Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 22

Hey everyone. Here’s the next chapter.

For those of you who haven’t read chapter 21 after Jan. 2 or 3, I am now using footnotes to help the flow of reading a bit better after seeing a couple of comments that complained about that. My apologies for not knowing how to do it before. Eventually I will go through the previous posts and change them to make it better.

Anyway, here’s the chapter.

The Glard Wasteland Battle【6】
「You know that’s definitely not allowed!」

As I yelled, Sylvia was surprised, and then, as far as I could see, she became displeased.

「You have a grasp of my magic right? If your opponent is Glakiesta, I can fight well enough!」

「It’s a problem before that, idiot! You’re the current country’s top you know!  What is a person of the top running around for!?
In the first place, your fighting Terakio was a mistake!」

「At that time, if I didn’t do so, the army would have had huge damages!」

「If you died, it would have become an even worse situation!」

「There’s Alicia. It’s not like my lineage would die out you know!」

「You dumbass son of a bitch!」[1]

「Though I’m like this, I’m a woman!」

「I’m~ not talking about you like that~!」

Just as we were about to get into each other’s face yelling, a low toned laughter was heard.

「As usual, you two are really honest. However, while getting along with each other like a married couple isn’t a problem, its war time right now.」

Dol-san laughed as if he were amazed by a number of things.

Damn, it certainly is just as he said.
Due to my conversation with Sylvia who I hadn’t met in a long time, it looks like even I had become restless.

「M, married couple!?」

「Don’t respond to every little thing like you usually do!」

Getting her face bright red like an apple from a trivial matter…っ.

「Tsk…. Lililuri, do you know the exact time that Glakiesta is coming?」

「Glakiesta? ……Uun. That person, isn’t coming, you know?」


Lililuri tilted her head as if to say I have no idea what you’re talking about. No no, same to you, what are you saying?

「No, didn’t you just say it. That Glakiesta is coming……」

「Uun, I don’t remember saying something like that?」

Oi, I think I suddenly hallucinated the shape of a single hair standing up like an antenna just now.[2]

Eh, what? An opponent that I would have a close fight with as I am now that’s in this battlefield………if they’re Duke class average, it’s Glakiesta, isn’t it?

At that time that I had a naked association with the genderless appearing Wintos, Terakio, and one other guy, I confirmed that they were guys, and got depressed.

Which would mean a Mazoku other than a Duke class?  Certainly, there are some that rival them, but that in itself probably isn’t it.

It’s true that at the times when I don’t use the Sacred Sword, I drop in quality and my war potential decreases dramatically.

But, even then, I’m strong enough “not to lose” to a Duke class opponent.

So long as they don’t attack me in numbers, there’s no factor for me to lose to.

No, wrong.

That’s wrong.

In the first place, from the first thought, there was a mistake.

Who said at the beginning that there was only those three in the battlefield?

In the first place, the two who were in the battlefield were Glakiesta and Wintos.
Terakio Ossan “also” appeared in the middle of it. No matter who came, it wouldn’t be strange!

「っ…………There’s one thing I want to ask, Lililuri. ……That woman’s hair, “what color” is it?」


Damn it, this is the worst. Even though I finally sent the Ossan back without the sacred sword, the “meaning” of that is gone!

「?……What’s wrong?……Is there something behind me………っ!?」

Noticing my gaze, Sylvia turned her head behind her.

What was there was, coming descending “from the sky”, a red haired woman.

Descending onto the ground on three legs like a cat, holding a burning completely red halberd in one hand, it was a blueish-white skinned, Mazoku.
That hair that was red like flames lifted from the impact of her coming down and waved in the wind.

「Was it, stupidly red hair like that?」

「Un. ……It’s th, that person.」

A young lady that you really couldn’t say that she noticed just now. What was at the place that young lady pointed to was,

「As soon as I came here after hearin’ Terakio was beaten………What is this? Sylvia, it wasn’t you right?……So~, what? Are ya sayin’ that shorty of a figure over there was the bastard that defeated him? Ah?」

a Mazoku whose only feature that was to my liking was her looks and was usually in a ticked-off state.
The Six Blade General, the War Princess that governs flames.


Her original name was, Flam.

She’s “Agniera the Convicted” that is said to possess the “strongest” ability even among the Six Blade Generals.

As I am now, she’s an opponent that I can’t win against even if I use the speed from Lililuri’s magic of time.

And that’s how it should be. In simple offensive ability, when lined up with Terakio Ossan, she surpasses him in speed. Furthermore, she makes physical attacks meaningless, since she can’t be killed.

Even if the Six Blade Generals possessed their respective high abilities, and were ganged up on, she’s the only one that can’t be killed.

Possessing an immortal nature that was enough to rival me and the Demon Lord, she repeats the “reincarnation” that is similar to the Phoenix’s disposition.

And then, in addition to that immortal nature, she has the Mazoku’s strongest class’s strength, and then she has a muscle brain head that doesn’t think of the consequences.

Not matter how many times I killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed her, she’s a lunatic that would brandish her halberd of flames with pleasure.

She’s a pervert that loves the smell of her opponent’s sweat burning.

She’s the only one, that I can’t win against “as I am now”.



I heard something like the sound of something rubber-like being pulled and torn. Bachi…that’s not it. Butsu……that’s not it either. [3]

「Bastard……You, just called by that “name”, didn’t you?」

Ah, I~ see, buchi (snap)……is it.

I get it, I get it. I mean, Agniera’s expression has become something pretty amazing after all.

Sh, shoooootttt!!

For an angry her, that’s just adding fuel to the fire!?

Only with Agniera……wh~at a(ry

「Go die, human.」

Feeling heat around my head, my consciousness was cut off once right there.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] It’s just “baka yarou” but this was the only way I could think of to work with the next line. Willing to take recommendations for other ways to say it.
[2] This is just a reference to the “ahoge” or fool’s hair. I don’t know if this is a specific reference to someone. Here are the original lines if anyone knows it: 「ううん、私はそんは事言った覚えはないよ?」; おい、なんか急に一本の髪の毛がアンテナのように立った姿を幻視したぞ俺は。
[3] He’s trying to figure out the sound effect it was. I couldn’t think of any proper sound effects so I just changed them into Romanji.


30 thoughts on “Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 22

  1. Thanks! This chapter felt short for some reason though. 😡 I hope you translate the next chapter, this one is too much of a cliff hanger it’s hard to wait for a week. T-T I wanna see those yuu and agniera fight.


  2. Hey there~ good work on the translations. I just want to pitch in and help with [3] and [5] since no one said anything about them yet:

    For [3] the 絶ギレ状 is basically “Uberly-pissed/ticked-off state”, if that makes any sense to you, where ギレ means “pissed off” or “heated up over something”(in a bad way) and is often accompany with another word (in most cases a sound effect) to indicate the “degree” of the word like “super” pissed off or “a bit” annoyed and in this case the author uses 絶 . All in all the sentence みてくれだけは俺好みな、常時絶ギレ状態の魔族 can be translated into something akin to: A usually extremely edgy demon-kin whose only redeeming feature was her looks. (since the な after みてくれだけは俺好み is a complain of sort from our Sendai Yuusha I figured this would sound a bit better, and)

    for [5] アグニエラだけに……なーんつっ(ry can be translated into “Even though she’s just Agniera … Well th-(input dead throes sfx)” since the first part means exactly that and the … is a pause in the protag’s thought then なー is usually something someone would say before explaining/executing their “idea” that they just thought up after a short pause; then the following んつっ(ry with んつっ being the sound similar to flesh burning + some none sensible sound which I would interpret as the sound his previously sentence’s pronunciation mutating due to the sudden lost of his ability to speak, this indicates that he just got beheaded.

    Although I went on tangents, I hope that helped somewhat, I’ll check back again sometime tomorrow night or something.


    • Thanks for all of that. As I thought, ギレ really does mean pissed off. That’s all I really wanted to confirm on that one. Regarding how you translated the whole part, I wanted to keep 俺好み directly translated to “my liking” since he did mention that before. I’ll take you’re translation and change it to “a Mazoku whose only feature that was to my liking was her looks and was usually in a ticked-off state”.
      For the other one, my main thing for it was that I was not too familiar with the (ry part. I felt that the なー part was more of an exaggeration of the syllable. Kind of like he was about to say “what a pain” or something. Reflecting on that, I guess I should have done it as “wh~at a(ry”.

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      • It’s up to you on how to translate the lines, I usually just mold them to my liking and I have a slightly chuuni nature so don’t mind my translations. There were not that much information given on that (ry line so any form of interpretation would float for that one. Good work for far!


  3. Nice Nice Thats what i call a Gar Hero =3 All i can see is that Yuu has alot of Harem already all of them are very special and powerful 1st The 2 Princess of Leezalion Kingdom sadly to say the other princess died for Yuu sake bcuz she love him And Princess Sylvia still loves him even 3 years have passed already still calling him my beloved , 2nd Lililuri she falls in love at him at first sight, after being save her from Orcs and observing Yuu knowing that his a little pervert ,kind and most of all Yuu Got Charm when he get serious and very apologetic. 3rd Tre – Valencia I think she likes him now after saving her by Yuu there was some lines that she said hearing his words made her calm and safe even her heart feel at ease or should i say xD She starting to like him. There was a scene in Noir scene aka Baba-chan scene she got blush even before this scene in Basilisk fight she started showing some sign of redness of her face. And lastly the 4th I think you guys know who I am going to tell you its The Fire Princess of the 6 Demon God General know as Agniera aka Flam all I can say is she is a masochist who always follow Yuu to fight her every time she find pleasure knowing such a man like him exist and not that all she doesn’t allow anyone to call her real name only the Preceeding Hero Yuu Yashiro if someone try to spout her name infront of her she instantly go Berserk and she will kill that being whether Allies or Foe (also wheter they are male or female). And that’s it for today observation im still hoping another Yuu harem will be add later on =3


  4. I personally hate foot notes.

    What good goes it do me to know something after i’ve finished the chapter?
    Is what i feel. I understand i could click the number and go to see the definition, but then how do i easily get back to where i was? Thats the real struggle.


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