My Figure Collection

Here is my room. In all of its messy glory.

Oh my God, I suck at taking pictures. Anyway, here are the promised pictures of my collection. Maybe I can get my visiting brother to take better pictures. Another problem is probably my arrangement, display, or camera.

I prefer to get relative size rather than quality so I tend to have more Figuarts figures rather than the P.O.P. I will get the Styling though since they have variety for cheap.

Tell me what you guys think. Tell me if I need to retake the pictures as well.



67 thoughts on “My Figure Collection

  1. You made me relive all my memories of One Piece and I would like to thank you for that. I want the Enel and Trafalgar Law(s) figurines. This is an awesome collection, and great job at taking the pictures, the way you wrote this post is as if you took bad pictures but these aren’t bad at all. I also felt sad by looking at the broken Merry…how long has it been and I still feel sad remembering that episode/reading that chapter. Great job 😉


  2. I don’t see a mini-fridge that looks like a torso. I’ve lost faith in you.

    Now I know why I don’t go looking for figurines. As Amiibos have taught me, I’d collect what ever I’d come across. Those are damn nice.


    • If you think so, why do you even react? You don’t have to watch the anime, read the Manga, nor do you have to read this post. Just read/watch what you like and don’t bother people who like something else.


      • cant an overzealous spacemarine bruva from a dystopian universe make a joke…even if a very corny one

        O ur right
        He cant


  3. Just wondering, but have you heard of a manga called ‘One Piece’? It’s pretty good and I heard they made an anime too.


  4. That’s awful lot of figurines there and most of them are from One Piece. I only have 3 at home, all of which was bought my brother. One is luffy, another is Zoro and the last one is Rockman X Ultimate Armor


  5. Is that Gintama I see on your monitor there? If so, good on you. If not, would you mind sharing what it might be?


  6. Hmm, vast amounts of OP…and I see some Gintama (I approve), Kenshin, DBZ, Utawarerumono (one of my favorite VNs), Tales of Symphonia, Shaman King, and Maburaho (a harem classic). I also see some in the third-to-last one that I can’t quite identify…hrmm.


  7. Amazing collection. I’m extremely jealous. For my collection (embarrassing to even call it that in the face of this collection), I attached pieces of plexiglas to keep the dust out. I hinged them to the bottom of the shelf above, so it would stay shut on its own. It’s pretty cheap, and still easy to see through and access the shelves.


  8. Would be an amazing and awesome collection if most of it was not of a garbage childish anime in existence. At least naruto has a atom of a ninja here and there and that shit doesnt even have an electron of a pirate anywhere. I can figure around how much that would cost if they were all bought new. Since I myself have almost as many (sadly D: in boxes from moving though) you really lacking in the poster and body pillow department though


    • I can see that you are not a fan of One Piece then. But I would like to make some small arguments to that. One, One Piece does at least have an electron of piracy to it since the adventure is all mostly a treasure hunt for the treasure “One Piece” at the end. Pirates go for treasure, right? There is a couple of more things that I could point out that resembles piracy but I won’t go into it. Next, it isn’t all that childish and does have its emotional moments. I’m not sure if you have given it a chance. At most all you did was watch the first few episodes or read a couple of chapters, right? If you read or watched though the whole thing and still think that way, I do apologize if this reply seems like a confrontation. If you haven’t please check it out, and when you have, we can talk again. Next, yes, I am afraid that I am lacking in the poster department and don’t even have a body pillow department. The body pillow department would be a bit awkward for me since I still live with my parents and sister.

      Now, if this was a comment made in good fun, please don’t go making a comment that could be misunderstood as hurtful. You seem to be a fan of Naruto and you would go ablaze if someone said that it sucked, right? (Not that I am saying that it does. I like the series as well.) The same goes for One Piece fans.

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    • I don’t sleep in there anymore. It was a bit cramped, as you can see from the mess. Also, seeing as how I still live with my parents and my 14-year old sister, it’s still a bit embarrassing to get a waifu pillow right now for me.


  9. here are a few quick questions:
    1) How many years did it take to buy all that?
    2) How much did all that cost?
    3) What kind of job do you have that gives you enough money to buy all that???


  10. Ah, I have a friend that is probably going to cry of jealousy if i show her those pictures… let’s show her! hehehe
    By the way, I’m currently reading this story for the 1st time, it’s also my 1st comment so let’s me proprerly say it : you’re awsome, thank you so much!


  11. That’s one big room you have there. I believe one of my friend will scream like a fan girl when he see this. I also have a friend with many figurines like yours, just that one piece is replaced by gundam….


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