Learn Japanese with manga0205 – Video 1

Surprise, surprise. Going by the title, hopefully you can understand what this post is about. But first of all, let me say this:

Happy Birthday to me!!


I had to tell myself that in front of all of you. I feel so embarrassed. But anyway. Since today, February 5th, is my birthday, I decided to present you all a little gift from me. The start of a video series where I will poorly attempt to teach you viewers Japanese. Please excuse the poor quality of the content and the star, hopefully things will eventually turn out much better later on. I actually made a whole bunch of video takes the night before at around 10:30 pm all the way to 11:45 pm. Then I had to edit the video, which took me up until 12:45 am. Taking these into account, please excuse the poor performance. Also I was pretty nervous and adlibbing the whole time. Yup, no concrete script.

If there is any suggestions on what I can improve on, please, do tell me. I want to be able to give you all quality work. Since this was my first video, hopefully this is going to be the lowest quality video you will get from me.

Now, I have a couple of reasons for doing all of this.

  1. I’ve always wanted to teach people Japanese for reasons unknown to me. I guess I just want more comrades.
  2. I want more people to be able to translate things. And with minimal usage of a machine translator. I only use that to figure out what certain kanjis are. I wish to slowly train or improve translators.
  3. I want people to be able to enjoy Japanese in its original language. Anime is a bit different when you can feel and understand the differences in the way characters talk rather than relying on subtitles. Subtitles sometimes can’t grasp the manner of speech of some characters. I understand that just from my translations.

To those of you who begin your journey to learning Japanese with this, congratulations and my condolences. Good news, your learning a great language, bad news, you started off with me.

To those of you who think you can do better than me, why haven’t you already done it yet!! Jeez, making a guy like me who wants to do this, do this. See how it turned out.

To those of you who think I can do better, again, please make suggestions on what I can do.

Hopefully you learn some things from this. Enjoy.


62 thoughts on “Learn Japanese with manga0205 – Video 1

  1. oh by the way i just bough a Jap-Eng Dictionary revised version With aphabets and writen letters in (Hiragana and Katana) its says that this 2 types are the other writing style called Kana while there’s another writen which came from chinese origin i think its called Kanji which i really hate it.


  2. thank you for the video, your explanations were good though, you kind of nervous. I wish you could go to a deeper explanation, more examples and/or special cases. Thanks, I’m looking forward to the next video


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