship!

*Karan* (Ring).

「Yo……tto! A success, a success~.」

Having done a spinning rotation in midair, Kuon cleanly landed right in front of me together with the sound of his bell.

「……Ku, Kuon-san?」

「Yo, Sister-nee-chan! ……Man, I’m really sorry, Aniki! Since I didn’t want Oyaji stopping me, I kept quiet about this and came!」

Kuon did a wry smile while scratching the back of his head. However, my thoughts were focused on a different part.

「……Th, that d-d-doesn’t matter!! Wh, wh-wh-wh-wh!! Wh, why, do you……have boooooooobbbbbssss!!」

That’s right.

Bouncing the moment he had landed as if they had burst open, and even now as he was scratching the back of his head, emphasized from under his clothing as if they were pushed out, those splendid pair of hills.
The bulges that men originally shouldn’t have (fat people being the exception), were existing on Kuon.

「Eh? Don’t men also have them? Boobs.」

「The boobs of guys and girls are different! They are packed with dreams and hope!」

That’s right. Dreams and hope are packed within them.
Even in Kuon’s breast, although it’s not as much as Bernadette, there’s a considerable amount of dreams and hope packed within.

「Eh? ……What, you……You were a girl!?」

That’s right, if there wasn’t a mistake in my vision, Kuon looked like a girl in my eyes.
I did think that he was androgynous but……to think that he was actually a girl!!

「Yup. ……Um, I just wasn’t good with the girly, fluttery clothing. Since I didn’t like them, I lived as a man.」

Looking shy, Kuon scratched his cheek. ……No, Kuon-chan.
Casually, when I turned my eyes towards Vodan-shi who was already in the distance, I saw his figure as he had broken down crying.

S, so it was his only daughter……In that case, I can agree with that affection of his.

「In that case, why are you in that appearance……」

「It’s because I was told by Jean that if I wanted to become Aniki’s disciple, then I should become a girl.」

I will dare to say it, that that was a GJ!

As expected of Jean! He’s able to calmly do things that we can’t!

But, he didn’t need to go with those clothes……
What Kuon was wearing was a sleeveless, mini-skirt kimono that would make you think that it was already made with 『that kind of thing』 as the goal.
Is it even alright to call that a kimono?
I do love it though.

「It seems that these were my mother’s work clothes, you know?」

You’ve got some good tastes, Mother.

「Well, putting the jokes aside, ……A disciple, huh. You don’t plan on going back, do you?」

Although we were starting to get pretty far, she could still swim back at this point.
When I peeked over at the town of Be Io and asked, Kuon daringly smiled.

「At any rate, I’m going to be appearing in the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration. If I’m going to do it, it’s more worthwhile to go while doing special training with you, Aniki, right?」

To Kuon who crossed her arms like a man (though she’s a girl) and broadly grinned, I did a wry smile.

「Including the new comrade, Kuon Heleott, the Preceding Hero Yashiro Yuu’s travels would still continue on. ……I guess that’s how it should be?」

Stopping his hand that was playing the lute, Jean did a small laugh.
Wishing for the happiness of the friend that was on the ship that had already gone so far that it had become as small as a grain, Jean Jacques Eustace laughed.
At his back, the presence of a person grew near.

「Kaka. It certainly does look to be a fairly cheerful journey, that path that Yashiro is on.」

She had a small knife-like, no, bewitching atmosphere drifting about her, but she was definitely a young lady that could be called a little girl.

Deep crimson eyes and white skin to the point it was abnormal. Wearing her green silver hair that was long enough that it touched the ground up, that little girl was a person that Jean, no, that Yuu also knew.

The one that stood nearby Jean, who was sitting on the roof of a tall building looking like he was gazing at the sea, was the little girl that was called 『The Witch of Time』 and that had not changed in appearance since a thousand years ago, Norn.

「I have been waiting for you, 『Witch of Time』-sama.」

Norn returned with a smile to Jean who had only took a peek and turned only his eyes towards her.

「Kaka, I have cast aside that name as well. The current me is simply Norn.」

That way of speaking that didn’t match her childish appearance was her normal tone, but Jean couldn’t help but feel that something was out of place within it. To begin with, those clothes that the young lady that was standing beside him was wearing had greatly differed from what she normally wore.

「Simply Norn……Still, that sure is a rather exaggerated formal dress.」

Those clothes were neither an Elf outfit, nor her outfit as the Witch of Time.

Winding a muffler that was dyed red around her neck, and steel lightweight equipment that had a dull red shine.
A large sword that easily surpassed that small height of hers was hanging on her waist.

Lightweight equipment that had scratches standing out here and there, and a dull red muffler. But that lightweight equipment suited her more than any gorgeous clothing ever could.
That appearance of her wearing that armor, was there anything more majestic.
She had an appearance as if she were the small hero that had saved the world.

And then, in actuality, that appearance was her original appearance.
Saving this world, it was the appearance of the First Hero that brought about peace to the world.

「Kaka. Tis just the helmet and armored appearance of a senile old fool.」

Jean made a wry smile to Norn who had spit that out while laughing.

「『The First Hero』, 『The Witch of Time』……Casting aside those names that will definitely be sung upon reciting your lifetime……What is it that you are trying to accomplish?」

Jean stood up. While wryly smiling at the boldly laughing young lady beside him that gave the illusion that made her look like she was bigger than him, Jean asked something that he couldn’t help but ask about.

「……Come to think of it, I have yet to give my gratitude to you.
Allow me to give you my thanks first. And then, as thanks for your hailing to my call, I shall “divulge it” only to you.」

Self-important no matter when or where. And then, no matter who prostrated before her, without a shy face nor trying to hide her ambition, she continued.

「The 『Organization』……No, I guess it’s the Church right now.

How the Church is maneuvering behind the scenes, even you know about it, do you not?」

「Yes. I have heard that Yuu’s assassination is also one of those maneuvers.」

Norn laughed scornfully at Jean’s words.

「Kaka. Such a thing, tis but the temper of a fat pig. ……The problem, is its relationship with the Luxeria royal family.」

That was something that even Jean didn’t know about.
Norn laughed with a *Kaka* at the surprised Jean.

「At present, the one at the furthest depths that cannot be seen is the Luxeria royal family. What that girl is thinking, even I do not know. I do not know, but I cannot help but feel unease. In order to ascertain that, I shall have you go to the Luxeria royal family. I am sure you would be able to pass through with no objection if you say that you wish to sing about the current generation of Heroes or the like.」

Jean did a small nod. He did not mind himself moving about. Originally, it was for that reason that he went around to various countries and came to this land after all.

More importantly, what Jean wanted to hear was Norn’s behavioral principle.

「Kaka, you little dilettante. ……Tis but a trivial matter, you know? This world had overcome the distress called the Demon King, and is now in an age of peace. ……Those people that threaten that, I cannot tolerate them tis all.」

Her deep crimson eyes looked into the far, far distance.


「Oh? So it’s you, Bernadette.」

Not having much to teach to Kuon on top of the ship, I lightly taught her the practice method that I usually do in my spare time since it could be done within a room. It was now a time where I left Kuon, who was lying down like mud on top of the hammock in her room, alone and went up to the ship’s deck. Bernadette was on the deck.

The sun had sunk before I knew it, and the setting sun turned the sea red.

And then, Bernadette, who was on the deck before me, was also illuminated by the setting sun, and I saw an expression that was different from normal.

「Where’s Kuon-san?」

「Right now, she’s within her dreams. I’m sure she’ll be crying from muscle pains tomorrow.」

To me who smiled with a smirk, Bernadette did a giggling laugh.
Putting my elbows on the deck’s handrail, I gazed at the ocean.

The gentle sea breeze and the sounds of the wavelets felt good.
Maybe because Bernadette who was beside me also thought so, she slowly closed her eyes.


I thought that her gesture was, pure and beautiful.

But, I wasn’t fascinated by Bernadette’s gesture for something rude.

「? ……Is something wrong?」

Seeing me frozen up while looking at her, Bernadette tilted her head.

…………She resembled her.
She really resembled her. I couldn’t help but think, that her gesture, resembled her’s.

「Although it was on an airship. ……Olivia also, had a habit of closing her eyes when she was feeling the wind. ………That’s why, I thought you resembled her.」

I was able to understand, although it was sudden, why Jean said that she resembled her.
It wasn’t about the external features like the chest or physique.
How she was honest with herself without any two-facedness……It was in that part that she resembled her.

「Sorry about saying that so suddenly. This kind of thing is……」

When I apologized to Bernadette who seemed to want to say something, she shook her head and said 「That’s not it at all」.

「I was thinking that I wanted to hear about it. About three years ago, about the journey that Yashiro-san and Saint-sama……Olivia-san had spent together. About what you thought about, about what you fought. ……If you don’t mind, please let me listen to it.」

Staring at me, her eyes unwavering, she powerfully looked at me.

「……It’ll probably be more boring than the other day, you know?」

「Fufun. Yashiro-san, if you start crying, I can go “there, there” again for you, you know?」

「Y, you little……Hmph! I’ll let you hear a sentimental, spoken fondly of story that will make you feel like you’re overflow with sugar from the mouth.」

Retaliating to her way of speaking that made fun of me with frivolous talk, I looked up at the sky that turned into the night sky, and started talking about things one by one.

「Olivia, she was a girl that like to roll things around when she ate and would say things that weren’t very princess-like.」

While looking up at the red moon floating in the sky, I sent my heart out.


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