Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Volume 2 Images

I had completely forgotten to do the images for volume 2 when I posted chapters 26 and 27. Now here they are. I also posted a picture in chapter 26.

Images cleaned by JC.

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19 thoughts on “Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Volume 2 Images

    • I think that’s his draconic trump card skill or something.

      Yuu-sensei? Sexy gun-nun? New Time priestess apprentice? The princess’ little sis?

      So many new things, thanks for sharing!


  1. I thought Eri had long black hair. I mean, it’s right there at the beginning of chapter 27. While the short black hair is appropriate, I’m a bit confused at the mismatched description.


    • If you look at the picture from chapter 26, you can see a bit of her ponytail waving behind her on both sides. That’s where her long hair is. It just doesn’t appear well in the pictures they made.


  2. I know that the guy with the huge sword is one of the new heroes, but is the girl with the huge sword and the other with the red hair the other two new heroes?


    • There was 5 people summon to that world, with Yuuya being one of them. The others are the new “Heroes”. That White clothes guy and the other 3 are his Harem members.


  3. *Looking at Element* …is that a Stand? Also, it’s weird that there’s no picture of the Dragon King Vaphmund, even though he seemed to be one of the central characters of the volume, at least according to what the summary says.


  4. Yuu sensei~ he just wear lab coat over his usual gear. and the hero~ no matter how many time I look at it, his cloth look so embarrassing to wear


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