Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 41

Hey guys. In all of my busyness after getting home, with the pictures and my brother visiting and all of that, I forgot to post up the chapter that I finished translating a couple of hours before leaving work today. Today must have really been a good day for me. Plus the chapter was pretty short so that probably helped.

A few things to mention about the chapter. I have decided to go with suku mizu for now. When I create the pdf at the end of the volume, I’ll make two versions, one with suku mizu and one with school swimsuits. Also, I found it difficult to properly express the dialect in this chapter. If you can read Japanese and want to feel the full front of the dialect, check out the original web novel chapter in the link below.

Other than that, please enjoy the chapter.

Also, since it is currently Friday somewhere in the world, consider this my normal Friday/Saturday release.

The Pervert Hero and the Agent that Will Wear It

Arriving at Altiera and walking a bit, having come as far as the outskirts, Yashiro-san and I stood still in front of the house for this case.

「Ya damned nitwits~! Wat’s wid da “suku mizu, suku mizu” –jyai! Can’t cha sometimes come askin’ fer somethin’ dif’rent, idjits!!」

We can hear shouting. No, it’s already to the point where you could say that it’s roaring.

「Th, that’s a peculiar way of speaking, isn’t it. Is this female’s voice your acquaintance’s?」

「Yeah. There’s no mistake that it’s this pseudo Kansai dialect.」

Nodding at the words I said, Yashiro-san nodded and,

「Absolute Territory」[1]

muttered some words that were like some kind of spell.

When he did, the house fell silent the moment he did. And then, in the next moment, the door went wide open, and Yashiro-san was captured by some thread like thing and dragged inside of the house.

「……Ya, Yashiro-san!?」

Since it was something way too sudden, I was befuddled for a moment but,  I drew 『Misteltein』 and 『Failnaught』 and will charge into the house.

「Yashiro-san! I’m coming to save you n……」

When I entered inside the house while in a Magic Gun stance, what was there was………

「It’s been a while, ain’t it, Yuu! So ya came back, huh!」

「……It’s been a while, Ariadne-san. ……Put me down.」

a being bound by the hands and feet by spider’s thread and hanging in midair Yashiro-san and a female Arachne that was clinging onto that Yashiro-san.
An Arachne is a species that has a figure that has the upper half of a human and the lower half of a spider.

Would you understand if I said it was the spider version of a Centaur?

「Nn? Dat’s a face I ain’t seen. Ya Yuu’s acquaintance?」

Seeming to have noticed me, the female Arachne looked at me while clinging onto Yashiro-san.

「The Holy Ulquiorra Religious Organization 『Agent』, as well as Yashiro-san’s friend, I am called Bernadette.」

「Well, dat certainly is polite of ya. My name is Ariadne.」[2]

When I bowed and finished my self-introduction, the female Arachne, Ariadne-san held out her hand and sought for a handshake.

「Now then, seein’ how self-introductions’re over………Yuu, why don’t cha hurry up an’ spill da details!」

「It’d be easier if you could offer to put me down first……」

Yashiro-san was smoothly taken down. He didn’t have the spider’s thread taken off.

「So? The details?」

「How does a furi furi[3] maid outfit sound.」

「Fu, furi furi ya say!? L, let’s hear it in detail.」

I’m not exactly sure but, whatever Yashiro-san said, Ariadne-san bit onto it as if it were interesting.

「Well, the maid outfit is for a bit later. ……I have a request for Ariadne-san.」

*Bachi*. Just when I thought there was a popping like sound, Yashiro-san stood up while lightly rolling his shoulders.

「Y, you can cut up an Arachne’s thread!?」

「I do like binding people up, but I don’t like being bound!」

Please stop it with the returns that don’t make any sense!

「As usual, dat’s some amazin’ gentleman power ya got, Yuu. As expected of ya. ……So? What’s dat request ya got fer me?」

Showing an awfully refined smile, when Ariadne-san asked, Yashiro-san also showed an awfully refined smile and,

「kosho kosho」

got close to Ariadne-san’s ear and whispered in a very small voice.

「Wh, wat was dat~!? And then, and then?」

「kosho kosho kosho」

「Is dat true!? Dat’s some hardcore stuff ya know!?」

「kosho kosho kosho kosho」

「Hou hou, and dat’s why ya came an’ relied on me.」

「kosho kosho kosho kosho kosho」

「Is dat so, is dat so!」

「kosho kosho kosho kosho kosho kosho」

「Hohoh, dat certainly is――――」

「Uwa~n! Please don’t leave me out of this~!」

Seeing the two of them being enthusiastic in their secret talk, I started to want to participate in the conversation.
After all, the two of them are talking while smiling so merrily.

「Eh~, ……Even if you say that, I think it’s impossible for Bernadette, you know?」

Yashiro-san said that while aiming tepid eyes like that of an adult looking at an immature girl that couldn’t keep a pet at me.

At that attitude, I became offended. I’ve snapped. I’m angry.

「It isn’t impossible! If you don’t have enough knowledge, add the knowledge, if you don’t have enough skill, then it’ll be fine if you add the skill to the body. That’s what I learned from the churches’ Sisters! Even though I haven’t done anything yet, please don’t go deciding that it’s impossible!」

「…………I see, sorry. ……In that case, first, could you wear this?」

Having been deeply moved by my words, Yashiro-san apologized to me, and handed a deep blue cloth.

「This is?」

「It’s a Magic Item that makes women amazingly charming. ……By all means, I want it to be worn by Bernadette.」

Ahead of Yashiro-san’s glance, there was a hanging screen for changing clothes.

「I understand, I’ll wear it. ……Ariadne-san, may I borrow this?」

「Ou, use it as much as ya like!」

Ariadne-san smiled with a *Nika*, and acknowledged it.

「Thank you very much. Well then, I’ll go change.」

I bowed, and entered inside the hanging screen carrying the deep blue garments.

How the two settled it with a high five behind such a “me”, was something I completely didn’t notice.

「Ju, just what the heck is this~!」

「Ohh, it suits ya, don’t it!」

Appearing together with a scream, Bernadette, while having her face completely red, had an appearance of wearing the suku mizu in over knee-high socks.

……E, even though I only handed over the suku mizu, for her to go all the way to wearing knee socks…! This girl, ……she understands it perfectly!

「It really is my bad, Bernadette. It looks like I’ve underrated you. ……Sorry.」

「P, please don’t apologize right now! That just makes it harder to be mad!」

While becoming slouched, Bernadette hid her body with both arms. ……Fumu, as expected of a glamourous beauty. This pose has a pretty good feel to it.

「……That’s right, I’ve thought of something good.」


Seeing the gravure model-like pose, I remembered a certain outfit.

「Ariadne-san, it’s a work commission but, can I count on you?」

「Hou, Yuu has a direct commission fer me, huh. ……What is it, it has some deep emotions, don’t it.」

It wasn’t just the suku mizu. The Japanese garments such as the nurse outfit that were beginning to become a craze in this world for some reason, were all probably made by this Ariadne-san.

It’s because she finished the blueprints that I only drew up.

「So? What is it, dat commission ya got fer me.」

At the boldly smiling Ariadne-san, I pulled out a bundle of papers from the different dimensional pouch attached to my waist and project it.

「It’s the uniforms that will be officially adopted by the Lizwadia Academy. A blazer and a gym uniform, and then, ――――a white suku mizu!!」

The bundle of papers was the plans that I personally drew with all my might.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: 絶対領域. This is the exposed skin between the top of knee-high socks and the hemline of the skirt. For an explanation along with a visual, please refer to episode 4 of Outbreak Company, about 6 min and 15 sec in.
[2] Ariadne uses “uchi” to refer to herself.
[3] Furi furi mean frilly. Furi furi is just more fun.


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  1. I was confused about what a suku mizu was until Yuu started talking about kneesocks.

    I may have been exposed to too much of these Japanese fetishes.


  2. so he wants Bernadette to be his model. why am i not surprised. she even adds the knee socks, she really understands ” absolute territory”

    thanks for the chapter


  3. fumu

    How to achieve Zettai Ryouiki?

    Apparently, Zettai Ryouiki is not just about
    running around with a thigh high socks,
    we have a draconian rule to adhere. As
    given, the golden ratio of ultimate Zettai
    Ryouiki is 4:1:2.5 (length of skirt : zettai
    ryouiki : length of socks above knee) and
    the acceptable margin for error is ±25%.

    “Memorizing this formula is as important
    as knowing that π = 3.14159 26535
    89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971
    69399 37510 or 22/7.” – ADD

    “The ratios are generally off because it is
    thought that the ultimate zettai ryouiki
    would generate so much moé that the
    equivalent energy would be enough to
    vaporize the planet.” – DarkMirage

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