Chapter 01 – The Summoned Hero and the Preceding Hero

Author’s Note: If anyone has any questions or suggestions to better this translation feel free to comment.

The Summoned Hero and the Preceding Hero

If you were asked “What is a hero?” how would you answer?

No, even if you don’t say it, I know.

I kind of know how you would.

For now, you’d probably answer with a “Huh?”

Without skipping a beat, you’d answer this way.

「In general, heroes are~ (omitted). What made heroes famous in Japan was the RPG game Dragon Quest~ (omitted). Lately, they’ve been coming up in the web novels~ (omitted).」

You could say that someone who answered with this with a straight face would be odd.

Well then, why don’t we change the question?

Do you want to become a hero?

Hn? ……So how about it?

I would never want to do it again.

At the very least, that is what I thought.

「O please, save this world……」

A dressed up, noble-looking young lady in a red dress was lowering her head very, very deeply.

And behind the young lady, there were some imperial knight-like females down on one knee with their heads lowered.

It wasn’t just those girls.

It would seem that even this country’s leader-like elders had also taken a knee. They were looking this way with expressions of envy. They were standing in a line in this huge room, which had such magnificence that I wouldn’t even be able to describe it properly with my limited vocabulary.

「…Please vanquish the Demon Lord, Hero-sama!」

That young lady, whose jade green eyes shook with tears and whose golden blonde hair, that was so beautiful it could be mistaken for golden thread, swaying, pleaded.


The boy was speechless.

Was it because, on his way home from school with his closest friends, he was suddenly wrapped up in light only to be taken here?

Was it because he was confused by the clothes worn by these people who looked like they made a time slip from the Middle Ages?

No, that wasn’t it. It was because the young lady right in front of him was crying in despair.

「If you’re, fine with me.」

If you looked closely, you could see him nod.

That day, Hero Amagi Kaito had been born in this country, no, in this world.

「………Are you, serious?」

Facing the opposite direction behind Handsome-kun, the new hero, he, Yashiro Yuu, muttered.

「I’m in another world, again…」

He let out a dry laugh. His expression was filled with despair.


(Image cleaned by ruepon)


22 thoughts on “Chapter 01 – The Summoned Hero and the Preceding Hero

    • I had made a comment about how I do my translations in a comment on the post for Chapter 10. Read through the comments and you should be able to find it. Tell me if you don’t though and I can type it again.


  1. Could this be another badass MC? Damn I hope it is, I was getting tired of the cliche pussy GEEK MC who is complete utter garbage IRL and somehow becomes a god in the new world or in MMORPGS. As if we needed to sympathize with NEET trashes.


  2. On the “Image cleaned by ruepon” what’s with is the legs behind him?
    Someone cut a guy and leave the part?
    The guy is searching for a coin(pantsu)?


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