Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Volume 1 (Web Novel) .pdf

Here is the .pdf version of Volume 1. I think I have done the .epub version of it. I’ve never dealt with .epub files before. Anyway, WordPress doesn’t count .epub files as directly uploadable media. Once I figure out a good place to upload the .epub file, I’ll update this post. If anyone has any good suggestions for where to upload it, I’m all ears. Also, if there are any problems with the .pdf file, such as errors and such in the text, please tell me and I will fix it. Thank you.

Edit: The dropbox link below contains the .epub version (hopefully).

Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Volume 1 (Web Novel) .pdf


27 thoughts on “Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Volume 1 (Web Novel) .pdf

  1. I’ve seen different translators load epubs onto mediafire and provide a download link. You could also set up a Google Drive folder and publish the link. Thanks for all of your work!


  2. You could use mirrorcreator for those having problems with other dl sites :3
    Thanks for TLing Volume 1 of this great series 😀 Good Day and Keep up the good work :3


  3. Because the pdf->epub convertion created an unusable mess (mainly because you did a great job creating the pdf which has characteristics meaningless and incompatible with an epub) I created also an epub. It’s not final though as I want to fix some things. Here for the “main power” to check and for whoever desperate needs it 😛

    I used the posts as source to creat it, but then I saw that you have altered your translation at the pdf 😦
    That’s the main reason that this isn’t a final version yet.


  4. The previous link I posted now has the final version of the epub. You can check it if you want with Google Play Books for example. I haven’t included the first 4 double images, as I had to split them for the epub to feel like a book and they didn’t have any additional art… and this is the Web Novel version… If it matters, and people or you ask for them, I will include them.


  5. So, I read in one go the first 17 chapters after I posted the epub. I was wondering about some images position. For example, Tre’s image at the end of chapter 3 has her with the outfit that is described at chapter 5. So should I change it or there was a reason for that optical spoil :p ? Should I point out all of them? Also at your post with volume 1 photos, the last one wasn’t used at all. Isn’t that from the chapter with the Orcs, the moment he rescues Lililuri?


  6. The images placed are where they were in the light novel. In regards to Tre’s image, in the light novel, there was actually more added to the scene than in the light novel. Also, the last image that you are talking about was actually in the beginning after a bit of a prologue and not when Yuu goes into the Orc nest. I didn’t include it because the prologue wasn’t in the web novel.


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