Let’s Learn Japanese with manga0205 – Lesson 3

Here’s my next video. Finally. This time, I made some notes for the video. It isn’t much but I guess it is better than nothing and hopefully it works.

Here are the notes: Japanese Video 3 Notes


6 thoughts on “Let’s Learn Japanese with manga0205 – Lesson 3

  1. Friendly corrections:
    Salty is shoppai, sour is suppai. Small tsu is important. Some wildly different words only differs from the tsu.
    If it was intentional, remember that someone might end up gotten used to the mistake, even if somebody did point it out to them later.
    Also, was Japanese 101 this slow? Been years since my introductory Japanese.


    • Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t realize that when I was making the video and only realized that when I was making the notes.
      Also, no, Japanese 101 was not this slow and should not be this slow. I’m pretty much doing this when I come up with the ideas. I’m not a professional teacher of the language so there’s no particular curriculum for the lessons.


  2. Starting the video with apologies in Dogeza. +5 points for style. Keep up the good work. When I learned Japanese in the past I just went to a language center and signed up for whatever they had, so I don’t know what Japanese 101 is or what it’s supposed to be like. I guess it’s like that for most languages; you just learn as you go along.


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