Learning Japanese with manga0205 – Lesson 2

I’ve finally gotten around to moving my lazy butt to making the next lesson. Hopefully I can get videos done faster in the future. This time around I did each part in a single take. I also tried adding some music to it. It’s a bit shorter than the last one.

Here’s the content:

  • The next five Hiragana (00:41)
  • Ways to say “you” (03:40)
  • An introduction to verbs (08:52)

Please enjoy and I’m always open to comments on how to make things better or on what I was mistaken on.

Edit: Video replaced with one with lowered volume on the music and a louder speaking voice.


13 thoughts on “Learning Japanese with manga0205 – Lesson 2

  1. thanks ive been waiting for this.. :3
    i like how you teach, its easy to understand but you could probably remove the background music as it is sometimes louder than your voice and isnt really needed but other than that thumbs up as always 😀


  2. God, the music is distracting. At least make it BG-ish, you know; use your video editor to reduce the music volume to be lower than your voice. I can hardly hear your words.

    Also, music with such variance is used to set the tone. That is to say, it changes with scenes and the subject’s actions. In that sense, the music set up is horrible.


    • Also, any textual notes along side the video will be very helpful. Videos are extremely useful for overall explanation, but it’s the best media to refer to for bits of information. For example, if I need to review the words for “you,” it’s going to be much easier to read up any text rather than going to specific point of video and replaying it.

      In short, I’m suggesting text notes in the video description and in the accompanying blog posts.


    • I’ve been a bit busy with school but, here, let me give myself a deadline for the next one. Let’s say by May 8th. My classes should be over by then and if I get it done before then, it’ll be a happy surprise. And if I don’t make the deadline, please do get on my case about it. It’s good motivation to see that people actually care about the videos so much that they harass me a bit about making more.


  3. Thanks for the video and the translation (found it via magi craft meister)
    I thought about it and maybe it would be interesting to add stuff we learn in your videos to the translations (watashi, ore, boku; anaki; desu etc.) like in the raws. I know some people might not like it, but by gradually increasing Japanese words it might be easier to learn…

    P.S.: the nickname is from a classmate (our teacher emphasised it thoroughly after he used it in the English exam)


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