Chapter 16b – The Glard Wasteland Battle 【1】

Author’s Note: Here is the rest of chapter 16 going by the web novel, chapter 17 going by the light novel. I am going to stick with the web novel chapter system since that is the raw that I use to do the translations. The light novel actually has more in this post’s chapter but it’s just the first couple of lines of the web novel’s next chapter. The reason that I am using the web novel rather than the light novel is because I just copy the text from the website and paste it into a word document and go from there. Much faster than reading the light novel and looking up a kanji whenever I don’t know what it is. I know Japanese enough to understand it, barely speak it, but not read it.

Also, I only did the pronunciation for the one that didn’t sound as it looked. And, always looking for cooler ways of spelling the names. I’ll eventually do something to put all of the names of people and places that have been mentioned.

Well, enough of my ranting. Enjoy the chapter.

Oh. P.S. This is the actual title of chapter 16 of the web novel and the title of chapter 17 in the light novel. The last one was the light novel’s chapter 16 title.

The Glard Wasteland Battle 【1】

Glard Wasteland.

In a place far to the west of Luxeria, this large prairie that spread out was a wasteland of crags and sand.

「Uwah………Amazing…What is up with this, these numbers.」

Having descended from the carriage, Akane surveyed the vicinity.
What Akane saw was, the enormous army whose numbers surpassed 100,000.

「Uwahh……Everyone sure does look strong.」

Continuing to come down from the carriage was Akira. He was surprised by the figures of the soldiers that were spread out near the start of his vision.

「A wasteland, huh. I guess I should be thinking that it is good that it is not a desert where the footing is bad. But, the field of vision is bad.」

The young lady that carried a naginata that surpassed her height, Sakuya, sighed at the condition of the ground that she got down and stood on.

Just as she had said, with sun being hidden by clouds, it was dark and, with the wind being strong, the sand was dancing.
The field of vision was bad enough that they could only faintly see the vicinity of the army corps.

「Those guys……will come, here.」

The young boy who was the last to come down hurled his eyes towards the direction that the enemies he needed to defeat would probably be coming from and muttered.

These were the present day heroes that were summoned to this world of Reinbrook.

They all wore costumes that had white as the basic theme.
Uniquely, only Amagi Kaito had a red mantle coiled around his neck.

「Thank you for waiting.」

The one that greeted them was a lovely beauty that possessed hair of gold thread and wore an extra lightweight armor made of a steel called white iron on top of a red battle dress.

(TL note: Could not figure out what白鉄 was. If someone knows, please tell me.)

It was Luxeria’s princess, Iris Claude Row A. Luxeria.

If you were wondering why she was waiting for Kaito’s group, commanding the army corps of tens of thousands took precedence.

「This sure is an amazing amount of soldier-sans. ……I didn’t think that Luxeria had this many soldier-sans.」

The young girl-like young boy, Akira, muttered, and at that doubt, the beautiful princess laughed.

「Eh?……D, did I say something odd?」

「Take a look. ……That soldier over there, their armor is different. And more importantly, the hoisted flag is different. They’re a foreign country’s soldiers.」

Kaito answered Akira’s question.

As he looked at several of the armor wearing army corps, there were differences on the armor and the hoisted flags were those of various countries.

「Just as Kaito-sama says, it isn’t just our country’s soldiers. Of the major powers, starting with the Valanshel Empire and the Leezerion Empire’s army corps, there’s also others such as the Free City Galarie’s (Ga-la-ri-e) competition group that have come running –no desu.」

「Valanshel? I’ve heard that Leezelion is the country that called the previous hero, but what kind of country is Valanshel?」

「Valanshel is―――」

「What was that about my country?」

Interrupting the beautiful princess’s words, the man that suddenly appeared answered.

The darkish skinned, large built man with red hair that looked like it was burning had a strange appearance that couldn’t even be called lightweight equipment by wearing only black armor on his lower half, not wearing any clothes on his upper half, and only having something like gauntlets as equipment. His well-trained muscles were the armor itself, is what he seemed to want to say.

「Ha? ……What the hell is up with you――」

「Stop it, Akane. ……Probably, this person is a person of Valanshel’s royalty.」

Akane revealed her irritation at the man that had suddenly forced his way into the conversation, but Kaito had interrupted her again.

「It’s a bit incorrect, but that’s fine. My name is Iibsal Dora Gregoria Valanshel. I’m still the crown prince but…well, in the end, I’ll become emperor.」

The arrogant man that called himself crown prince folded his arms.
Although the man had a good, well-featured face, maybe because those eyes seemed to lick people all over vulgarly, it gave people discomfort.

「……Fumu, this is a pretty nice set of beauties. ……Alright, I’ve decided. You guys, come to my side. I’ll give you everything.」

Iibsal’s hand got close to Akane’s face. Akane repelled that hand.

「Don’t freakin’ mess with me, you pervert!」

「Me, a pervert!? ………Uhahahaha! Good, you’re really good, I like you. I don’t mind letting you women into the harem. ……How about it?」

Maybe from hitting the bull’s-eye at being called a pervert, Iibsal laughed.
Not only Akane, he also turned to Sakuya and Akira.

「? Akira is a guy, you know?」

As Kaito said that, Iibsal rolled up the white robe that Akira was wearing and pulled down his trousers along with his underwear.


Not knowing what was a happening for a moment, Akira raise his voice.

「Oh, you really do have one. Oh but don’t worry. After all, I’m the type that can also do it with men if they are beautiful. ……Why don’t you let me be affectionate with you.」


And then a yell was raised directed at the pervert that whispered close to his ear.

「What the hell are you doing, pervert――!!?」

Akane fired a kick with all her might at Iibsal who peeked at Akira’s lower half and Iibsal displayed a light block with his gauntlet wearing left arm.

「Oh? ……You’re pretty good. Makes me want to get serious―――」

Although he defended, having taken that powerful kick and catching a glimpse of Akane’s true strength, Iibsal, while boldly laughing, extended his hand, and

「Would you stop that, Iibsal!」

From the cold, beautiful voice, he stopped.

「You sure are a beauty as always, aren’t you. How about it? Won’t you become my woman? If it’s you, I could make you empress, you know?」

Making an even sharper “I want to make it mine” smile on Iibsal’s face, what was before his eyes was a peerless beauty with silver hair that glistened from the sun shining on it.

「I wouldn’t marry a man like you. I wouldn’t even want you as an in-law.」

「You sure do know how to say it, don’t you, Sylvia.」

Though Iibsal said that, the silver haired woman called Sylvia ignored him and stood in front of Elis and Kaito’s group.

「O Luxeria princess, it has been a long time.」

As Sylvia said that, the beautiful princess of Luxeria nodded,

「Yes, your Majesty. It has been two years, -degozaimasu.」

and replied. Addressing her with a smile, the two replied but, for both of them, only their eyes were not smiling.

「You guys are the “present day” heroes?」

Sylvia averted her eyes and asked Kaito and the others.

「Eh……ah, yes. …And you are?」

Kaito noticed that she had put emphasis on the present day part.

「I see. ……I am Sylvia. Sylvia Loto Sheriotto Leezerion. I am the former Second Imperial Princess that had once run across the battlefield together with the preceding hero.」

She, Sylvia said as such, and she faintly smiled.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter and seriously now Author? Do you even need to make 2 chapters continuously for those “current heroes”? Just get back to Yuu already. The cliffhanger from chapter 15 is still killing me right now…


      • no its not. well it being split is, But the author spends the next 5-6 chapters also, on the new hero’s and Yuu’s former allies, before picking up at the cliffhanger.

        Good work and thanks for translating this Manga0205


  2. 白鉄 in Google translate is, shirotetsu. Shiro = When a Japanese term is pronounced shiro, it may refer to: shiro (白 ?), the Japanese term for the color white. shiro (城 ?), a Japanese term for a castle. shiroi (城 ?), a Japanese term for generation. Tetsu = Iron, Hide/be lost I looked all this up pretty quick so…. take it or leave it 🙂
    Thanks for the hard work and getting this translation as close to your deadline as possible. Its pretty cool when people can be true to their word 😛


  3. So basically except yuu’s 2 partners, and his master only the princess of leezerion know that he was the previous hero?
    She seems disappointed at the present heroes, why? Because she wants to see Yuu or because they don’t have the divine sword?


  4. It might be mithril. Was it something like 「白銀色のはがね」? That’s how mithril was originally described in The Lord of the Rings.


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  6. Actually, 白鉄 isn’t some mythical material. It’s just galvanized iron, which is zinc-plated. This prevents rusting so it keeps its “white” color longer (don’t ask me why a metallic color is white).


  7. I expect that Sylvie is in fact Yuusha… in disguise… and that this disguise is what is supposed to re-open his wounds.

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    Though hate to say it, Akane is total beeatch in need of a smack down., The current heroes seem like boring stereotypes. The shota almost has a personality.
    Thanks for the chapter


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